Quick photo stop at Vygeboomdam

During school holidays my boyfriends daughter come visit us. I always try to take her out at least twice a week.

Although I have alot of editing work waiting at home I also take my camera with and well you guessed it make some more edit work for myself. But it is worth it. To see her running around, exploring and when she sees something the way her little face lit up is priceless…

Vygeboomdam is not that big and although the sign says no fishing the people don’t care they do just as they please… It is no wonder there were only a handful of ducks to see.

It is no wonder they say humans are the most dangerous animals on earth. Some humans have only their own interest at heart and do not think how their actions impacts nature around them.

What to do when loadshedding start….

In the beginning of the year we had a lot of loadshedding. One Sunday afternoon we decided to braai and tried to pass the time. Every session was around 2 hours. It was a hot day and much cooler outside.

I took my camera out and started taking photos of the birds in the trees and of the sky…..

Here is some of the photos taken of the birds in the trees…. I also played around with the settings that is why some of the sky is lighter and others darker.

My favorite part of the evening was when I started taking photos of the ever changing clouds… See if you can spot the smiley face in the clouds…

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and I look forward to hearing from you.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Photo’s taken in 2015 in my garden…. Part 2

Garden_4830 Garden_4832 Garden_4837 Garden_4840 Garden_4842 Garden_4848 Garden_4849 Garden_4851 Garden_4854 Garden_4886 Garden_4909 Garden_4932 Garden_4937 Garden_4950 Garden_4951

Every year I have visitors in my garden. This little Masked Weaver build a total of 3 nests with no success…. Maybe he will be more successful in the coming year….

Photo’s taken in 2015 in my garden…. Part 1

Garden_3751 Garden_3759 Garden_3761 Garden_3764 Garden_3768 Garden_3769 Garden_3771 Garden_3772 Garden_3773 Garden_3777 Garden_3783 Garden_3789 Garden_3792 Garden_3819 Garden_3821 Garden_3825 Garden_3846 Garden_3848

After my mother’s passing and the start of my divorce proceedings I have not really been in the mood to blog and take photo’s. I had my moments when I got my spark back but then something would remind me of something that happened and I am back to square one. It was like everything was getting to much and I went into survival mode. I started focusing on myself, the boys,  my dad and our home.

In the meanwhile my Canon 7D’s Dial button broke and I lost my AV and TV settings then the light sensor started giving me problems and that put extra stress on me…  As soon as I move into a dark area or shady area the camera will not focus at all and when I press the shutter button nothing happend. I had to switch the camera off and on after every photo taken. When I was in bright light I had no problems… I had a few shoots over the past few months and with God’s help everything went smoothly. I learned a very big lesson that you must trust in God and ask Him to bless the shoot and to please make sure that everything works… He did not disappoint me… I am happy to say that God was looking out for me and a week ago I upgraded to my Canon 7D Mark II.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting all my work done in 2015 and hopefully I’ll be up to date soon.

Montagu Springs: Part 14

Early morning down by the river….MS_6497 MS_6505 MS_6507 MS_6510 MS_6511 MS_6526 MS_6527 MS_6528 MS_6533 MS_6535

Montagu Springs: Part 13

MS_6722 MS_6723 MS_6726 MS_6727 MS_6728 MS_6729 MS_6730 MS_6731 MS_6732 MS_6740 MS_6741 MS_6742

Montagu Springs: Part 12

Indian RunnerMS_6557 MS_6558

Taking it’s bathMS_6761 MS_6762 MS_6767

Montagu Springs: Part 11

Muscovy Duck taking a bath…MS_6673 MS_6674 MS_6676 MS_6678 MS_6681 MS_6682 MS_6683 MS_6684 MS_6685 MS_6686 MS_6687 MS_6688 MS_6693 MS_6694 MS_6695 MS_6696 MS_6697 MS_6699

Montagu Springs: Part 10

Hottentot Teal

MS_6442 MS_6443 MS_6447 MS_6450 MS_6451 MS_6455 MS_6456

Speckled PigeonMS_6425 MS_6426 MS_6427

Montagu Springs: Part 9

Lesser Whistling DuckMS_6417 MS_6419 MS_6421 MS_6422 MS_6428 MS_6431 MS_6432 MS_6433