Sonskynfees 2015: Dirk van der Westhuizen


Dirk van der Westhuizen is a very talented singer/songwriter from Pretoria. He had everybody on their feet dancing during his performance. To be honest I was exhausted  just looking at him jumping up and down on stage…  Sooo much energy….

He wrote his first song at age 12. In 2012 Dirk shot to fame when he recorded his South African version of the Gangnam Style. He received millions of hits on You Tube.

Here some of the photo’s taken of her at the Sonskynfees.

SF_4819 SF_4821 SF_4822 SF_4826 SF_4829 SF_4833 SF_4834 SF_4836 SF_4837 SF_4838 SF_4839 SF_4841 SF_4842 SF_4844 SF_4849 SF_4850 SF_4854 SF_4858 SF_4859 SF_4861 SF_4863 SF_4865 SF_4866 SF_4868 SF_4870 SF_4871 SF_4872 SF_4875 SF_4881 SF_4882 SF_4887 SF_4888 SF_4891 SF_4892 SF_4893 SF_4904 SF_4908 SF_4910 SF_4912 SF_4915 SF_4919 SF_4922 SF_4924 SF_4928 SF_4931 SF_4933 SF_4934





Sonskynfees 2015: Wynand and Cheree Strydom

I met and photographed Wynand and Cheree for the first time in 2007 at the Varingfees with my little Pentax camera. Since then I have had the honor of capturing them on more than one occasion.  These two artists has got hearts of gold.

This duo couple have a very full live. They are blessed with two beautiful daughters and both have their separate singing/songwriting careers also.  Little Taylor-Hope joined her mommy on stage at the Sonskynfees. She stole many hearts with her performance.

For more information on Wynand and Cheree please visit their websites. Cheree , Wynand and lastly the duo’s Facebook Page Wynand and Cheree

Here are some of the photo’s taken of her at the Sonskynfees.

SF_5134 SF_5135 SF_5136 SF_5139 SF_5140 SF_5143 SF_5145 SF_5146 SF_5147 SF_5150 SF_5152 SF_5153 SF_5154 SF_5156 SF_5158 SF_5159 SF_5163 SF_5164 SF_5169 SF_5170 SF_5171 SF_5174 SF_5176 SF_5181 SF_5182 SF_5183 SF_5197 SF_5201 SF_5206 SF_5208 SF_5216 SF_5219 SF_5222 SF_5224 SF_5225 SF_5228 SF_5229 SF_5230 SF_5231 SF_5232 SF_5234 SF_5235 SF_5237 SF_5239 SF_5240 SF_5242 SF_5243 SF_5244 SF_5246 SF_5248 SF_5251 SF_5249 SF_5252 SF_5253 SF_5258 SF_5260 SF_5264 SF_5265





Sonskynfees 2015: Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr (born 29 August 1964) is a South African singer, songwriter and actor. He is an activist for Afrikaner rights in South Africa, and has been involved in several controversies throughout his professional career.

Hofmeyr married actress Natasha Sutherland, whom he had met on the set of Egoli: Place of Gold in 1998, they had two sons, Sebastian, born 13 December 2001 and Benjamin, born later. Hofmeyr also has three other children by other women. The couple was divorced after reports of numerous affairs dominated Hofmeyr’s time in the spotlight in 2008. Hofmeyr married Janine van der Vyver on 26 January 2014. In 2008, Janine van der Vyver, a fitness instructor, revealed they had been seeing each other for 10 years.

Hofmeyr’s grandfather was Steve Hofmeyr Sr., a leader in the Ossewabrandwag.

In January 2007, there were reports that one branch of the News Cafe restaurant chain would not play Hofmeyr’s song Pampoen (“Pumpkin”). The managing director of the company that owns the franchise denies that this is company policy and points out that many Afrikaans acts, such as Karen Zoid and Arno Carstens have performed at News Cafe.

In 2011, he made public that he supports the organisation “Expedition for Afrikaner Self-Determination” (Onafhanklike Afrikaner Selfbeskikkingsekspedisie, OASE). OASE describes itself as an advocacy group for Afrikaner self-determination in compliance with the international law and the guidelines of the international community. He is an avid pro-Afrikaner but mentioned that he maintains a moderate political stance in an OASE public relations video.

Hofmeyr was heavily criticised after performing the former South African national anthem, Die Stem, at a cultural festival known as Innibos in Nelspruit in July 2014.He went on to perform the anthem on international tours, and encouraged South Africans to continue singing it, stating that it did not contain any form of hate speech.

In October 2014, Hofmeyr wrote and published a tweet stating that he believed that black South Africans were the “architects of apartheid” on his public Twitter account. This prompted a significant public backlash. One of Hofmeyr’s critics was puppeteer Conrad Koch and his puppet Chester Missing, who launched a campaign calling on companies to stop sponsoring Hofmeyr. On 27 November 2014, Hofmeyr failed to acquire a final protection order against Koch and his puppet in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

Hofmeyr has given statements indicative of an apartheid denialist which has led various journalists and public figures to label him a “disgrace to South Africa”

Information of Steve Hofmeyr as quoted from Wikipedia

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.

SF_5668 SF_5672 SF_5673 SF_5674 SF_5675 SF_5688 SF_5689 SF_5694 SF_5697 SF_5698 SF_5702 SF_5703 SF_5704 SF_5712 SF_5713 SF_5714 SF_5717 SF_5718 SF_5719 SF_5720 SF_5723 SF_5725 SF_5727 SF_5728 SF_5729 SF_5730 SF_5733 SF_5734 SF_5736 SF_5737 SF_5739 SF_5745 SF_5747 SF_5748 SF_5754 SF_5763 SF_5765 SF_5766 SF_5767 SF_5768 SF_5770 SF_5778 SF_5796 SF_5812 SF_5854 SF_5839 SF_5857 SF_5860 SF_5869 SF_5873 SF_5875 SF_5877 SF_5881 SF_5883 SF_5914 SF_5917 SF_5918 SF_5920 SF_5927 SF_5930 SF_5947 SF_5948 SF_5974 SF_5975 SF_5976 SF_5990 SF_5979 SF_5997 SF_6005 SF_5995 SF_6015 SF_6017 SF_6037 SF_6038 SF_6025 SF_6023 SF_6019 SF_6007 SF_6008 SF_6009


Sonskynfees 2015: Suzanne

Suzanne is another one of our local Female Vocalists.  She is very down to earth and has a heart of gold.

She started singing at a young age and in 1997 at the age of 11 she launched her first album On top of the world. In 1998 she made her debut appearance on Noot vir Noot one of South Africa’s most loved television shows. Since then she was a very busy girl. She launched 6 albums and also recorded a song with Snotkop.

For more information on this talented lady please visit her Facebook Page

Here are some of the photo’s taken of her at the Sonskynfees.


SF_4590 SF_4592 SF_4594 SF_4599 SF_4602 SF_4604 SF_4605 SF_4608 SF_4609 SF_4611 SF_4615 SF_4618 SF_4621 SF_4622 SF_4623 SF_4624 SF_4625 SF_4627


Sonskynfees 2015: Nicholis Louw

Nicholis Louw (born 30 December 1979) is a well-known South African pop and opera singer and signed to Select Music, the major South African record label. His repertoire mainly in Afrikaans includes rock, pop, country and music ballads, often incorporating strong classical elements. Louw has had a number of successful albums through releases through Select Music starting with his debut album in 2003, selling over 650,000 albums. His major hits include “Ek wil my baby hê vanaand”, “Rock daai lyfie” and “Generaal”. He tours extensively averaging above 100 gigs a year. On 12 July 2014, he married Denise Shrewsbury.

Information of Nicholis Louw as quoted from Wikipedia

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.


SF_5552 SF_5556 SF_5561 SF_5562 SF_5564 SF_5565 SF_5566 SF_5571 SF_5572 SF_5575 SF_5576 SF_5597 SF_5602 SF_5625 SF_5627 SF_5615 SF_5631 SF_5632 SF_5642

Sonskynfees 2015: Snotkop

Francois Henning better known by his stage name Snotkop previously known as Lekgoa is a well-known Afrikaans and Sotho language singer and rapper.

He started his music career at age 15 preparing demo CDs  and in the late 1990s adopted the stage name Lekgoa singing in the South African kwaito genre of music. In this period, he was signed to Gallo record label, releasing two Basetsana in 1999 and Ngamla Yoba in 2002.

In 2005 he adopted the name Snotkop initially a 4-piece boy band, and shortly later a solo act signing with Next Music record label with the launching of his debut self-titled 2005 album Snotkop followed by So Damn Sexyin 2008 and Francois Henning Was Hier in 2009. With the release of Ek Laaik Van Jol in 2012, he became one of the top selling South African artists in Africa in Afrikaans language. Well known single and music video releases include “Song Vir My Dad”, “Dis ‘n Land”, “Hou My Stywer Vas”, “Oppas”, “Katrien”, “Parapapa” a remake of Cidinho & Doca hit “Rap das Armas” and “Ek Laaik Van Jola”. He is also featured in Kurt Darren’s hit “Stoomtrein” and in MoniQue’s hit “Ek Val Vir Jou”. Snotkop is also known of popularizing international hits in his Afrikaans language adaptations.

Snotkop is also a television personality. He presented the programme Petrolkop on MK, the mostly Afrikaans music channel in South Africa where Snotkop featured various celebrities driving racing cars in time trials against each other.

Information of Snotkop as quoted from Wikipedia

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.


SF_5266 SF_5272 SF_5273 SF_5276 SF_5279 SF_5280 SF_5288 SF_5291 SF_5299 SF_5301 SF_5303 SF_5307 SF_5314 SF_5315 SF_5317 SF_5324 SF_5325 SF_5327 SF_5328 SF_5334 SF_5336 SF_5339 SF_5342 SF_5344 SF_5349 SF_5356 SF_5357 SF_5387 SF_5388 SF_5391 SF_5399 SF_5402 SF_5404 SF_5406 SF_5409 SF_5415 SF_5419 SF_5421 SF_5441 SF_5448 SF_5471 SF_5476 SF_5486 SF_5488 SF_5493 SF_5498 SF_5501 SF_5504 SF_5517 SF_5526 SF_5527 SF_5540 SF_5545 SF_5548

Sonskynfees 2015: Pierre Rossouw

Pierre Rossouw is one of our own local singer/songwriter. In 2012 he won one of our reality shows “Ons soek die sanger”.  Pierre was given a wonderful talent and he can compose a song for you in a few minutes. He is also a presenter at one of our local Radio Stations Bok Radio. They have a slot where you send in some key words and he’ll compose a song unplugged on air.

For more than 10 years now Pierre has written songs for well known artists. He writes around 150 songs in a year.

Pierre is a very down to earth guy  with a heart of gold.  I have had the pleasure of capturing him in the past at festivals and functions. He is also closely involved with The Alta Du Toit Aftercare Centre in Bellville.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.

SF_5063 SF_5064 SF_5067 SF_5068 SF_5071 SF_5072 SF_5075 SF_5076 SF_5078 SF_5079 SF_5082 SF_5084 SF_5086 SF_5088 SF_5090 SF_5096 SF_5097 SF_5099 SF_5101 SF_5104 SF_5107 SF_5108 SF_5111 SF_5114 SF_5115 SF_5118 SF_5121 SF_5124 SF_5125 SF_5128


Sonskynfees 2015: Kosie Beukes

Kosie Beukes is only 7 years old and he masters 13 instruments already. I had the pleasure to capture this little guy at the Sonskynfees this year. Hope to meet him again someday. Will keep a close eye on his music career. When Shaleen talked to him on stage he said that he  is better than his grandad on the  concertina… Just love this little boys attitude…

Here are some information I got from an  article about Kosie in the Boksburg Advertiser.

“Kosie picked up his first guitar when he was just two years old and even though it was a toy, he would seemingly play along when he heard a song he liked.

“He began playing his first instrument before he was five when his grandfather gave him a box guitar,” says mom.

“I think that was probably the first time my husband and I actually began to realise that our child was gifted.”

After realising that his mother is talking about his musical gift, Kosie quickly stands up and fetches his most recently purchased instrument, the mandolin, looking very eager to play a song.

Appearing delighted to have another chance to show off some of his musicality, he pulls on a few strings as his mother goes on about how he started playing the concertina.

“It was just a matter of months after Kosie first picked up the concertina before he could play at least 15 songs.

“His grandfather showed him how to play only once, and nine days later he was playing an entire song with no assistance,” says Julia.

She says Kosie is usually a very introverted child, but his personality changes once he starts playing an instrument or gets up on stage to perform.

Julia believes that Kosie may be the youngest concertina player in South Africa because, according to her, the youngest concertina player recorded by the Guinness Book of Records is the same age as her son.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.


SF_4370 SF_4373 SF_4377 SF_4379 SF_4380 SF_4381 SF_4382 SF_4383 SF_4384 SF_4387 SF_4389 SF_4390 SF_4393 SF_4394 SF_4395 SF_4396 SF_4397 SF_4400 SF_4401 SF_4402 SF_4404 SF_4405 SF_4406 SF_4409 SF_4411 SF_4412

Sonskynfees 2015: Viljoen Retief

At the end of 2006 Viljoen Retief made a huge decision on his way to work. He was listening to a Bob Dylan song on the radio when it came to him. He wanted to be a full time singer and songwriter. He phoned his dad Ds Johan Retief and told him about his decision. His Father said he was waiting for this phone call for a while. According to him Viljoen Retief has a talent and his passion is his music and songwriting.

On 16 March 2007 he had his first CD launch and has been going strong ever since he decided to live his dream. He writes his own songs and also writes for fellow artists. He writes about people, places and day to day stuff.  I love his music and had the pleasure to capture him on more than one festival.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.


SF_4720 SF_4721 SF_4723 SF_4724 SF_4725 SF_4726 SF_4732 SF_4735 SF_4760 SF_4761 SF_4764 SF_4766 SF_4769 SF_4770 SF_4792 SF_4795 SF_4742 SF_4747 SF_4751 SF_4754 SF_4756 SF_4758 SF_4740

Sonskynfees 2015: Amore

Amore is another one of our local Female Vocalists.  She is very down to earth and has a heart of gold.

She started singing at a young age and in 2005 she was a finalist in the Burger Plusster singing competition. This was when she decided to pursue her dream and started focussing on her singing career. She travels all over the country bringing her music to all her fans.

I met Amore for the first time in 2008 when she performed at the Varingfees. Since then I have had the pleasure to capture her in action on several occasions.

For more information on Amore feel free to go visit her website.

Here are some of the photo’s taken of her at the Sonskynfees.

SF_4499 SF_4500 SF_4505 SF_4507 SF_4509 SF_4514 SF_4517 SF_4525 SF_4526 SF_4528 SF_4540 SF_4541 SF_4564 SF_4565 SF_4573 SF_4576 SF_4583 SF_4681 SF_4682 SF_4686 SF_4687 SF_4691 SF_4692 SF_4693 SF_4694 SF_4715



Sonskynfees 2015: Shaleen Surtie-Richards

Our MC for the Sonkynfees was well known actress Shaleen Surtie-Richards.

Shaleen was born in Upington on 7 May 1955 and schooled both there and in Cape Town. Qualifying as a kindergarden teacher, she taught in both cities between 1974 and 1984. Shaleen Surtie-Richards is a South African actress best known for her title role in the 1988 feature film Fiela se Kind (Fiela’s Child), and as Ester (Nenna) Willemse in the M-Net soap opera Egoli: Place Of Gold. She was also a judge on the reality competition television series Supersterre from 2006-2010.

Shaleen took many roles in several amateur stage productions between 1974 and 1981 and was also active in productions of the Department of Education’s Theatre-in-Education from 1982 – 1984. She became a professional actress in 1984 and has become very well-known through her appearances on stage, television and films. She also works on radio as narrator or actress.

Her stage work over the last 30 years includes productions by some of the country’s leading directors. She has been seen on stage in all the main centers of the country, as well as London, and has participated in both the Grahamstown and Edinburgh Festivals.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.

SF_4290 SF_4291 SF_4293 SF_4367 SF_4584 SF_4586 SF_4589 SF_4628 SF_4679 SF_4813 SF_4814 SF_4937 SF_4938


Sonskynfees 2015: Pieter Mohr

Well what can I say about Pieter Mohr? Pieter was born in Kimberley and grew up in Bellville. He recorded his first album in 2012 3 of his songs got nr 1 status. His original song “Can’t find the words to say” won 2 x IFM Melodie Awards voted by radio listeners & enjoys radio airplay internationally as well. He also shared the stage with Ray Dylan, Fredi Nest, Manie Jackson, Billy Forrest, Bobby Angel, Lance James and Dozi.

I photographed him for the first time on stage in 2014 at the Sonskynfees. With his cowboy hat and guitar he really brings his audience to their feet with his collection of country songs. One just can’t help to sing along. His favourite country singer is Alan Jackson and he also performs a few of his songs.

Here are some of my photo’s taken at this year’s Sonskynfees.

SF_4467 SF_4466 SF_4462 SF_4461 SF_4455 SF_4448 SF_4447

Sonskynfees 2015: Andriëtte Norman

Andriëtte Norman is one of our local Afrikaans Female artists. She lived and grew up in Brackenfell. In 2007 she got second place in our Idols competition I still say she had to be the winner. I just love her voice.

I first met her in 2008 when she performed at the Varingfees in Brackenfell her hometown. Back then I only had my Kodak camera nothing fancy but my husband arranged that I may take photo’s backstage. After all these years she is just as humble as the first time I met her.

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.

SF_4940 SF_5058 SF_5052 SF_5049 SF_5044 SF_5043 SF_5039 SF_5037 SF_5034 SF_5021 SF_5031SF_5014 SF_5011 SF_5009 SF_5007 SF_5003 SF_4995 SF_4993 SF_4992 SF_4988 SF_4985 SF_4984 SF_4982 SF_4975 SF_4971 SF_4970 SF_4966 SF_4963 SF_4960 SF_4957 SF_4955 SF_4954 SF_4953 SF_4952 SF_4951 SF_4949 SF_4946 SF_4945 SF_4942

Sunshine Festival: Media Launch at Eaglevlei Wine Estate 18 February 2015

This year will be the third birthday of the Sunshine Festival held in aid of Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre. This will also be my third year involved with this festival and I am proud to say that I’ll be their photographer for the day.

On 18 February 2015 they had their media launch at Eaglevlei Wine Estate and also the home off the festival for this year. The festival will take place on 28 March 2015. I am so looking forward to this. It’s one of my photography highlights every year.

Sonskyn1 Sonskyn2 Sonskyn3 Sonskyn4 Sonskyn5 Sonskyn6 Sonskyn7 Sonskyn8 Sonskyn9 Sonskyn10 Sonskyn11 Sonskyn12 Sonskyn13