Morning Greetings: 23 September 2021

Good morning friends,

How are you on this beautiful cloudy Thursday morning?

Yesterday dad and I had a wonderful day at the West Coast National Park. We had a very early start and got up at 4:00am. We left home around 4:45am and returned last night just after 6:00pm. It was a hot day and at one stage I looked and the temperature was 32°C.

I put the new lens to the test and it took a while for me to get use to it in the field. I am use to my 18-200mm and had to get close to get a nice photo. Now with the 70-300mm I have to step back. I got the hang of it later.

I tried to take photos with the tripod but I got super frustrated. I ended up taking photos handheld. For flower and birding the tripod will not do I miss shots and can’t get the right angles. For landscapes yes, then it works perfectly.

I came to the conclusion that I shall use the tripod for my landscape photography, abstact landscape photography, macro photography and SOME flower photography. Also when I have time and only go to the location for the few photos I planned after my recce visit.

Seeberg Bird Hide, West Coast National Park, South Africa (2021/09/22)
Geelbek Bird Hide, West Coast National Park, South Africa (2021/09/22)
Geelbek Bird Hide, West Coast National Park, South Africa (2021/09/22)
Plankiesbaai, Postberg Nature Reserve, West Coast National Park, South Africa (2021/09/22)

It is a Grey morning outside and according to the weather forecast we are having a cloudy but beautiful Spring day. A maximum temperature of 20°C is predicted. It is a going to be another windy day….

Well that’s it fot now friends I have a lot of pageant photography to get done today.

On my To-Do List for today

  • Edit pageant photos👸
  • Gaelic Lesson🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  • Continue categorizing Flower photos.🌹🌸🌼🌻
  • Prepare Dinner🍲

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am truly grateful for all the views, likes, follows and comments I get.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

🤗Big Virtual Hug 🤗


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