The De Swardt Family Shoot


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On 27 July 2013 I had the pleasure to capture the De Swardt family. We go way back when I started my  Income Tax business… Now the Income Tax took a backseat and Photography are my full time  job.

The biggest surprise was the 3rd addition to their little family. When I planned the shoot I planned it for the two boys, I am just very happy I packed my suitcase. It’s always a winner. I normally ask my clients to complete a form with all the details of the family members. They only completed my form on arrival.

Looking forward to our family shoot in the summer then the boys can run around and be themselves.

Little Ruben was a treat. He kept pulling faces and asked me for sweets. What kind of photographer am I I forgot the sweets at home. Mental note to self. ” Remember to pack in sweets on location Shoots…”

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/144

Today I finished up with the Pospech Photo Shoot.  Only one more shoot to go then I am up to date and then I can start playing with my “boyfriend” again…

Really? You don’t say…

When I edited this photo today I just fell in love with the expression on little Chloë’s face.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/143

New Props being used…


Little Miss Julia  made such lovely photo’s.  She really likes the camera… Just look how lovely my new props look in the background…. Children are our Love and Joy…


Krishnan Family Shoot

While I was on holiday I had the pleasure  to capture the Krishnan family.  Yes yes I know when you are on holiday you are suppose to rest, but I love my job so much I just could not resist booking this photo shoot.

I did not know the area but I was told that the Krishnan family had a lovely garden and that I would be able to take photo’s there.  I must admit I was worried when we drove to Benoni the greenest green was brown… Every thing is brown and it did not look very inviting or beautiful.

When we arrived at the Krishnan family the first thing that I looked for was grass, trees or shrubs anything with a bit of green. I was in luck….

Here ‘s some of the photo’s taken at their photo shoot.




Project 365 Photo a day: 365/139



Oh my word today I had a few photo’s that I just loved but this one really screamed at me… Just love it….

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/136

For the following few days I’ll focus on the Pospech photo shoot.

This morning around 2 o’clock I edited a few random photo’s  while I was busy with Reyvan’s Thank You DVD’s. So glad my computer can handle writing DVD’s while I edit.

Because I always set my camera on high speed when I have a photo shoot I take up to 5 photo’s when I press down my shutter button. I do this to ensure that I get at least one photo with open eyes especially when there are more than one person in a photo.

I had 2 of this specific photo I could use and Coreen Kuhn do not waist a photo I use it… So I played with my Saturation, Clarity and Vibrance settings…

I just love how this one came out.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/128

I just love this photo I edited tonight of two sisters. These are part of the Pospech Family Shoot.  Big sister just love her baby sister. More later….

Two Sisters….


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/105

Today I had a very busy day. This morning I had a photo shoot at my home studio with the Kruger Family and later I had a on site photo shoot at the Pospech Family.

Both shoots was lots of fun but my Favorite photo of the day was of little Miss Chloë (4 months). My first photo of the shoot  was a winner.Just look at that smile…

Little Miss Chloë
Little Miss Chloë in Black & White