Portraits of Shadow

Good day everybody

I want to share some portraits I took of Shadow a while back. I am busy catching up on my edit work and decided I better share it before I save it to my external hard drive.

I am in love with this fourlegged child of mine. Isn’t he just to gorgeous?

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

Ogies discovered the Garden

Good day everyone.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday.

Up to around a month ago, Ogies never went outside. She also hates her litterbox, and I have tried all kinds of sand. She is 15 years old, and for the last two years, she started doing her business anywhere but her litterbox.

Imagine my surprise when I looked through my son’s bedroom window and saw Ogies sitting outside in the sun. At first, I thought its a one-time thing. I haven’t cleaned up after her since that morning.

Every morning after she had her food, she goes outside and enjoys the sun. She only comes back inside to drink water and have a snack. Sometimes she goes to Armand’s room and sleeps on the couch or chair. In the afternoon, she will head outside again to catch the last rays of the sun.
I can’t express enough how grateful I am that she discovered the garden.

Ogies catching a snooze in the sun
Ogies getting some Vitamin D
What are you looking at?
Ooooh I am soooo tired
Scratching a itch
Time to go inside for a snack and a drink…

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” If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

Shadow in the garden: Part 1

Hiding behind the Habanero plant.

Since Ruby’s passing and Buddy following me around the whole time, the garden is mainly unoccupied. Shadow now spends most of his days outside in the garden.

We live next to a busy street, and every time a big truck passes he’ll run inside. When we got him at six weeks, he was very skittish. If he hears a plastic bag or you put something down to hard he will run away.

Don’t think you can pick him up and calm him down. Oh no he will come to you if he wants to be picked up. I was the first one who could pick him up and cuddle with him. Every morning when Morne leaves for work, Shadow will jump on the bed and then it’s our cuddle time. He gets very upset when I also get up and start working. He will sit on the bed and miaau till I go and lie next to him for a few minutes.

Will share some more photos of Shadow at another time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and look at my photos.

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney


Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all still in good spirits.

I don’t know if you remember Ruby my German Shepard. In 2013 when we got her I posted every Tuesday about her. I called it Ruby Tuesdays…

Well Ruby is 7 years old now and up to a few months ago she still loved playing ball then in February she just stopped. We were working in the garden taking out a Cactus and we thought maybe she had a thorn in her back foot. I tried looking but she made it very difficult. Then after a few weeks she started playing ball again and I was relieved….

As suddenly as she started again she stopped. You throw the ball she walks to it pick it up and go lie down with the ball between her front legs… She also started to loose a lot of weight and my first thought was worms… So we dewormed her 2 months earlier than usual. Still she keeps losing weight and don’t want to play.

On Saturday evening she started crying like mad and Armand came to me and ask if I can see what is going on. So I let Ruby in to see but her front leg was not right. She did not want to put any weight on it. I thought maybe she dug a hole again.Ruby has her spot under the braai and she did not want to stay in the house so we let her out again.

On Sunday morning I went out to see if there was new holes but nothing. Then Ruby came out and her front paw flopped around like a ragdoll…. I thought it was broken…. I panicked and yelled at everybody to get bandages…. I could not stomach the fact that my child is in pain… So we put a bandaged around her leg to help keep it in place…. It seem to be working because she stopped moaning….

Due to the fact that I do not earn a cent during lockdown I can’t afford going to the Animal hospital with her on a Sunday. I am still paying off Shadow our cat’s week stay at the Vet in January… But I can’t let her suffer so tried to keep her comfortable till I can take her to the doctor on Monday…

Monday morning I took her to the Animal Hospital. She thought it was Christmas as she came in the door there was treats for Africa and it was there just for her. It wasn’t even covered by anything just there for her to take one and eat….

We had to weigh Ruby before her examination and she decided that she is staying just there… She was in too much pain to walk any further. Ruby has lost a lot of weight over the past few months and that in it self is very troublesome.

The doctor took a look at her and started doing tests. First she wanted to know if Ruby maybe diabetic because of the amount of water she drinks but her levels was 100%. Her blood pressure and temperature was also 100%. She draw some blood and clipped her nails. She hoped the blood tests will reveal what is wrong.

Then she looked at Ruby’s legs and said nothing was broken and ligaments was not torn. But it can be a lot of different things. Inflammation, Arthritis or it could be neurological…. But she said she thinks that we must wait for the blood results…. She did say that if it is neurological Ruby must go for a MRI and CT scan…. She gave Ruby an injection for pain and and Anti inflammatory. She also gave me some pills to give to Ruby till the blood tests came back.

On Thursday morning another doctor phoned me in connection with Ruby’s results….

She told me that she would like to see Ruby for herself and ask me some more questions…. She told me that Ruby’s protein levels is elevated and her red blood-cells are abnormal….

Yesterday we went back to the Animal Hospital to meet up with the other doctor. She explained to me that the high protein levels can be Cancer or caused by inflammation over a long period of time….

Ruby is scheduled for a Sonar of her Liver, Stomach and bladder on Tuesday. They are also going to do x rays of her legs to see what is going on there.

I am trying very hard to be positive. I tell myself it is just inflammation. She has so much life in her still. Yesterday she started chasing the birds in the garden again and her paw don’t flop anymore….

I would appreciate it if you can all keep Ruby in your prayers. I don’t want to loose my four legged child, but I am not going to let her suffer either….

Meet Yaima and Yodel

A while back I took some photo’s of my friends cats.

She has two Maine coons Yodel the youngest and Yaima a few years older.

Here is some photo’s of Yodel.

Some photo’s of Yaima.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney


I just love capturing our pets….

Shadow is the newest member of our household and turned 1 in June. He is very skittish and if you talk to loud or move to fast he runs like his life depends on it.

He is supposed to be the childrens cat but he is a mommy’s boy. I am the only one who can cuddle with him and pick him up and hold him for a few seconds…

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney