Sonskynfees 2015: Nicholis Louw in Black and White

Nicholis Louw (born 30 December 1979) is a well-known South African pop and opera singer and signed to Select Music, the major South African record label. His repertoire mainly in Afrikaans includes rock, pop, country and music ballads, often incorporating strong classical elements. Louw has had a number of successful albums through releases through Select Music starting with his debut album in 2003, selling over 650,000 albums. His major hits include “Ek wil my baby hê vanaand”, “Rock daai lyfie” and “Generaal”. He tours extensively averaging above 100 gigs a year. On 12 July 2014, he married Denise Shrewsbury.

Information of Nicholis Louw as quoted from Wikipedia

Here are some of the photo’s I’ve taken at the 2015 Sonskynfees.SF_5557 SF_5574 SF_5577 SF_5578 SF_5579 SF_5584 SF_5598 SF_5599 SF_5607 SF_5610 SF_5611 SF_5612 SF_5621 SF_5622 SF_5623 SF_5629 SF_5634 SF_5638 SF_5643 SF_5647 SF_5649 SF_5650 SF_5653 SF_5659 SF_5660