Project 365 Photo a day: 365/231 – Laughter filled the air



Mother and Son enjoying a playful moment.

The First time for all of us…

On Friday 23 March 2012 I got my new ” Boyfriend” (Canon EOS 7D) and on Saturday 24 March 2012  the Van Der Merwe family had their first Photo shoot.

Well I was super excited about my new boyfriend and took him to the photo shoots on the next day just as a “back up”. Like all new relationships one needs to get to know the other person and their limits.  I took a big jump from my Canon EOS 500D to my 7D but it was worth it. Everyday I am learning and enjoying every millisecond of it.

One of our friends told Allison about me and that I have some Autumn specials running. She phoned me to ask if she can book a photo shoot.  From the beginning she told me this was their first photo shoot as a family and they have no idea what to expect. I gave her the link to my blog and told her to read the part Preparing for your photo shoot. I also told her that all that they need to do is relax and don’t worry about the camera.

I realized that they were going to be on their nerves. To be honest  I was also a bit nervous and excited all combined.   To play it safe I took photo’s with my old and new camera’s. I was not familiar with the 7D’s settings and did not want their first shoot to end up one big disaster.

Weather was playing along and we only had a light breeze when we started out with the shoot.  I normally have 2 to 4 locations at Joostenberg Bistro were I take my photo’s. The first set on a blanket  on the grass. Then we move to a part where there are a row of  Pine trees. When it’s a long shoot the people go change their clothes after this location then I move on to the Dam and the Gazebo.  On this particular day we could not go to the other two locations because they were busy getting ready for a wedding later the morning.

Well after location one we moved on to location two the Pine trees and what happened they put on the sprayer so that location was out of the question. I looked at another few options and then Allison brought the trees on the other side of the dam to my attention. We went over there and I must say we got some awesome photo’s with the lovely colors of the tree trunks.  In future I will surely make use of them again…

Oh yes just need to say this. At the end of the day I only used the photo’s of my 7D.