Armand’s 25 hour X-Box sleepover party

My oldest  son Armand turned 13 on the 18 April. He decided on a sleepover party. I agreed to it but I was not part of the design of the invitations.

About a week before the party my friend who’s boy was also invited told me that she takes her hat off for me I have allot of guts having 11 boys over from the Friday 16:00 till the Saturday 17:00. Say what???  I called Armand and asked him about the times and he said yes he decided he wants his friends with him the whole day….  Well how bad can it be they will play games eat and drink, eat and drink………. Oh yes and take over my studio….

I decided that I need to lay down some rules for the boys so when they were all present I told them that if they make a mess they will clean it up before they go home the next afternoon.  We only had one accident when a bottle of cool drink fell over and spilled on the one mattress. They asked for a mop and they cleaned up the mess. Then they continued to play games.

Needless to say the aim was to play X-Box for 98% of the time. The boys who had extra remotes brought it with and if you were looking for the majority of the boys  you’ll find them in front of the TV and X Box.

Armand’s brother Lian and two of their mutual friends spend most of their time in front of the computer playing games there.

For supper we made Stokbrood with Sausage in it. The boys really enjoyed this. Only after supper I gave them their goody bags filled with sweets for the two day’s.

At about 3 o’clock Saturday morning I told the boys that  they must settle down… It took them about 15 minutes to fall asleep games must be very hard work….

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Saturday morning at around 7 o’clock when I walked into the studio some of the boys were still sleeping and the others were at it again…

I made flapjacks for breakfast and could not fill up the bowl the boys ate and ate and ate and ate and ate….. At least I knew they had a good steady breakfast for their day of gaming… After all the tummies were filled up there were a few flapjacks left in the bowl.  Every time the boys came to throw in some cool drink they would take one. It did not take them long to polish the leftovers too. For lunch I made hotdogs and just before they left we cut the cake….

That evening around 8 o’clock a few mom’s send me messages firstly all the boys except mine was passed out by then and all of them enjoyed the 25 hour  sleepover party allot….

8 9

Now I have to prepare myself for next year. Lian is turning 13 and he wants the same 25 hour party……


Kwikstertjie and the Moth/butterfly

I am busy working through my different holiday photo’s and came across these few photo’s of a Kwikstertjie and a moth or butterfly, not quite sure what it is, but I think it’s a moth. Anyway my parents, the boys, their nephew and I went to Sandbaai for the September/October 2012 school holiday. My Father got the flu and my mom was also not feeling well so most of the times the 3 boys and I went for outings.

The boys and I went to Hermanus on the 30th of September 2012 to go and see if we could spot some whale’s. The Whale festival is always a huge thing in Hermanus and thousands of people come to this little coastal village to spot whales and our photographers of course can’t wait to capture that WOW shot of a breaching whale. This particular morning something totally different from a whale caught my eye.  I spotted this Kwikstertjie with a Moth.  First the Kwikstertjie just hopped around it’s pray and then it took it in it’s beak and moved around on the rock with it. I waited to capture it while eating it but did not have that luck.I took quite allot of photo’s of this but only going to share a few.  After nearly half an hour of capturing the little Kwikstertjie and the Moth a young boy came running towards it and scared it and it flew away and I was not very happy. Why can’t the children’s parent’s teach their children not to scare animals and birds…








My Photo’s someone’s Quotes: Day 45

“No action, no change.

Limited action, limited change.

Lots of action – Change occurs.”

Catherine Pulsifer

World Cup Tour_4173 May15

Brothers dancing the night away….

Dance 1

Dance 3

Dance 2

Dance 4I just had to post these photo’s. These two brothers had the time of their lives on mom and dad’s wedding day.  They had everyone’s attention and were real little entertainers. Everybody loved them me included. Took allot of photo’s of these two dancing… Who know’s maybe one day they will be famous… They certainly got the moves….


My photo someone’s quote: Day 10


“Listen to the desires of your children. Encourage them and then give them the autonomy to make their own decision.”

Denis WaitleyWorld Cup Tour_4530 10

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/361 – Peek a boo

Aran_8815pj361 Aran_8815pj361bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/360 – Just being Aran

Aran_8802pj360 Aran_8802pj360bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/358 – Nephews

Nephews_8813pj358bw Nephews_8813pj358

Playing with Depth of field




A few weeks back I started playing with Depth of Field in my home studio. I had no problem with this outdoors, but in the studio I struggled to get the desired effect. So one evening I decided I’ll go practice a bit on my always willing prop Lenie and my frogs that never made it to their destination in my garden but rather stayed in my bathroom and studio as props. I moved her around on the studio floor further and further from the background till I ran out of laminated flooring. Ooops that’s going to be a bit of a problem. I am not a great fan of editing to much and to clone floor the whole time will not do it for me…  I moved the floor towards me to see what the effect will be in the background.

I then asked my eldest if he would mind being my live subject so that I can practice some more. I told him to move forward and backwards to the side and so on. My first photo of Armand came out all wrong. Armand was all out of focus and the background was in focus. Not what I had in mind. I practiced some more and after moving around allot I got it right. Armand in focus and background was out of focus….

Oeps wrong way around….
That’s better…

Then my husband came to the studio and decided that he had to change the setting a bit. My frogs got moved next to Armand. I took some photo’s and then I told him what I am trying to achieve…. Oooooh okay was his reply and he moved the frogs back to their original positions. I still had the problem of the gap at the back. You can see the tiles and this I wanted to prevent.  When I am the same level as the subject it’s fine, but as soon as I sit up then I see the tiles. Luckily I still had 2 extra pieces of laminated flooring so I put that in at the back in the mean while.


Armand just being silly….
Ogies, Armand’s cat joined the shoot, and so did frog1



I made little crosses on the flooring so that I can show my clients were to stand  so that I can get  desired effect I want. I just love experimenting but my boys on the other hand are not so keen on mommy using them as her subjects.  So for the next experiment Lenie and the frogs will have to do…

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/285 – Practicing my Batting

Lian_1911pj285 Lian_1911pj285bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/275 – Nephews spending time together

Nephews_1490 Nephews_1490bw

Lian and Aran playing games on the computer.

Boxingday visit to Rooiels

Seagull at Rooiels
Seagull at Rooiels
Seagull at Rooiels
Seagull at Rooiels
Seagull at Rooiels
Seagull at Rooiels
Seagull at Rooiels
Seagull at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels
Armand and Lian having fun in the ocean at Rooiels

On Boxing day we went to Rooiels for the morning. I only took a few photo’s. To be honest I was not feeling myself at all. On Monday while cherry picking it rained and even with a raincoat on my clothes got wet and now I have a cold on my few day’s off…. If the weather plays along we will be going to Rooiels again over the weekend. Will take some more photo’s then….


Husky_5681 Husky_5682 Husky_5683 Husky_5684 Husky_5686 Husky_5690 Husky_5691 Husky_5693 Husky_5696 Husky_5699 Husky_5701 Husky_5705 Husky_5707 Husky_5711 Husky_5712 Husky_5717 Husky_5720 Husky_5725

I took these photo’ s a while back already.  Huskies are such beautiful dogs. If one day I have my smallholding ( a girl may dream) then a Husky is on top of my list of dogs to get….

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/260 – Kids playing with little toads

Boys will be boys
Boys will be boys



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/236 – Big Brother



I am busy editing the Kottnitz Family shoot. When I saw this one  I decided on the spot this is my photo of the day. Mom just finished changing baby and big brother observed… Just look at that little eyes…..

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/231 – Laughter filled the air



Mother and Son enjoying a playful moment.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/217 – All geared up



On Saturday Lian had another cricket match. Here he is keeping a eye on the fielders while waiting to bat.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/208 – Out for a duck

Today Armand had a cricket match and he was so excited about it.

Armand is not in the A, B or C team, he is in the D team. The boys of the D team are full of spirit and willing to better their game.

One boy came to me and said I am not a good batsmen or bowler I need to work on my batting. He went in on number 3 and was bowled after facing 3 balls. So I told him that everyone can’t be a batsmen or a bowler some are just fielders. We need good fielders too.  He smiled and took off his gear and said that I can do.

When Armand went on in spot number 6 he was supper excited and told me he want to stay in as long as he can.  And then the first ball he faced was from a spin bowler and it happened so fast. He was out for a duck. He could not believe it. He came to me and said ” Mom I am so disappointed in myself.”  My heart wanted to break for him. But I just told him it happens to the best of cricket players also. Next time he may hit the same spin bowler for a six…

One do not always realize that kids can also be disappointed in themselves and some parents would go of and tell their child how useless they are. I think this is why so many children out their trying to proof to their parents they are not a failure no matter what. I think it must be hard always seeking approval and just get blown off. I try my best to let my boys know I am proud of them even if they are out for a duck.


Out for a duck

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/182 – Vermont

Jan Rabie Tidal Pool – Vermont

We left home just after 6 O’Clock this morning for our week of relaxation here in Sandbaai.  When we got here around 7:30 it was cold and the wind was freezing. The boys helped us unpack the cars and then they went to show Andre their nephew where they  usually play when we are here. Mom and I went to Hermanus to stock up on food for the next 3 days.

When we got back I dozed myself  and Lian with some cold and flu medicine. Because it was so cold outside and overcasted we stayed indoors out of the wind.  The boys played games on the Xbox and my parent and I talked and took a few 40 winks….

When I saw the sky was clearing and the sun came out I could not stay indoors anymore. I had to go see if I could spot my first Whale for the week. We took a drive along the coast but unfortunately we did not spot a Whale but the boys spotted the girls in Onrus and Vermont. I keep forgetting they are not 5 an 4 anymore they are 12 and 11 and the hormones are starting to work overtime…

Tomorrow if the weather plays along we want to go and see what is happening at the Whale festival.

Today’s Photo of the day was taken at the Jan Rabie Tidal Pool in Vermont.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/172 – Armand and Ogies

Tonight we were watching a movie and when I walked pass Armand on the chair I saw this cute photo. I ran to get my camera and in the process I nearly dislocated my little toe against our bed…. Ouch Ouch but I got my photo.

Armand and Ogies. Oh how these two love each other.



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/157

I took this photo yesterday at Seeberg Viewpoint in the West Coast National Park.  The wind was howling and I could hardly stand still On our way down to the cottage 2 couples told me that I must hold on to Aran for the wind is blowing like mad…

Two of the photo’s I wanted to use were both out of focus and I am a bit disappointed. I did not realize that the wind was blowing so hard that most of the zoomed photo’s at this lookout point were not as I wanted. 🙁

West Coast National Park
Cottage at lookout point in the West Coast National Park… In Sepia
Cottage at lookout point in the West Coast National Park



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/155

Yesterday I could not wait for me and my “boyfriend” to get to work at Thomas’s party. He turned 3 on 31 August and had his party at Kidz Playzone in Durbanville. For those of you that are not familiar with my ” boyfriend” I refer to my camera.



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/146



Another photo of Arno in his green shirt against the Black background.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/145

Arno Studio Shoot

Today I started with Arno’s photo shoot.  Arno took a while to warm up to the camera but I just love this one.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/135

Well you will all be happy to know I finished  Reyvan’s Birthday Party. Now we can move on to the next shoot…

Here is my last photo of the day from Reyvan’s party…. This little man decided he had a much more fun task for the lid of the animal feed bowl. Yes it’s a Frisbee jippeee…

Lid or Frisbee???

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/131

Reyvan with purple balloon



As you can see I am still busy with little Reyvan’s party.  I wonder what he was thinking about when I took this photo. He was busy playing with the balloon and then all of a sudden he just froze… After a few seconds he went on playing with the balloon…

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/130

Still busy editing.  At this stage I am busy working on two shoots at the same time.

This photo is from Reyvan’s birthday party.  LOL I took over 1200 photo’s on Reyvan’s party in Johannesburg. I still have around 300 to work through…

I just love this photo.  This little boy looked straight into the lens. Wonder what he was thinking….


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/114

Today Lian got home after Rugby practice went straight to the bathroom and took a shower. Then he did his homework and had something to eat.

After his homework was done he decided to take it real easy… Just have a look…

Taking it real easy in Black & White

Lian taking it real easy after a busy day.