Project 365 Photo a day: 365/30

Wow can you believe it my first month of my project is at his end. Time surely flies when you are having fun.

Well today was a very wet day indeed. It rained outside and in my passage.  Sometime last week our geysers element broke and we did not know it.

On Friday morning I took a shower the water was warm but it did not get warmer and I had no need to open the cold water. Then I remembered about the it on Saturday and by then the water was luke warm  hubby went and look if we had maybe switched off the Geyser but nope. To get out a plumber or electrician over the weekend would be  very expensive.  Hubby phoned uncle Fritz to hear if he could help.

Early this morning uncle Fritz arrived with all his tools. I got him the ladder and he went up into the roof. He tested to see what could be the problem and luckily it was not to expensive to fix. It was only the element of the geyser that broke.

Well no one said this was an in and out job. Poor uncle Fritz was in that roof  nearly the entire day. First he had to empty the geyser. The gadget were the last 60 liters of water is suppose to come out  was blocked ( I have no idea what it’s called).  Uncle Fritz started with the element so long and then I saw water dripping down the wall the gadget started leaking. I gave him old towels to put under the geyser were the leak was and then it happened  because off the water a piece ceiling caved and splash in my passage. Just before this happened I told uncle Fritz that this is not the firs time it leaks and that is why we put the basin there.

After all the water was out after nearly four hours he could remove the old element and put in the new one… That also did not go according to plan the old one was so corroded that when uncle Fritz tried to take it out it broke and he first had to get all the pieces out to put the new one in. Eventually the new one was in and he opened the tap so that the Geyser can fill up with water. HaHa we opened the taps and all that came out was water. Air in the pipes and we had to get the air out before putting the electricity back on so that we can test the element. That took a while but uncle Fritz knows what he is doing. I asked him why must all the air be out of the pipes, he told me that the geyser can blow and then it would be one big mess…

Wait for it this Monday just got better. As uncle Fritz tried to repair the leak the gadget broke off one piece still in the geyser and the other in his hand and the water spraying like mad. He eventually got it under control and we head to the nearest hardware store to get a new gadget.  The Geyser is fixed now and tonight I will have a nice warm shower. Not that I really need more water on my body was soaked enough today…

Here are a photo of the hole in the ceiling and water dripping as uncle Fritz is repairing the gadget.

Our Passage under construction...
Water poring from the ceiling.




Playing with a box, Black paper, Prism light and Rose Quartz

Today I did an little experiment.

I took a box,  some black paper and covered the insides of the box with it. Then I took my little Prism light stand and put one of my Rose Quartz  on it.

It looked spectacular with the naked eye and when I photographed it I hoped to capture the “energy field” around the Rose Quartz. I was very happy when I downloaded the photo’s and saw the results.

I used my Canon EOS 7D, my 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS Lens, my Takara Tripod and my Hahnel Remote Shutter Release. I took over 140 photo’s to get the right effects. The best photo’s came out with the following settings: Shutter Speed 1/10, Aperture Value  5.6 and  ISO 2500.

This will not be the last time that I’ll be playing with my box, paper, Prism Light….



A quote from a book hubby bought me about different crystals.

“Rose quartz is an important crystal for removing blocked emotional stress. It is generally considered to encourage love and harmony. It is true that the vibration of pink does reduce aggression and promote understanding and empathy, but it is a mistake to think that because of this wearing a rose quartz will make you feel happier…… Keeping some Rose quartz at your bedside can sometimes be effective as an aid to restful sleep.”  – Healing and Harmony for Body, spirit and home. Crystals Colour & Chakra.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/29

My photo of they day delivered more than one photo.

On one of hubby’s trip’s he bought me a Crystal with a cross in it for me. According to the man where he bought it it’s made for a Capricorn. We then bought a little stand for it with little lights at the bottom and it turns into different colours. I just love it and at one stage I packed it away high on a shelf so that no one can touch it, not even the cat.

Well today I took it off the shelf and I decided I am going to do a little experiment. I used a box and inside I covered it with black paper. I then put the little light and Crystal in the box and set my camera to manual. First I tried taking photo’s without a tripod and my remote but that did not work that great. So I  used my tripod an Hahnel Remote Shutter Release.  I did get the effect I was after…. Today I am one happy girl.


Light in a box
Light in box. Black & White




My photo’s everyone’s words… Week 4/52


“Like a morning dream, life becomes more and more bright the longer we live, and the reason of everything appears more clear. What has puzzled us before seems less mysterious, and the crooked paths look straighter as we approach the end.” – Jean Paul Richter


“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

Renosterveld Private Nature Reserve on Mooiplaas, Brackenfell

“Earth is crammed with Heaven.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Renosterveld Private Nature Reserve on Mooiplaas, Brackenfell

“Each day offers us a new opportunity to take steps in the right direction, steps that enlighten, enrich or improve us and others.” Margaret Fishback

Mountain Zebra National Park, Eastern Cape - Springbok

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.” – Vince Lombardi

Mountain Zebra National Park. Eastern Cape - Red Hartebeest

“All things come round to him who will but wait.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Mountain Zebra National Park. Eastern Cape - Zebra and Springbok

“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.” – Richard Bach

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/28

How many times did you made breakfast in bed for your parents?

I did it allot.  Not only for Mothers day, Fathers day and birthdays but just because I loved my parents allot and just wanted to say thank you now and then for everything.

It was no fancy Breakfast nope just a bowl of porridge and a cup of tea or coffee on a tray served with a big smile. Later we upgraded the bowl of porridge to toast with cheese and tomato a fruit juice and then afterwards a cup of tea or coffee. Then when I was big enough we added eggs and bacon to the breakfast…

My boys also makes me breakfast in bed and this morning mine also upgraded from a bowl of porridge to Bovril  and Cheese spread toast with a cup of tea. They served it on a blue tray with a green plastic plate and a maroon mug  with a big smile and lots of love…

So here is my upgraded breakfast….

Breakfast in Bed


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/27

This morning when hubbies alarm clock went off I was not a very happy girl. I did not want to wake up at 6 O’Clock on a public holiday I wanted to sleep till at least 9 O’Clock.

Well after hubby left  just before 7 I was wide awake and while I was lying in bed I was thinking, what now?   Do I get out of bed and start my day or do I try to get back to sleep?  So I decided to start my day, took a nice shower and got dressed and then went to the studio to pack my camera and charged batteries in my camera bag. I asked the boys if they are coming with and both said nope it’s to cold they rather stay indoors.

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day I grabbed a dry Weet-Bix and a bottle of water and off I went.  I know some people don’t know what Weet- Bix is so just a little useless information it’s porridge made out of wheat and looks like a little brick. One of these days I will show you how it looks. I hate milk over some of my  porridge so I eat  them dry. I’ll rather drink a glass of milk afterwards.

I went to my spot on the Bottelary road to photograph some cyclist. Yes I still need to get my settings right and practice some more. If I do something I want it to be perfect.

The previous week my eye caught this chair hanging  so on my way to the Bottelary road I decided that I am going to make this hanging chair my photo of the day. When I got to it I saw it was and old Riempie Chair, Painted light blue and a enamel porridge  bowl was attached to the back of the chair. I don’t think anyone will have any problem finding the farmers farm with this unique landmark…

Blue Riempies Chair in the air...
Riempies Chair in Black & White

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/26

Today was a cold and miserable outside.  It’s been raining since this morning.  This afternoon we had lightning and thunder but that only went on for an hour or so.  Afterwards it stop raining. I wonder if this is the beginning of winter. Now a days everything is out of sync. Flowers bloom when they not suppose to. The seasons are totally not what it was a few years back….

When I passed my studio window I saw these two Pigeons on the  railing  in the garden. I grabbed my camera for my photo of the day.

I wanted to photograph the lightning but just could not get a nice spot around the house. And to drive to a place to take photo’s would have been plain stupid. I listened to the traffic reports and everywhere it was accidents and traffic backing up for kilometers.

So these two guys will have to do for today.  Shame as they sat there I was thinking maybe I must build them a little house as a shelter from the cold…

Brrrr it's cold out here..
Pigeon. Black and White

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/25

It’s cold outside and the pigeons are all sitting in little bundles on the branches to get warm.  One pigeon however sitting all alone on a branch way on top of the Oak tree caught my eye.

I took a photo of  it and then waited for it to take off. I stood outside in the cold for half an hour before the pigeon decided to take off. Only after I took the photo’s of the pigeon taking off I realized that I was still in manual mode. The photo’s did not come out really great.

Pigeon on branch of Oak Tree. Black & White
Pigeon taking off....

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/24

Armand loves playing on my studio floor when I don’t have photo shoots.  Last night he packed  out his little Lego men in their fighting positions. When he went to bed I told him he could leave it and go on today after his homework is done.

If I look at the expressions on the faces of these Lego men I get scared. No wonder the children these days are in war mode the whole time. When I was small our Lego men smiled and they did not have guns….

I decided to make some  of his Lego men layouts as my photo of the day.

Ready for action
Lego men ready for action in Black and White
Lego men ready for action

Cycling Photography: I’m getting there only 2 weeks more practice time.

Okay people so I am trying my hand at cycling photography.  I’ve looked at other photographers cycling photo’s, visited several how to get the best cycling photographs websites and in the end it came down to me, my camera and the cyclist…

On Saturday my youngest Lian and I took our camera’s and headed to the Bottelary Road for some cycling photography. This road is a very popular road and many cyclist make use of it to practice. I know a few years back I was one of those cyclist who were riding along that same stretch of road.

By now you know that I am going on a Cycle Tour in aid of the SAPS Educational Fund but I am not going to be one of the main riders, my job will be mainly to capture the moments of suffering, fun and scenery along the road and supporting the riders. I am going to pack in my cycling clothes just for the fun, hubby is taking with the tandem so I will do a few km for the cause. But more about the tour on a later stage let’s focus on my practice session on Saturday.

It was  very misty and I decided to shoot in Aperture Priority (AV on my dial). I set my ISO to 800, and my Aperture F5.6. I always shoot in RAW, Al Servo and continuous shooting 8 fps I don’t want to miss a nice shot…. On the screen the photo’s looked great and on my desktop it looked good, but because I am Coreen and always my worst critic I want it to look out of this world fantastic. There were some grain in the photo’s and next time I’ll try to bring down my ISO to 400 and if the light allows it even 100. Maybe try my hand at shooting in Manual mode.

Tomorrow morning I want to go down to the Bottelary road again and do some more practicing. I must keep in mind that they are on the road the whole day so as the day progress I will have to adjust my settings on my camera. So tomorrow I will be doing a long practice session. I wanted to go this morning but I have a patient this morning. Lian my “assistant”, photographer in the making what ever you want to call him is home and I don’t want to leave him alone.

I must say I got a few looks, waving and comments from the riders. Some just ignore you and then others slowed down and waved and asked for what magazine do you work. Ha ha only in my dreams will I be working for a magazine. They don’t employ self made photographers they want people with degrees or diploma’s All that I have to show is hours and hours of practicing and a hell of a lot of photo’s.

If any of you out there are into action photography and using a Canon 7D please leave some tips. Well here are a few collages of my first practice run.

SAPS Practicing for Cycle Tour


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/23

Today I played with my manual mode without my flash… Just love the way the photo’s of my candles  came out.

This was a one of a set of three candles that Anton a boy we had in foster care a few years back bought me for Christmas…. Anton still come and visit me now and then.

Well here are today’s photo’s.

Candle reflecting in the mirror Black and White
Candle burning

Practicing for a 5 day cycle tour.

Members of  SAP Brackenfell are practicing for a 496 km cycle tour that is just around the corner.  My husband is one of the cyclist that is cycling in aid of the SAPS Educational Trust Fund.

I am also practicing but not  so hard on the bicycle but behind the camera. I am going to document the whole cycle tour. I hope to get some lovely action shots and of course try to capture all the fun afterwards.

We are leaving on the morning of 7 May 2012  and will return on Friday 11 May 2012.

7  May 2012:   92.1 km

Tour start at Cape Gate Shopping Centre from here we go through Durbanville, Melkbosstrand, Atlantis, Mamre and then we retire at Darling for the night. That evening there will be a big concert in aid of the SAPS Education Trust Fund.  Artist that will be performing will be Hugo Nieuwoudt, Le- Lue  Roode, Burger Le Roux, Jomari, Rooies, Wynand and Cheree  and the Master of Ceremonies will be Boesman van Zyl.

8 May 2012: 98 km

We leave Darling  on route to Vredenburg. We will be going through Langebaan, Saldanha and then we retire for the nights at Vredenburg. Again a big concert that evening staring Die Broers , Hugo Nieuwoudt and again the Master of Ceremonies Boesman van Zyl.

9 May 2012: 105 km

We leave Vredenburg on route to Piketberg.  The towns that we will pass through will be Hopefield, Morreesburg and then we retire for the night at Piketberg.  Again we will have a concert with Hugo Nieuwoudt, Le Lue, Burger Le Roux, JoMari, Rooies, Wynand and Cheree and Master of Ceremonies will be Boesman van Zyl.

10 May 2012:  111 km

We leave Piketberg on route to  Malmesbury.  Towns we will be passing through will be Porterville, Hermon, Riebeeck – Kasteel and then we retire for the night in Malmesbury.  Again we will have a concert with Hugo Nieuwoudt, Le Lue, Burger Le Roux, JoMari, Rooies, Wynand and Cheree and Master of Ceremonies will be Boesman van Zyl.

11 May 2012:  92.6 km

We leave Malmesbury heading home.  Towns we will pass through will be Wellington, Paarl, Klapmuts to Hazendal Wine Estate. From Hazendal members of the public can join the cyclist with their aching bodies for an 8km ride to Brackenfell Sport Grounds. Here there will also be a concert so far Rooies and Hugo Nieuwoudt will do the entertaining.

Here are just a few photo’s of some of the members practicing. Armand my son is also practicing but unfortunately he must go to school during the cycle tour.

Rudi,Carike, Armand, Ronald and Fanie
Rudi, Carike, Armand, Ronald and Fanie
Ronald (Hubby) and Armand (son)
Rudi, Anton, Fanie, Ronald and Armand
Rudi, Fanie, Anton
Rudi, Fanie, Ronald, Armand and Anton
Fanie, Rudi, Anton, Ronal, Armand and Lian
Rudi, Fanie and Anton
Ronald, Armand and Lian supporting them the last few meters.
Ronald, Armand and Lian
Anton and Fanie on their way home on their bikes...



Project 365 Photo a day 365/22

Today was Earth day and since this morning I was playing with ideas in my head what to photograph.

Ideas that came up was  how we save water  in the Kuhn household and I even thought of photographing an energy saving light bulb, but non of these two really tickled my fancy…

So after staring out of the window for a while I took my camera and went outside. I walked around in my garden looking for something that catch my eye. Only then did I realized  that my garden is busy getting out of hand and that  the trees need some pruning, I don’t think now is the right time to do so…  I was so busy with my photography the past year that I never worked in my garden and that need to change right now. In the past I could spend hours in my garden and now I after neglecting it for a year it’s totally out of control.

My mom gave me a branch of a Frangipani  from their old house when they moved here. I planted it and took great care of it until last year that is…  I wondered if the Frangipani is still alive and just as I moved some of the Bottlebrush tree’branches something caught my eye…

Between the branches of the Bottle brush and the Spekboom I saw two  white and yellow flowers. Oh my word  it was my Frangipani it bloomed in the one spot were it got some sunlight… Then I decided this will be my photo of the day.

Frangipani through the branches of the Spekboom.
Frangipani Black & White

My photo’s everyone’s words… Week 3/52

Taken just outside Ceres

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.” Rachel Carson


“Believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when their right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

Addo National Elephant Park

“Gods gifts put man’s best dreams to shame.” Elizabeth Barrett  Browning

Addo National Elephant Park

“A man is not old until his regrets take the place of his dreams.” Yiddish Proverb

Addo National Elephant Park

“The informality of family life is a blessed condition that allows us to become our best while looking our worst.” Marge Kennedy

Addo National Elephant Park

“Life is a gift and the present is the time to cherish it.” Richards Shadonna

Addo National Elephant Park

“Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou


“In the present circumstances, no one can afford to assume that someone else will solve their problems. Every individual has a responsibility to help guide our global family in the right direction. Good wishes are not sufficient; we must become actively engaged.” Dalai Lama


Please feel free to share with your friends and family.

Project 365 Photo a day 365/21

This morning I was doing a bit of cycling photography and this fellow came riding past.  My first thought was this is my photo of the day….

According to my husband he rides his Diamond Back Mountain Bike  everyday and they see him in regularly on the Bottelary Road and in Stellenbosch.   On his head you will find his pink Swoop cycling helmet. He’s not only very environmentally friendly he is also safety conscious.

He decorated it with South African flags and wait for it he also has a radio somewhere on there.  How do I know that well he was riding to the beat. Between the spokes of his wheels he have three tennis balls and reflectors.He makes sure you see him he’s got lights in front and at the back.

I wonder were his bike took him over the years… Maybe I must wait for him one morning and ask if I can interview him….

Cycling for South Africa
Cycling for South Africa in Black & White

The First time for all of us…

On Friday 23 March 2012 I got my new ” Boyfriend” (Canon EOS 7D) and on Saturday 24 March 2012  the Van Der Merwe family had their first Photo shoot.

Well I was super excited about my new boyfriend and took him to the photo shoots on the next day just as a “back up”. Like all new relationships one needs to get to know the other person and their limits.  I took a big jump from my Canon EOS 500D to my 7D but it was worth it. Everyday I am learning and enjoying every millisecond of it.

One of our friends told Allison about me and that I have some Autumn specials running. She phoned me to ask if she can book a photo shoot.  From the beginning she told me this was their first photo shoot as a family and they have no idea what to expect. I gave her the link to my blog and told her to read the part Preparing for your photo shoot. I also told her that all that they need to do is relax and don’t worry about the camera.

I realized that they were going to be on their nerves. To be honest  I was also a bit nervous and excited all combined.   To play it safe I took photo’s with my old and new camera’s. I was not familiar with the 7D’s settings and did not want their first shoot to end up one big disaster.

Weather was playing along and we only had a light breeze when we started out with the shoot.  I normally have 2 to 4 locations at Joostenberg Bistro were I take my photo’s. The first set on a blanket  on the grass. Then we move to a part where there are a row of  Pine trees. When it’s a long shoot the people go change their clothes after this location then I move on to the Dam and the Gazebo.  On this particular day we could not go to the other two locations because they were busy getting ready for a wedding later the morning.

Well after location one we moved on to location two the Pine trees and what happened they put on the sprayer so that location was out of the question. I looked at another few options and then Allison brought the trees on the other side of the dam to my attention. We went over there and I must say we got some awesome photo’s with the lovely colors of the tree trunks.  In future I will surely make use of them again…

Oh yes just need to say this. At the end of the day I only used the photo’s of my 7D.

Macro Photography: Rough Stink Bug

These photo’s was taken in a tree just outside our house. I was taking my photo of the day when these two stink bug’s caught my eye.

Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug
Brochymena quadripustulata - Rough Stink Bug



Project 365 Photo a day 365/20

Yesterday I took some macro photo’s of tree sap dripping and ant’s gathering food but when I downloaded it it was not of a very good quality. On the camera’s screen it looked awesome but like I know by now the computer screen reveal the real quality of the photo’s.

First attempt at Tree sap dripping with ants... 19-04-2012

Well I don’t give up and this morning I came across a Thomas Shahan You Tube video explaining macro photography and that even he takes thousands of photo’s and only use a few…. I am only a starter at macro photography so if I keep practicing I will become better and better.

Sap dripping from tree. Ants gathering food for the cold winter..
Sap dripping with ants. Black & White

Project 365 Photo a day 365/19

Today I am introducing Arnie my mom’s long legged Fox terrier and Buddie’s brother.

As a child my mom had a long legged Fox terrier (his name slipped my mind) she talked about him allot so my hubby and I decided to get her one for Mothers day one year.  My mom and dad went to Arniston  for the Mothers day weekend and when she got back we gave her puppy to her.  Arnie got his name from Arniston.  Arnie is my mom’s dog but he loves my father to bits.

When Arnie had to start sleeping outside because he was old enough he barked allot some nights it went on for hours and then when everyone is up and getting ready for work he would go and sleep. I think he barked at his own shadow to.

Every time my parents car drove off  Arnie would start howling and it will go on for a few minutes. In the beginning we thought he was howling because it’s my parents, but one day I borrowed their car and my mom said he did the same.  I don’t know why he started doing it it’s not like he is alone.  Then when the car returns the howling begins again.  My parents are bribing him now with treats.  Every time when they go out they give him a treat and then when they drive off he is still busy eating…. Clever dog….

Arnie taking over the chair.

Project 365 Photo a day 365/18

This morning when I went to open up the chickens I saw allot of activity going on in trees on the other side of the swimming pool. I had a closer look and saw bees and other insects hard at work gathering food for the winter. I came inside got my camera and went outside again.

My first thought for my photo of the day was the bees gathering nectar for their winter supply. I took some photo’s with my 200mm lens without a tripod. The photo’s came out okay but I was not really happy with the results.  I then remembered that my Sigma  70-300mm lens has a Macro function so I replaced the 18-200mm with my 70-300mm. I got my Takara  Tripod and head outdoors again. While setting up my tripod a yellow and black bug caught my eye and I took the first photo not even zoomed in on it properly. The bug gave me ample opportunity to photograph it. Now I just need to identify the bug…. As soon as I worked through the database of  insects I’ll update the blog with his name..


Project 365 Photo a day 365/17

On today’s photography menu…. Macro photography.

In the past I tried taking Macro photo’s with my Macro filters but wind, flowers and macro photography don’t go hand in hand.  I got so frustrated and in the end I packed away my macro filters. This morning however I had a change of heart and took out my Takara tripod attached my MASSA close up +1,+2 and +4 filters to my Canon 18-200mm lens and head outside to my dad’s garden.

After I got one of his pot plants out of his garden I put it on a table positioned my tripod and camera and guess what happened? Yes you guessed right the wind came up and just as I pressed down my shutter button… The result a nice blur photo. I tried again and again. Later my mom came out to see what I was up to. I told her I am trying to capture my photo of the day but the wind is not making it easy. Then I realized that were mom was standing she was a human shield against the wind and I took my chance and got my photo’s…. Thank you Mom you are and angel.

Macro Photography: Flower of a succulent
Macro Photography: Flower of Succulent
Black & White Macro Photography: Flower of succulent


Project 365 Photo a day 365/16

What a Monday morning. Woke up with a nice cold and to top it off had to rush to school to take my son’s P.T clothes.  After dropping the clothes off at school I went to my printers armed with my camera. But nothing caught my eye that I would like to photograph. Table Mountain was hidden halfway behind a curtain of pollution and it’s not a pretty picture. So after I returned home I went outside into my garden and the following caught my eye…

I just love our Bottle Brush tree and just love how this photo came out. I took one without my flash and then one with my flash. I decided to use the one with the the flash.

The branch of our Bottle Brush Tree.

After taking several photo’s of our Bottle Brush I headed indoors then Tammy started barking and keep looking in the empty pond. The only water in it was from the rain. That remind’s me I need to spend some time in my garden the plants are getting out of hand looks like a jungle out there. I went to go and have a look what she was going on about and there the little Cape Wagtail is drinking water. Just as I stood closer to take a photo it flew up and walked up and down on the wall.  This little Cape Wagtail is part of my garden and so is the rest of  his family. Last year they build a nest in one of the Palm Trees in front of our house and I still took some shots of the feeding process. I hope this year they will do it again…

Cape Wagtail.

Project 365 Photo a day 365/15

This morning when I woke up my photo of the day in my mind was going to be a landscape photo that I was going to take on the farm when I go and take photo’s at Angelique’s confirmation.

Lian and I left home at about 11h45 to go and capture this very special day in this young ladies life. What caught my eye was the children playing with pine cones, stones and a beaten up near it’s end pram. The laughs of the children warmed the chilly air and I was amazed at how they kept themselves busy and they kept to one side so that they won’t bother the grownups.

More about the confirmation in a later blog…

"Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think." Dale Carnegie
Life is what you make of it....


My photo’s everyone’s words… Week 2/52

Franschoek mountains.
Addo National Elephant Park

Mom I also want to be a photographer.

Lian took his first photo’s when he was only 3 years old. We were not like other parents that forbid their children to touch their camera because it can break…. We just showed them how to hold it properly and told them not to run and off they went.

Both our boys loved taking photo’s and we had to time them so that both of them get equal time with the camera. I asked hubby to go through all our archive cd’s to find Lian’s first photo’s that he took. Lian love taking photo’s of animals and people and Armand on the other hand loved taking photo’s of objects and still do.Here’s a  few collages.

My fist photo's
Some more....
Loved the kittens
Some portraits my way

About a year back Lian told me that one day he is going to take over the photography business here and then I can travel the world and take photo’s.  This morning he told me he is starting his own photography business. He even got his own business name Lian Kunh se fotografie. LOL I had to laugh but he misspelled his surname. Well who am I to say it’s wrong it’s his business name. All he needs is business cards I was told .  He also told me that when I have photo shoots he must go with because he must practice to take perfect photo’s. Then I must teach him how to edit his own photo’s. Oh yes something else,  I must pay him because he must save up for his own camera.

I just smiled.  Lian is a fast learner and I think if it lasts he will be a great photographer one day. He is only 10 and he will still change his mind a thousand times. But for the time being he wants to be a photographer so I will support him and teach him what he needs to know.

Mom said practice, practice everyday...


Looking to see if photo's will meet mom's high standards.
I even have a name for my photography business. Oeps! I misspelled my surname...


Who knows in 10 years time Lian might be by my side and if we are lucky Armand who also has a very good eye for composition will join us. For now Armand wants to design weapons and I will support him all the way. . .

Project 365 Photo a day 365/14

This morning while I was busy posting my inspirational photo for the day my husband phoned me and said if I want to catch a beautiful dawn breaking I must go outside immediately.

Well I was still in my PJ’s but what the hell I grabbed my camera , called Lian (who grabbed the other camera) and head outdoors.  When we got outside I could see it but the houses are in the way so we walked to the end of our Cul de Sac…. Yes barefoot and in my PJ’s what a girl will do for a WOW photo… But unfortunately the houses were still in the way and the photo opportunity disappeared…. We were too late. Disappointed we turned around and there I saw this lovely marshmallow cloud and the Pigeons  sitting in the tree waiting for my dad to feed them.

Marshmallow clouds.
Pigeons waiting in the tree.

Project 365 Photo a day 365/13

Psssst do I have your attention??? I can’t talk to loud have to whisper……

Today I played with my 10 O’Clock snack…. Yes I know what you are going to say we don’t play with food. I did not play with my food I got creative…. Today I am also a mother and I can remember when Armand and Lian was still  toddlers  I also made faces in their plates with their food. Today at age 10 and 11 they do it themselves and I don’t tell them not to play with their food. As long as they eat their food I don’t have a problem with them getting creative. Throwing around food now that is what I call playing with food and that is not allowed…

Haha I love pretzels and while I looked at the pretzels a light-bulb appeared I’ve got my photo of the day….

Pretzel fun....
Getting creative with my snack...Black & White


Have a lovely day see you tomorrow…

Aran’s first walk to the shop around the corner.

Aran  is growing up so fast I can’t believe how time flies.

Whenever I go to mom’s flat and he is there he wants to come home with me. It is only a few steps from their flat to my house so I usually take him and when he start to get tired I just take him back to my parents so that he can go to bed. But on Tuesday he wanted to go Ta-Ta every time he sees me.

We live in a Cul De Sac  and it is very quiet during the day. Only the odd car turning around. So I took Aran for a short walk to the speed bump in the road and then turned around. He was very happy with that and when we got back to the house he wanted to go again. Unfortunately he had to wait a hour or so because my client arrived  for her photo shoot.

When they left and he saw me again he lifted up his arms and wanted to go Ta-Ta again. I then decided okay let’s try walking to the shop, I had to buy a loaf of bread and off we went. He walked most of the way, I only carried him where the sidewalk  was very uneven. While we were walking I tried to remember Armand and Lian’s first walk to the shop from my Parent’s old house… It was only 2 minutes walk to the shop but with them it took nearly 10 minutes to get there… Now my boys are big and go to the shop on their own.

When we got to the shop we got the bread and I took him to the chips to choose a packet. He went straight for the flings. He had one packet in his hand and then turned around put it down and took two packets. When we got to the till we had to scan him too. He did not want to give his chips to this strange lady and when she talked to him he just gave her a look that said are you talking to me?

I took some photo’s on my cellphone in the shop and on our way back home so excuse the quality of the photo’s.

Look what Aunt Coreen bought me... Flings. Sjoe it was a long walk home had to rest my legs a bit...

When we got home he did not want to go back to Grandmother and Grandfather he just point his finger to the garage door so that I must open it. When I opened it he walked straight to the studio. Took the yellow cow and asked me to open his “njam-njam”.After eating the whole packet he  went and sit on the floor and started laughing. That was my sign to get my camera for some fun shoots. Normally I will wipe his face but we never got to it.

Here are some of the photo’s I took of him….

I am a bit tired was a long walk home and my tummy are full of chips now...
Okay enough of the serious stuff let's start playing.
Me and my yellow cow that I soooo love.
Hie Hie just me being my silly self...
My new silly smile!
Look I have a mouth full of pearly white's... Huh uh they need a brush I ate some njammie flings
Me and my cow...
Hie hie me just being silly again....
I am soooo shy.... NOT!





Project 365 Photo a day 365/12

I woke up this morning and wondered what am I going to photograph today. I still have some family members to introduce and then there are Minkie our Corn snake and then there’s the 3 hens and 2  young Roosters. But I decided I will do that at a later date.

I decided to test the speed of my camera and photographed the water that were pumped back into the swimming pool. I’m very impressed with the results.

Not one single photo came out the same and when I edited the photo’s I discovered that if you look close you will be as surprised as I was.

When the water drops go splashing into the pool it transfers into little animals and different shapes… Have a close look at the photo’s and see if you can also spot the little horse and heart. Today I had to give and extra photo just because I can…

When I was small,(well not that I have grown much over the years) I used to lay on my back and look at the clouds and call out what shapes and animals it looked like, never knew that I will be able to do the same with water….

Water pumped into swimming pool Black and White
Water drops. Can you see the little horse heading for a swim in the pool?
Water drops splashing. Can you spot the heart?

Project 365 Photo a day 365/11

Tammy is the last of our four legged children. She is a miniature Dachshund and she don’t sit still for one second. Always running and sniffing around.

Tammy was abandoned by her previous owners when she was only about 6 months old. Friends of ours told us about her and two other dogs running around. The old owners just packed up and left the animals on their own. When we saw Tammy the first time we decided to look after her till the owners come and claim her. They never showed so 9 years later she is still with us.

Tammy is a very naughty little dog and when she’s inside she will not sit her little paw out of the door nope she’ll just do her thing in front of the door. Due to this fact she is outdoors most of the time. It took over a 100 shots to get a photo where she don’t move when I  push the shutter button. I think I must practice my settings for action photo’s on her.

Tammy my Miniature Dachshund

Project 365 Photo a day 365/10

Today I am introducing Buddy our Long legged Foxterrier.

We originally got Buddy for my mom when he was still a puppy,but the first evening I looked into his little eyes I fell in love with him. So the next day Ronald went and got my Mom another one. She called her Foxterrier  Arnie. But we will talk about him at a later time.

Buddy is very playful and like every Foxterrier protects his home when he needs too. He is very clever and knows that when I go outside he get’s a treat.  Today he got an extra treat for being such a cute model.

He also talks to me through the studio window and when I have a photo shoot with little children I have to close the curtains. All the little ones go to the window too look at him. Only when I am finished photographing the little ones then I open the curtains.

Buddy my Foxterrier.
Buddy waiting patiently for his treat.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/9

While I was busy uploading our Easter Weekend photo’s my husband called me to come and have a look. Both boys was sleeping. Armand on the couch and Lian on the ground with Tekkies. They had a very busy weekend and went to bed late and got up early. I just love my boys to bit’s they look so peaceful when sleeping.

Armand and Lian just could not stay awake. Had a very busy weekend
Armand and Lian in Black and White

Tomorrow I’ll introduce the other two four legged members of the Kuhn household.

My photo’s everyone’s words… Week 1/52

By now you know that I just love sharing my photo’s with you. Every day I try my utmost best to publish one of my photo’s on Facebook with an inspirational or motivational quote on it.  Sometimes when I really get inspired I’ll post more than one photo a day.

From now on I will be sharing these photo’s on a weekly basis. Here are the first weeks photo’s.

Hope you enjoy these photo’s and feel free to share them with your friends and family.

Lion Park outside Johannesburg.
Lake Arthur a few kilometers outside Cradock
Just outside Cradock
Bridge over the Visrivier at Cradock
Cradock, Buitebad
The View from Clarence
Sunset at Avocca near Kirkwood
Dawn breaking at Sandbaai
Waves at Sandbaai.
Beach at Kleinmond

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/8

This morning we decided to go out for breakfast. When we left home we still did not know were we are going. When we got to the stop we decided to turn left and head for Kleinmond. I took some nice photo’s there and during the next few weeks I’ll post some photo’s.

This little dog caught my eye and what I thought my hubby and friend said. “Your photo of the day”  The dog looked away and when I push the shutter button he looked at me so that I can take a proper photo.  It was like he was playing model for a few minutes.

Are this better must I turn my head a little more?....
This is how a restaurant dog wait's for his food...

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/7

Good day everyone,

This morning I went for a walk and Ronald, Lian and my friend Louhn went for a jog. While they were jogging I took some lovely landscape photo’s and spotted the beginning of the rainbow coming out of the ocean.  We just got home and then it started raining.

I just love the smell of rain and wet grass and ground. Some of the cultures believe that God is cleansing the earth and if it is raining on a funeral then God is washing away that person’s footsteps because his or her work here on earth are done.

The beginning of the rainbow...
My view from the bench

Raining in Sandbaai...

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/6

Still enjoying a lovely breakaway with friends.

Today I wanted t’o share some photo’s of  little Thomas 2 years and 7 months. It took him a few months to warm up to the camera . LOL now he loves the camera and today he even posed for photo’s and then tell’s me to take photo’s and then he comes and sit on my lap and want to see….

Project 365 Photo a day 365/5

Today I post from Sandbaai near Hermanus.

The reception is not very good here so I am not going to write long stories, my laptop is so slow I will go mad anyway.

After arriving here in Sandbaai and I gave the boys something to eat I went outside to go and look for something that catches my eye.  These Pink flowers caught my eye and I decided to make this my photo of the day. When I am home I will look up the name in my garden book. I can not remember what it is called.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/4

Hi there,

Today I am a bit late with my posting. Had to visit the printers and deliver some photo’s.

Let me introduce Lian my 10 year old boy and his dog Tekkies.  Lian is an extrovert and for him making friends are so natural. Lian is always telling me that he is also going to become a photographer and work that we are going to work side by side one day.He just  love being outdoors and even in winter I struggle to keep him indoors.  He’s at his happiest outside and is a animal magnet.  Lian loves his dog Tekkies to bits and hate it when I say she must stay outside.

Tekkies is a miniature Border Collie and my husband rescued her and brought her home so that we can find her a decent home…. Well after 8 years she is still part of the Kuhn household and Lian’s best friend. A while back Lian had a nasty fever and we could not get it down. She did not budge she stayed by his side the whole time. I took her outside once and when I got back to his room guess who was waiting on the bed for me. She ran straight to the studio window and jumped in to be with her master…. The love that animals have for us are unconditional…. Oh and don’t even think of opening the bottom window of the studio as soon as she realizes it is open she jumps in and go and look for Lian.

Lian and his dog Tekkies
Lian and Tekkies


We are going away for a few days, but I will still be posting up my photo’s every day. When we get back I will introduce  Tammy and Buddy.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/3

Hi there,

Today I am introducing you to two members of my family. Armand my 11  year old boy and his cat/baby Ogies.

Armand is a introvert and it takes him a while to warm up to people. He loves playing cricket, computer games and whatever other gadgets there are to play games on.  Then what allot of children don’t do anymore he loves playing with his lego and little figurines. Normally over weekends and school holidays my studio floor is full of little figurines and Lego. He always ask  if I have a photo shoot and if he can play there before he start packing out his toys. I don’t mind at all I love watching him play.

Ogies his cat is always nearby. I must laugh but it is so cute when he puts his little figurines in a line and then she decides she’s going to play to.You just see toys scatter all over the place and all that Armand says is “Ai Nuksie” then he starts putting everything back where it belongs.  He also love to do his homework on the studio floor. Ogies will sit next to him and when he is reading she will start licking his hair.  Armand can carry Ogies any way he wants to she just go with the flow.

The first thing that Armand does when he gets home from school is go looking for Ogies and when he can’t find her he gets upset. Ogies mother Ounooi also his cat disappeared a few years back. He still talks about Ounooi allot. There Armand is like his mother always clinging to the memories of those we loved…. Ogies on the other hand sometimes drives me insane…. One morning Armand did not say good bye to her before he went to school she sat in the passage and called him. She  went to his room, the kitchen, the garage back to his room and miaau.  In the beginning I thought she was hungry gave her food, water and a treat then only did I realize that Armand left home in a hurry that morning. The last thing Armand does before he goes to sleep is kissing his “baby” good night.

I think it is very important for a child to have a pet. It learns them responsibility and how to love.

Armand and his cat Ogies
Armand just love his cat Ogies to bits.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce Lian and his dog Tekkies…


Aran always the willing model….

By now you should all know Aran. Aran is my brothers little boy and he is the face of my business. I started photographing him when he was still inside Kathleen’s tummy. He is so use to the camera that when I take it out he already start to pull faces and laughing.

But this time he was not so willing to smile at me and I think the reason is the big flash on top of the camera. At one stage he came walking up to the camera and looked into the lens he then turned around and walked away. Only when he faced the camera again and pulled a face and gave me a sly smile.

I needed to figure out what the correct settings for flash photography with my 7D and new flash. I still need allot of practice to get the sweet spots on my new camera and flash. My aim is by the end of my 365 photo a day project I will have the camera all figured out.

Here are some of the photo’s I took of Aran while he was helping grandpa to clean the driveway.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/2

Today I want to introduce you to Spyker my African Grey.  I just love him to bits…

Originally we bought Spyker for  Ronald my husband, but from the start Spyker did not really warm up to him. He was born 19 July 2003 and we got him when he was only a few weeks old. From the beginning he made such cute noises every time I picked him up to feed him.  I was told by the breeder that the noises he’s making is because he likes me.

Well to make a long story short after Spyker bit Ronalds ear when he was trying to clean his cage he gave Spyker to me.  It’s so funny every time Ronald comes near me Spyker puffs his feathers. I have a very jealous African Grey. He is constantly talking and forming new words and sounds. The best is every time I get dressed and take my cellphone  and purse he  says “bye ” as I leave the room. Whenever Ronalds telephone rings and he can hear it he’ll start a conversation with “Ronald hello” then he will babble and then end the conversation with ” okay bye” It’s just to sweet. Spyker’s laugh is contagious when he starts laughing you can’t help to laugh with him.

Pet’s are a very important part of any family. If I could have my way we would have a whole lot but due to fact that everything is so expensive and one need allot of space for animals to move around  this is not possible in the suburbs . Who know’s maybe one day I will make a killing with my photography and buy a small holding….

Spyker Kuhn
Spyker in Black and White

Tomorrow I will introduce some of the other members of the Kuhn house hold.

Till tomorrow then. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/1

Hi there,

The day that I upgraded from my Canon 500D(my old boyfriend) to my Canon 7D (my new boyfriend) I decided that from 1 April 2012 I am going to start my 365 photo a day project.

Because  I must always be different  I am going to post a color photo and a black and white photo every day.  I will be taking photo’s of what ever I fancy from toy’s to my favorite shot of the day at a photo shoot. By this I don’t only get the practice every photographer need I also get to know my new “boyfriend” and what he can offer me…

If for what ever reason I don’t get the time to take a new photo everyday I will post one of my favorite photo’s edited that day. Hope you enjoy the photo’s and my journey with my new “boyfriend”….

Let’s kick my project off with a gift my husband bought me. I love frogs and my bathroom is decorated with some cute ones that I will share with you all through my project. The rock that Mr Frog is sitting on came all the way back home from Lake Arthur were I had my first introduction to fishing with my Grandfather when I was still very little…

Mr Frog was a gift from Hubby and the rock came all the way from Lake Arthur near Cradock
Mr Frog just to happy to be outdoors.

Till tomorrow then….

PSSSST…. I also have another project running called My photo’s everyone’s words were I will post some of my old and new photo’s with inspirational quotes on it once a week.

My photo’s everyone’s words… Part 4

These set are photo’s taken while we were on the road to our next destination on our World Cup Tour in 2010. Needles to say that with all the stopping and taking photo’s our time on the road nearly doubled. But we were on holiday so no rush…. Enjoy and be inspired, motivated and feel free to share these photo’s with family and friends… Mind you all the photo’s in My photo’s everyone’s words may be shared with your family and friends…

2010 World Cup Tour. On Route from De Aar to Randfontein. Koffiefontein
2010 World Cup Tour. On route from De Aar to Randfontein. Koffiefontein
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from De Aar to Randfontein. Havenga Bridge.
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from De Aar to Randfontein. Havenga Bridge.
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from De Aar to Randfontein. Havenga Bridge.
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Randfontein to Cato Ridge in KZN. Golden Gate National Park
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Randfontein to Cato Ridge in KZN. Golden Gate National Park
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Randfontein to Cato Ridge in KZN. Golden Gate National Park
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Randfontein to Cato Ridge in KZN. Golden Gate National Park
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Randfontein to Cato Ridge in KZN. Golden Gate National Park
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Avocca River Cabins to Cradock .
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Cradock to Kraaifontein(home). Drie Sisters
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Cradock to Kraaifontein(home).
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Cradock to Kraaifontein(home).
2010 World Cup Tour. ON route from Cradock to Kraaifontein(home).