My Photo’s someone’s Quote: Day 64

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is a though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

SOH_3905 June3

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/326 – Pigeon

Pigeon_3410pj326 Pigeon_3410pj326bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/179 – White Iris

Today I am not myself. My blood sugar are low and I feel like passing out the whole time.  I thought okay maybe if I join hubby for a walk to the shop around the corner I’ll feel better. Nope that did not do it for me but I did see my Iris blooming and another breeding pigeon in our Palm Tree.

Here are photo’s of my White Iris and of the pigeon all alone in the Palm Tree.

White Iris


Pigeon in our Palm Tree

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/25

It’s cold outside and the pigeons are all sitting in little bundles on the branches to get warm.  One pigeon however sitting all alone on a branch way on top of the Oak tree caught my eye.

I took a photo of  it and then waited for it to take off. I stood outside in the cold for half an hour before the pigeon decided to take off. Only after I took the photo’s of the pigeon taking off I realized that I was still in manual mode. The photo’s did not come out really great.

Pigeon on branch of Oak Tree. Black & White
Pigeon taking off....