New visitor in our Garden – Cape Robin

Yesterday 3 March 2015 was the hottest day in Cape Town in over 100 years. 43 degrees outside and it was a scorcher of a day.

I went outside around 5 o’clock to top up the water for the birds and also the chickens. That was when I saw the Cape Robin in the garden looking for food. I went inside and got some seeds and threw it on the ground. I was not sure if he would eat it but my garden are full of insects and earthworms. If he was hungry he would be able to feed there. Then I took one of the basins of water I had in another area of the garden and put it where I spot the Cape Robin. I then ran inside to go and get my camera. I sat and wait hoping it would return again. I waited took some photo’s of Ruby and Buddy and when I turned back there he was…. I was very happy and took some photo’s.

The only down side of the photo’s it the fence, but we had to put it up to protect the birds and plants.  With a German Shepard, Foxterrier and a Dutch hound we had to otherwise I would have no garden left. As is my grass is non existent and we are trying slowly but surely to get the garden back to it’s former glory.Garden_2820 Garden_2821 Garden_2823 Garden_2824 Garden_2825 Garden_2827 Garden_2828

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