R.I.P Buddy…

Today I had to say goodbye to a very good companion. He gave us 15 Years of his life, always happy to see us and giving comfort when we needed it.

15 Years ago we got Buddy as a present for my mother, well that was the original plan. But as everything goes in my life I change my mind just as quick as the wind changes direction.

One look into his eyes and one lick over the face and I was in love with him. I named him Buddy and that was it. We got another puppy for Mom. Buddy was mine.

The children loved him and he was always making sure he gave us lots of love.

Buddy Thank You for all the love. I will miss you greatly. Every time I go to the bathroom and you can’t wiggle your way inside and sits and moans by the door. Your head through the arm of the chair to get a pat while I am busy working. All the cuddles in the mornings. Always by my side every where I go.

R.I.P Buddy…..

Always in my heart.

Heaven gained another Angel

Sue Vincent 14 September 1958 to 29 March 2021

RIP Sue. Thank you for all your kind comments .

RIP Ruby

It is with a very heavy heart I am writing this post.

Ruby had a tough weekend and yesterday she got paralyzed in her back legs.

She was in so much pain and since Tuesday till yesterday she lost another 5 kg.

I could not stand to see her suffer anymore and even though I can’t afford after hour vet services. The way she looked at me to please help her. My heart broke so I phoned the hospital to let them know I am bringing her in.

They kept her overnight on a drip and did some more tests and x rays this morning. It was a tumor all the time. The Dr phoned me just after 10 this morning with the news. They missed it on the first x rays. There was nothing they can do for her anymore.

Ruby gave me the best 7 years of her life and I will miss her a lot. She is the one who licked my tears away when my whole life fell apart.

R. I. P my Ruby girl will always remember the good times.