Project 365 Photo a day: 365/261 – Why the ring finger?

The Ring finger test
The Ring finger test


The Pastor at Shellvine and Nicole’s wedding had an interesting theory why the wedding ring is put on the ring finger.

Put your fingertips together. Now put your middle fingers downwards.  Your thumbs represent your parents remove the two thumbs from each other. The index fingers represent  your friends remove from each other. Your pinkies represent children remove from each other. By removing from each other means that you can let go of them. Your husband or wife is your number 1 now. Now try to remove your two ring fingers from each other. They won’t move. This means that with marriage you are bound together and will always be there for each other. Does not matter what you will stick to your partner…

I know now a days the people give up to soon and they let go to easy…. Allot of people go into a marriage with the back door open if it don’t work we get a divorce….