Good morning: 12 January 2021

Good morning friends,

I woke up with a bang this morning… My first thought was oh my goodness we overslept. I completely forgot that my fiancé are only going to work at 8:00am and not 6:00am.

I had wierd dream last night. My fiancé and I were trying to put a antique tool or something together and the parts just din’t want to fit. Needless to say I felt a bit frustrated or disappointed when I woke up.

Today is going to be a scorcher 36 degrees Celsius according to the weather forecast on the radio this morning. I will spend the mosy part of my indoors today.  Keeping hydrated and trying to stay cool.

You must have a awesome Tuesday stay safe and healthy.  If you are heading to bed now sleep tight and sweet dreams.


“Everything is possible for the person who believes. ”

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