Butterfly World: Photography Lesson outing

Speckled Pigeon
Purple-crested turaco; Rose-ringed Parakeet; Lilian’s Lovebird
African Olive Pigeon
Bearded Dragon
Taiwanese Rat Snake, Green Tree Iguana, Panther Chameleon,

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For lesson five of Lizette’s photography training I took her to capture some Butterflies. I wanted her to work with depth of field and play with her settings. She also learned that ones equipment needs time to adapt to different climates.

We had a ball and we took allot of photo’s. Butterfly World not only have butterflies but also birds and a variety of other animals. I took some photo’s of the birds, butterflies and other animals.

They also have Marmoset monkeys ¬†and the one decided that he wants to inspect my camera and flash… Lizette took the photo of me and the little Rascal.