Aletta & Yolandè’s Photo shoot Featuring on Website

A few months back I had the pleasure to capture Yolandè and her mother Aletta volunteered to pose for me so that my student can get some exposure to studio photography.

AY_8241 AY_8324 AY_8368



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Project 365 Photo a day: 365/230 – Motherly love

On 9 November I had the pleasure to capture the Kottnitz family. Little Ewald was only two weeks old on the day of the shoot. I started editing their shoot today and came across this photo and it spoke to me. I took it with my Canon EOS 500D and my Canon  EF 50mm 1: 1.8 lens. This is the first time that I use this lens in a studio shoot. Got a few out of focus photo’s but I was to close.  I would love to get to know my 50mm lens better. I’ve heard that it is an awesome lens for portrait.


Playing with a box, Black paper, Prism light and Rose Quartz

Today I did an little experiment.

I took a box,  some black paper and covered the insides of the box with it. Then I took my little Prism light stand and put one of my Rose Quartz  on it.

It looked spectacular with the naked eye and when I photographed it I hoped to capture the “energy field” around the Rose Quartz. I was very happy when I downloaded the photo’s and saw the results.

I used my Canon EOS 7D, my 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS Lens, my Takara Tripod and my Hahnel Remote Shutter Release. I took over 140 photo’s to get the right effects. The best photo’s came out with the following settings: Shutter Speed 1/10, Aperture Value  5.6 and  ISO 2500.

This will not be the last time that I’ll be playing with my box, paper, Prism Light….



A quote from a book hubby bought me about different crystals.

“Rose quartz is an important crystal for removing blocked emotional stress. It is generally considered to encourage love and harmony. It is true that the vibration of pink does reduce aggression and promote understanding and empathy, but it is a mistake to think that because of this wearing a rose quartz will make you feel happier…… Keeping some Rose quartz at your bedside can sometimes be effective as an aid to restful sleep.”  – Healing and Harmony for Body, spirit and home. Crystals Colour & Chakra.

Aran’s first walk to the shop around the corner.

Aran  is growing up so fast I can’t believe how time flies.

Whenever I go to mom’s flat and he is there he wants to come home with me. It is only a few steps from their flat to my house so I usually take him and when he start to get tired I just take him back to my parents so that he can go to bed. But on Tuesday he wanted to go Ta-Ta every time he sees me.

We live in a Cul De Sac  and it is very quiet during the day. Only the odd car turning around. So I took Aran for a short walk to the speed bump in the road and then turned around. He was very happy with that and when we got back to the house he wanted to go again. Unfortunately he had to wait a hour or so because my client arrived  for her photo shoot.

When they left and he saw me again he lifted up his arms and wanted to go Ta-Ta again. I then decided okay let’s try walking to the shop, I had to buy a loaf of bread and off we went. He walked most of the way, I only carried him where the sidewalk  was very uneven. While we were walking I tried to remember Armand and Lian’s first walk to the shop from my Parent’s old house… It was only 2 minutes walk to the shop but with them it took nearly 10 minutes to get there… Now my boys are big and go to the shop on their own.

When we got to the shop we got the bread and I took him to the chips to choose a packet. He went straight for the flings. He had one packet in his hand and then turned around put it down and took two packets. When we got to the till we had to scan him too. He did not want to give his chips to this strange lady and when she talked to him he just gave her a look that said are you talking to me?

I took some photo’s on my cellphone in the shop and on our way back home so excuse the quality of the photo’s.

Look what Aunt Coreen bought me... Flings. Sjoe it was a long walk home had to rest my legs a bit...

When we got home he did not want to go back to Grandmother and Grandfather he just point his finger to the garage door so that I must open it. When I opened it he walked straight to the studio. Took the yellow cow and asked me to open his “njam-njam”.After eating the whole packet he  went and sit on the floor and started laughing. That was my sign to get my camera for some fun shoots. Normally I will wipe his face but we never got to it.

Here are some of the photo’s I took of him….

I am a bit tired was a long walk home and my tummy are full of chips now...
Okay enough of the serious stuff let's start playing.
Me and my yellow cow that I soooo love.
Hie Hie just me being my silly self...
My new silly smile!
Look I have a mouth full of pearly white's... Huh uh they need a brush I ate some njammie flings
Me and my cow...
Hie hie me just being silly again....
I am soooo shy.... NOT!