Introducing Ruby our newest family member

I am happy to introduce Ruby our newest family member. She is  a 8 week old German Shepard.  Today when I took her outside to visit mother nature I took a few photo’s of her. I must be honest she is learning fast. When I call her and my other two dogs to go outside she listens and come with. A few times now she asked me with little moans to go outside. Each time she just made it to the patch of grass….

When the people came to drop her off  I had no clue we are getting a new puppy. I was mad because we already have 3 dogs, a cat and a parrot. I asked my husband why didn’t he warn me?  His answer was because I knew you would say no….   But it only took a few minutes for my heart to melt…. I am a real sucker for puppies and Ruby stirred up some memories of my first German Shepard Simba. Oh how I loved him it was a very dark day when we had to put him down due to age…

Here are a few photo’s of Ruby. Will share some more as she grows up….








11 thoughts on “Introducing Ruby our newest family member

  1. Oh my goodness, she is adorable. I have not long had my new doggy and finding lots of photo ops. Look forward to seeing her grow up through your photographs. 🙂

    1. She is to cute and very obedient. When we are alone during the day she sleeps on a carpet in my office or under my desk. She even asks me to go outside… I hardly get any oopsies in the house. Hope this last forever though….