Project 365 Photo a day: 365/26

Today was a cold and miserable outside.  It’s been raining since this morning.  This afternoon we had lightning and thunder but that only went on for an hour or so.  Afterwards it stop raining. I wonder if this is the beginning of winter. Now a days everything is out of sync. Flowers bloom when they not suppose to. The seasons are totally not what it was a few years back….

When I passed my studio window I saw these two Pigeons on the  railing  in the garden. I grabbed my camera for my photo of the day.

I wanted to photograph the lightning but just could not get a nice spot around the house. And to drive to a place to take photo’s would have been plain stupid. I listened to the traffic reports and everywhere it was accidents and traffic backing up for kilometers.

So these two guys will have to do for today.  Shame as they sat there I was thinking maybe I must build them a little house as a shelter from the cold…

Brrrr it's cold out here..
Pigeon. Black and White

Project 365 Photo a day 365/14

This morning while I was busy posting my inspirational photo for the day my husband phoned me and said if I want to catch a beautiful dawn breaking I must go outside immediately.

Well I was still in my PJ’s but what the hell I grabbed my camera , called Lian (who grabbed the other camera) and head outdoors.  When we got outside I could see it but the houses are in the way so we walked to the end of our Cul de Sac…. Yes barefoot and in my PJ’s what a girl will do for a WOW photo… But unfortunately the houses were still in the way and the photo opportunity disappeared…. We were too late. Disappointed we turned around and there I saw this lovely marshmallow cloud and the Pigeons  sitting in the tree waiting for my dad to feed them.

Marshmallow clouds.
Pigeons waiting in the tree.