Photo’s taken in 2015 in my garden…. Part 2

Garden_4830 Garden_4832 Garden_4837 Garden_4840 Garden_4842 Garden_4848 Garden_4849 Garden_4851 Garden_4854 Garden_4886 Garden_4909 Garden_4932 Garden_4937 Garden_4950 Garden_4951

Every year I have visitors in my garden. This little Masked Weaver build a total of 3 nests with no success…. Maybe he will be more successful in the coming year….

Photo’s taken in 2015 in my garden…. Part 1

Garden_3751 Garden_3759 Garden_3761 Garden_3764 Garden_3768 Garden_3769 Garden_3771 Garden_3772 Garden_3773 Garden_3777 Garden_3783 Garden_3789 Garden_3792 Garden_3819 Garden_3821 Garden_3825 Garden_3846 Garden_3848

After my mother’s passing and the start of my divorce proceedings I have not really been in the mood to blog and take photo’s. I had my moments when I got my spark back but then something would remind me of something that happened and I am back to square one. It was like everything was getting to much and I went into survival mode. I started focusing on myself, the boys,  my dad and our home.

In the meanwhile my Canon 7D’s Dial button broke and I lost my AV and TV settings then the light sensor started giving me problems and that put extra stress on me…  As soon as I move into a dark area or shady area the camera will not focus at all and when I press the shutter button nothing happend. I had to switch the camera off and on after every photo taken. When I was in bright light I had no problems… I had a few shoots over the past few months and with God’s help everything went smoothly. I learned a very big lesson that you must trust in God and ask Him to bless the shoot and to please make sure that everything works… He did not disappoint me… I am happy to say that God was looking out for me and a week ago I upgraded to my Canon 7D Mark II.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting all my work done in 2015 and hopefully I’ll be up to date soon.

Montagu Springs: Part 14

Early morning down by the river….MS_6497 MS_6505 MS_6507 MS_6510 MS_6511 MS_6526 MS_6527 MS_6528 MS_6533 MS_6535

Montagu Springs: Part 13

MS_6722 MS_6723 MS_6726 MS_6727 MS_6728 MS_6729 MS_6730 MS_6731 MS_6732 MS_6740 MS_6741 MS_6742

Montagu Springs: Part 12

Indian RunnerMS_6557 MS_6558

Taking it’s bathMS_6761 MS_6762 MS_6767

Montagu Springs: Part 11

Muscovy Duck taking a bath…MS_6673 MS_6674 MS_6676 MS_6678 MS_6681 MS_6682 MS_6683 MS_6684 MS_6685 MS_6686 MS_6687 MS_6688 MS_6693 MS_6694 MS_6695 MS_6696 MS_6697 MS_6699

Montagu Springs: Part 10

Hottentot Teal

MS_6442 MS_6443 MS_6447 MS_6450 MS_6451 MS_6455 MS_6456

Speckled PigeonMS_6425 MS_6426 MS_6427

Montagu Springs: Part 9

Lesser Whistling DuckMS_6417 MS_6419 MS_6421 MS_6422 MS_6428 MS_6431 MS_6432 MS_6433

Montagu Springs: Part 8

White faced duck

MS_6384 MS_6402 MS_6403 MS_6405 MS_6407 MS_6408 MS_6409 MS_6411 MS_6413

Montagu Springs: Part 7

Muscovy duck

MS_6383 MS_6387 MS_6391 MS_6392 MS_6393 MS_6394 MS_6395 MS_6458 MS_6459 MS_6460 MS_6462 MS_6466 MS_6473 MS_6475 MS_6477 MS_6478 MS_6479 MS_6480