Project 365 Photo a day: 365/176 – Wildebeest

Clara Anna Fontein

On our Bike trip to Blaauwberg we passed Clara Anna Fontein a stone throw away from our home. Clara Anna Fontein is a Private Game Reserve.  Well on our way to Blaauwberg I saw the Wildebeest in the field I tried to get hubbies attention but it did not work. When we stopped at Blaauwberg I asked him what route he was planning to take home. He asked me if I saw something and I said yes the Wildebeest at Clara Anna Fontein.  On our way back hubby took the turn off into Clara Anna Fontein so that I could take some photo’s of the Wildebeest. 

I have never been to Clara Anna Fontein but I hope to go visit there in the near future.