Just look who is building his nest in our Garden….

Southern Masked Weaver_5020 Southern Masked Weaver_5021 Southern Masked Weaver_5022 Southern Masked Weaver_5023 Southern Masked Weaver_5033 Southern Masked Weaver_5039 Southern Masked Weaver_5048 Southern Masked Weaver_5049 Southern Masked Weaver_5051 Southern Masked Weaver_5053 Southern Masked Weaver_5054 Southern Masked Weaver_5055 Southern Masked Weaver_5075 Southern Masked Weaver_5078 Southern Masked Weaver_5081 Southern Masked Weaver_5084 Southern Masked Weaver_5085 Southern Masked Weaver_5086 Southern Masked Weaver_5089 Southern Masked Weaver_5092 Southern Masked Weaver_5094 Southern Masked Weaver_5096WOW was the first word I utter when I saw the Southern Masked Weaver building his nest on a Palm Branch.  I could not wait to get inside and take some photo’s of this process of nest building. I just hope his “wife” approves his building. Then if I am lucky hopefully I’ll have the honor of capturing some little ones….. On this weeks agenda I need to get the new members of the garden something to bath in and also something drink water out of….

Now I really need to get stuck in my garden. Yesterday my husband organised someone to take down the pool and try to tidy the garden a bit.  With the pool out of the picture and the grass non existing I have to come up with a plan. I am going to redesign my garden  with some ideas I got at the Aspidistra Nursery….. So looking forward to this. But first I have a very busy two months ahead of me…..



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/179 – White Iris

Today I am not myself. My blood sugar are low and I feel like passing out the whole time.  I thought okay maybe if I join hubby for a walk to the shop around the corner I’ll feel better. Nope that did not do it for me but I did see my Iris blooming and another breeding pigeon in our Palm Tree.

Here are photo’s of my White Iris and of the pigeon all alone in the Palm Tree.

White Iris


Pigeon in our Palm Tree