SAPS Cycle Tour 2012 in aid of SAPS Educational Trust fund : Day Three

Thanks to Buddy from Club Mykonos  all of us had a lovely nights rest and a warm bath or shower.  I could not wait to get clicking and capturing all those special moments along the road. Day three was a long day. It was a hard 111km with rolling hills.

Everyone gathered in the parking area around 7 o’Clock so that we could  pack the trailers, discuss the days route and to collect the keys to the units.

After the trailers were pack and everybody was ready we head to the Bouzouki restaurant at the yacht club for a lovely breakfast and a nice warm cup of coffee.

We all had a lovely breakfast and coffee or tea. Our Master of Ceremonies Boesman and his wife Christelle also joined us for breakfast. Boesman of course had everyone in stitches and made sure that those who were in pain  forgot about it for a few minutes.

After breakfast we all headed to the parking lot where we were going to depart. Bicycles were checked, water bottles filled and thank you speeches were made.

We left Club Mykonos for Hopefield via Langebaanweg at approximately 8:45.  Well we were suppose do go Langebaanweg way but instead of going straight over the West Coast Road we turned left. After about 2,5km we stopped and we realized we were on the wrong road. Haha the riders did not think it was funny.  Day Three in the saddle of a bicycle is the toughest. You must keep in mind the riders are not professional riders they are policemen who most of the time sit in a vehicle or at a desk.  Well we turned around and headed back to the road that  we were suppose to take.

Going the wrong way….

Realizing we made the wrong turn…
Heading back to the right road

We just came from there haha
The right way….

The Langebaanweg road was very narrow and the surface of the road was not helping either. It however got better when we got to the road heading for Hopefield.

When we stopped for a break we had a small accident. One of the riders stopped dead and Karien crashed into him. Luckily there was no fatal injuries only a few scratches from the fall.

After the medics made sure Karien’s wounds are disinfected and everything is in order we headed  towards Hopefield. I started getting bored just sitting in the combie so I got courage from somewhere and started hanging out the window to get some action shots. I was so impressed with the photo’s I took hanging out of the window I was angry at myself for always taking my time and over thinking my every move. Why do I always do things so late in life…

Fixing flat tires in the bus

It’s not only at the Tour de France where beverages are handed to cyclist from moving vehicle.

After we went through Hopefield the cyclist took a break just outside the little town. We were under the impression that we would have stopped at Hopefield Police station but they made other arrangements. The riders then decided that time was running out and we did not have time to go to school that was out of our way.

After our pit stop we hit the road to Morreesburg. Sun getting very hot on the road now. Along the road we took a few quick pit stops just to fill up water bottles and have a drink and rest the legs.

Slow down I want a lift…

We left Morreesburg with full tummies  and the legs were rested. Next destination Piketberg.  Rolling hills is not funny. Up hill, downhill the men and ladies did not have it easy I was so glad I was sitting in the combi when I saw the road ahead…

Just outside Piketberg Boesman came to encourage the cyclist for the last few kilometers. The last stretch was uphill…. Our destination on top of the hill….

The police station is next to the Church and Church hall. We put away all the bicycle and was allocated to our different places to sleep. This was the first town where we were split up some slept at the hotel, Guesthouses and at the local community. It was very nice and the community of Piketberg really went all out to make our stay comfortable.

That evening after a nice warm shower we all headed to the Church hall for dinner and we attended the concert for a few minutes then we all headed back for a good nights rest.

Le-Lue Roode
Boesman as Gammad Fortuin

Jomari Greyling

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/164

I love to photograph Churches and old buildings. This is  one of the Churches in Piketberg. What a lovely building. When I edited it this morning there was no doubt in my  mind that this would be my photo of the day. Tomorrow I am going to grab my camera and go to the nearest field  and see what I can capture.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Well at long last I started editing the SAPS Cycle Tour of May again. I got so busy with my photo shoots and events that I had to push the cycle tour aside.  These photo’s was taken on day 3 of the cycle tour on route to Piketberg.

Riders in the front are Near those at the back are far.
Road is near and the horizon is far…
Taken from inside the bus. Window is near and horizon is far…




Practicing for a 5 day cycle tour.

Members of  SAP Brackenfell are practicing for a 496 km cycle tour that is just around the corner.  My husband is one of the cyclist that is cycling in aid of the SAPS Educational Trust Fund.

I am also practicing but not  so hard on the bicycle but behind the camera. I am going to document the whole cycle tour. I hope to get some lovely action shots and of course try to capture all the fun afterwards.

We are leaving on the morning of 7 May 2012  and will return on Friday 11 May 2012.

7  May 2012:   92.1 km

Tour start at Cape Gate Shopping Centre from here we go through Durbanville, Melkbosstrand, Atlantis, Mamre and then we retire at Darling for the night. That evening there will be a big concert in aid of the SAPS Education Trust Fund.  Artist that will be performing will be Hugo Nieuwoudt, Le- Lue  Roode, Burger Le Roux, Jomari, Rooies, Wynand and Cheree  and the Master of Ceremonies will be Boesman van Zyl.

8 May 2012: 98 km

We leave Darling  on route to Vredenburg. We will be going through Langebaan, Saldanha and then we retire for the nights at Vredenburg. Again a big concert that evening staring Die Broers , Hugo Nieuwoudt and again the Master of Ceremonies Boesman van Zyl.

9 May 2012: 105 km

We leave Vredenburg on route to Piketberg.  The towns that we will pass through will be Hopefield, Morreesburg and then we retire for the night at Piketberg.  Again we will have a concert with Hugo Nieuwoudt, Le Lue, Burger Le Roux, JoMari, Rooies, Wynand and Cheree and Master of Ceremonies will be Boesman van Zyl.

10 May 2012:  111 km

We leave Piketberg on route to  Malmesbury.  Towns we will be passing through will be Porterville, Hermon, Riebeeck – Kasteel and then we retire for the night in Malmesbury.  Again we will have a concert with Hugo Nieuwoudt, Le Lue, Burger Le Roux, JoMari, Rooies, Wynand and Cheree and Master of Ceremonies will be Boesman van Zyl.

11 May 2012:  92.6 km

We leave Malmesbury heading home.  Towns we will pass through will be Wellington, Paarl, Klapmuts to Hazendal Wine Estate. From Hazendal members of the public can join the cyclist with their aching bodies for an 8km ride to Brackenfell Sport Grounds. Here there will also be a concert so far Rooies and Hugo Nieuwoudt will do the entertaining.

Here are just a few photo’s of some of the members practicing. Armand my son is also practicing but unfortunately he must go to school during the cycle tour.

Rudi,Carike, Armand, Ronald and Fanie
Rudi, Carike, Armand, Ronald and Fanie
Ronald (Hubby) and Armand (son)
Rudi, Anton, Fanie, Ronald and Armand
Rudi, Fanie, Anton
Rudi, Fanie, Ronald, Armand and Anton
Fanie, Rudi, Anton, Ronal, Armand and Lian
Rudi, Fanie and Anton
Ronald, Armand and Lian supporting them the last few meters.
Ronald, Armand and Lian
Anton and Fanie on their way home on their bikes...