Shadow looking for some cuddles.

I was busy editing when Shadow jumped on my desk and made himself comfortable on my arm.

Squared: 3 January 2021

Ogies just love reading with me….

Photo taken with my Huawei P30 lite. I used ine of StoryMakers pet templates.

Keep safe and Healthy.


King of the house…

Hi everyone,

Shadow loves sleeping on the kitchen table. I have a special tablecloth just for him.

I love my Story Maker App. I use it to post my cellphone photos.

Thanks for stopping by.


RIP Ruby

It is with a very heavy heart I am writing this post.

Ruby had a tough weekend and yesterday she got paralyzed in her back legs.

She was in so much pain and since Tuesday till yesterday she lost another 5 kg.

I could not stand to see her suffer anymore and even though I can’t afford after hour vet services. The way she looked at me to please help her. My heart broke so I phoned the hospital to let them know I am bringing her in.

They kept her overnight on a drip and did some more tests and x rays this morning. It was a tumor all the time. The Dr phoned me just after 10 this morning with the news. They missed it on the first x rays. There was nothing they can do for her anymore.

Ruby gave me the best 7 years of her life and I will miss her a lot. She is the one who licked my tears away when my whole life fell apart.

R. I. P my Ruby girl will always remember the good times.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/172 – Armand and Ogies

Tonight we were watching a movie and when I walked pass Armand on the chair I saw this cute photo. I ran to get my camera and in the┬áprocess I nearly dislocated my little toe against our bed…. Ouch Ouch but I got my photo.

Armand and Ogies. Oh how these two love each other.