Save the Tie, Save a Child Fashion Show: Hein Smit


Hein Smit, one of our talented designers was part of the Save the Tie, Save a Child Fashion Show. His dresses made heads turn and one of the dresses was sold after the second show…. Months of work went into the design and making of these dresses. Many late nights and hundred’s of ties went into these master pieces.

STT_4645 STT_4710 STT_4727 STT_4649 STT_4773 STT_4779 STT_4635 STT_4754 STT_4656 STT_4691 STT_4739 STT_4701 STT_4652 STT_4678 STT_4671 STT_4636

Hein also designed the dress  for our Hostess Mrs Cape Town 2013, Chantal Witthuhn.STT_4831


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Save the Tie, Save a Child Fashion Show: Junior Models

Mrs Cape Town 2013 Chantal Witthuhn hosted the  Save the Tie, Save a Child Fashion show on 27/28 June 2014.  She had the idea of making outfits out of old and unused ties. When she asked me if I would be part of the team I just could not say no. What an experience it was and I have grown allot in the process. I helped collect ties, took photo’s at the meetings and had the honor to meet so many new people. The best of all was to see old ties transformed into gorgeous outfits and evening gowns….

The Junior Models and their Mothers  had approximately one week to design a dress out of the old and unused ties collected.  They did not disappoint at all and I must say I was super impressed once again.

STT_4964STT_4440 STT_4437STT_4443STT_4427 STT_4449STT_4420 STT_4451STT_5135 STT_5158

Over the next few posts I will share some of the photo’s of the three designers who were also part of the project.

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