14 August 2019: Day 4 of our Grand Tour of Scotland: Part 4 – St Andrews Cathedral

Good day everyone,

Hope you are all still staying safe and are healthy.

Our next stop in St Andrews was the St Andrews Cathedral.

The remains of St Andrews Cathedral shows how impressive it used to be.  It was built in 1158 and became the center of the Medieval Catholic Church in Scotland. It fell into disuse and ruin after the Catholic mass was outlawed during the 16th-century. 

 It is currently a monument in the custody of Historic Environment Scotland. The ruins indicate that the building was approximately 119 m long, and is the largest church to have been built in Scotland.

We enjoyed our visit very much and spend about 2 hours exploring and as you can see I took a lot of photos.

Thank you for joining us on our visit to St Andrews Cathedral. Hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Keep safe. Till next time.


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