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Hope you are all still doing well. I have a huge favor to ask. If you are registered on Agora please go and vote for my photo.

This photo brings back so many good memories of travels with my late Mother.

A bit about this photo. I took in in July 2015 while my parents, the boys and I were on holiday in Pilanesberg National Park. This particular day I stopped at a water hole capturing Elephants drinking water. Then all of a sudden Mom started screaming I must move the car the Elephants are going to trample us. The kids thought it was a joke and could not stop laughing at their Grand Mother. I turned hanged out of the car and captured the Elephants while they approached the car.

Last Friday I got an email from Agora saying that this photo was selected for the top 50 of the Best Of The Week 10 competition.

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Wordless Wednesday: 22 July 2020

Silent Sunday

13 August 2019: Day 3 of our Grand Tour of Scotland : Part 6

Good day everyone,

Oh my word this morning I am freezing. Hope you are all still healthy and staying safe.

Okay let’s continue our Grand Tour of Scotland.

Our next stop was Letham Glen. It was not even on my places of interest. In 2010 dad had his colon removed due to cancer. So if dad has to go there are not much time you must get him to a bathroom as soon as possible. This was also a reason why all our stops are so close together just in case.

I wondered around and took a few photo’s while waiting for dad.

Letham Glen Sunken Garden
Letham Glen Sunken Garden
Letham Glen Sunken Garden
Letham Glen Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden at Letham Glen was the towns former swimmingpool in the 1930’s. They have turned it into a beautiful garden. I was impressed.

Our next stop was the standing stones of Lundin. But oh my hat did we struggle to get to it. First of all the GPS says your destination is on your left side, you have reached your destination. When we look around all we see is houses on the left and a golf club on the right hand side.

We drove past our destination at least 4 times when I told my dad that’s it I am not going to search anymore… Then I spotted it through one of the houses gates opening up on the golf course. Okay now we know where it is. Now how to get to it. So we followed a dirt road and there it was. But I had to go through someones backyard to get to the golf course. The groundskeeper told me the man get’s very difficult when he spots tourists in his backyard. But that’s the only way to get there….

I did not come this far just to give up. So dad waited in the car while I invaded the poor man’s privacy. Luckily he was not there so I climbed over the wall onto the golf course, took a few photo’s and climbed back again.

I got to the car and just as I pulled away the owner arrived…. That’s what I call timing…..

Standing Stones of Lundin
Standing Stones of Lundin
Standing Stones of Lundin

“On the second hole of the Lundin Links Ladies Golf Course (which incidentally is the oldest women’s golf course in the world), stands a trio of prehistoric stones, looking wonderfully out of place against the manicured landscape.

The huge megaliths stand between 14 to 17 feet tall. Crookedly shaped and made of sandstone, the pillars are believed to date back to the Bronze age, around the 2nd millennium BCE. Legend holds that the site was used by the Druids for ancient rituals.

Druidic rituals or not, it is likely that the three standing stones are the remains of an ancient stone circle. There used to be at least four pillars, but one stone went missing in the 18th century.”

Borrowed from Atlas Obscura

That’s all for now friends. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are still enjoying our Grand Tour of Scotland with us.

Till Next time. Stay safe.


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

Flower of the day Challenge – 22 June 2020

My flower of the day is Garden Nasturtium of as we know it Kappertjies. Today my mother would have been 74 years old. Since I can remember she loved these beautiful flowers.

Our garden by the pool was full of them and in different colors. When Mom and dad moved here the first flower she planted was Nasturtiums….

13 August 2019: Day 3 of our Grand Tour of Scotland : Part 5

Good day everyone,

My fiancee’s daughter is visiting and instead of planning and writing my blog I spend my time playing teacher…. I normally post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I have time so I here I am.

It started raining when we left Aberdour and we skipped a few of our items on our list and when we got to Kirkcaldy it was coming down real hard.

I struggled to get parking and when I finally got a spot and got out of the car it came down extra hard. I jumped back into the car and we sat and wait. Dad still asked me what am I going to do. I told him well if I have to I’ll take some photo’s through the window, but we can’t keep skipping places just because it is raining. At that rate we will have to skip more than 50% of our tour.

I put in many hours planning our vacation and researching the places we would like to visit and the places I would like to photograph.

The rain stopped for a little while and I got out of the car and took some photos of St Bryce Kirk.

St Bryce Kirk from down the road
St Bryce Kirk
St Bryce Kirk
St Bryce Kirk
St Bryce Kirk from across the road.
St Bryce Kirk tower from the car.
St Bryce Kirk Tower
St Bryce Kirk Tower
St Bryce Kirk Tower

As you can see I just loved the church tower. I also took some photos of the houses in the street we parked in.

We then headed to Ravenscraig Castle, but I only took photo’s from the parking lot. Time was running away with us and due to the rain it was really wet.

Ravenscraig Castle
Ravenscraig Castle
Ravenscraig Castle
Ravenscraig Castle
Beach at Ravenscraig Castle
Beach at Ravenscraig Castle
Crow on the beach at Ravenscraig Castle
Dad’s salt and pepper pots….
Ravenscraig Castle

Well that is all for now. Thank you for stopping by.

Till next time. Stay safe.


“If you can dream it,you can do it.”

Walt Disney

13 August 2019: Day 3 of our Grand Tour of Scotland : Part 2

Good day everyone,

Hope all of you are still in good health…

Without further delay let’s continue our road trip to St Andrews and Knockhill Farm where we will be spending the night.

Our next stop was Dalgety Bay. The 8th largest town in Fife. We did not spend a lot of time exploring Dalgety Bay due to a very long list of places still to see. Also at this stage I was struggling with the Tom Tom trying to get to the places of interest on our list…. We were trying to find Donibristle Stable Block but ended up with a view of the Fourth Road Railway Bridge instead. Not that I am complaining. The views and flowers were stunning.

Our next stop on our list was Cornerstone Full Gospel Church. I got the names on my Google Maps when I planned our trip. What I did came to realize on our Grand Tour of Scotland was that the names on Google Maps and the names on the signboards are not always the same….

Dad and I saw the church on our way to Dalgety Bay and on our way back we took the turnoff to the church. Next to the church I found this beautiful cottage with fields and sheep.

I walked up to the gate to see if I could enter and it was open so I walked inside and took a few photo’s. Now this is what I call a peaceful place. Normally I don’t like walking in graveyards, but one thing that stood out for me was how peaceful it was here. Maybe it is the surrounding pastures with sheep and horses grazing. One don’t even hear the cars passing on the road to and from Dalgety Bay.

Love the shape of the trees.
Horses Grazing in pastures
Dalgety Kirkyard
Cornerstone Church from the turnoff

Thank you for visiting Dalgety Bay with us. Our next stop is Aberdour and I am looking forward to sharing some of the photo’s taken in this beautiful town.

Please keep safe. Till next time.


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

13 August 2019: Day 3 of our Grand Tour of Scotland : Part 1

Good day everyone,

At long last we can start our next phase of our Grand Tour of Scotland. We will be driving along the coast to St Andrews where we will spend the night at Knockhill Farm. I must admit I was very nervous on that Cloudy Tuesday morning. This would be my first time driving in Scotland and I did not know what to expect. The only comfort for me was that I am use to driving on the left side of the road.

Our driver that picked us up at the airport on Sunday gave me a few tips and told me to avoid the bus lanes and that I should never park in parking places for taxi’s. He also explained to me how the passing place work.

The people at Arnold Clark was very friendly and before I knew it we were on our way to Inverkeithing our first stop.

We stopped in the first parking lot we could find and from here we walked and explored for a while. While touring through Scotland I fell in love with the buildings, the decor and details on the buildings, the shapes and sizes of the windows, the colorful and detailed doors and lastly the bright colors used to paint the houses and shops. I we could I think we would have stayed much longer in the different towns and I would have taken building by building, street by street to make sure I capture every little detail….. But we have to cover around 100 to 180 miles per day depending on our route and we had to be at our final destination for the day at a certain time… This was one of the reasons we decided that our next tour of Scotland we will do in a campervan and we will stay in Scotland for about 76 days.

Queens Hotel
Central Bar
Queens Hotel
The Church of Scotland /Inverkeithing Parish Church Kirkyard
The Church of Scotland/Inverkeithing Parish Church
The Church of Scotland/Inverkeithing Parish Church
Beautiful Buildings

It took me a while to get use to driving 20 miles per hour. But I made sure that I kept below the speed limits just to make sure I do not get a ticket. Now let me explain why the speed difference was so difficult. Here in South Africa the speed limit in our towns is 60 Kilometre per hour that equals around 37 miles per hour. The most confusing part while driving was you get a sign that says 40 Miles per hour then about 2 meters after that it is either 30 or 20 miles per hour. For someone who is driving in Scotland for the first time it is very nerve wrecking, but by the end of the day I figured out the pattern….

20 Miles per hour….

In our rental car we had a Tom Tom and oh my word did it frustrate the living daylights out of me. First when I type in a castle name or Church name it kept saying not found. Now before we came to Scotland I mapped out our tour in Google maps and saved it to my phone. All the places on our list was on google maps but for some reason I could not find it on the Tom Tom not even when I typed in Street addresses. So when I saw that some streets have more than one name it started to make sense. I switched to my google maps on my phone and only used the Tom Tom as guide to the flow of the road ahead.

2 Streetnames next to each other. No wonder the Tom Tom got confused
2 Streetnames next to each other?
Red Door….
Window and Mustard Yellow Wall
Mercat Cross Circa 1400
Mercat Cross Circa 1400
Mercat Cross Circa 1400
Mercat Cross Circa 1400
Royal Mail Postbox
Welcome to Inverkeithing
Inverkeithing Civic Centre
Merchant Ships Canon
The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
View from the garden at The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
View from the garden at The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
Garden at The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
Shed at The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
Beautiful door at The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
Wall and window at The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars
The Old Hospitium of the Grey Friars Garden entry
Divit Barbers

After exploring we remembered the sign at the church that offered Tea, coffee and Home baking. Dad and I decided that we still have time for a nice cup of tea before we leave for our next stop.

We were welcomed with open arms and felt right at home. We sat down at a table and it was not even a few seconds when the first man came to greet us. Dad and he hit it off and talked about Scotland and South Africa. He was a retired doctor and he came to visit a few times here in South Africa around 15 years back. Dad explained to him how everything has changed and that now a days one can’t just go out at night and walk as you please it is to dangerous.

While Dad and the retired doctor talked I excused myself and went and took some photos of the beautiful windows of the church.

Thank you for reading my post and I truly hope you enjoyed the photos. Our next stop is Dalgety Bay.

Till next time. Stay safe…


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Grand Tour of Scotland: Day 2 – Exploring Edinburgh Part 3

Our next stop on our itinerary was the Water of Leith Walkway. It is a beautiful public footpath and cycleway that runs alongside the Leith River . The Leith River runs from Balerno to Leith through Edinburgh.

Along the way we walked past a few joggers and a one or two cyclists. The scenery along the way is breathtaking.

Luckily there are a lot of benches on the walkway so dad could rest up while I was clicking away.

I love bird watching and although I am not all clued up on all the names I still love capturing them. I saw a Grey Heron on the river bank searching for food.

The Thistle is Scotland’s national flower and it is everywhere. I can see why the Scottish people love this weed so much it is really beautiful…. Along the footpath I saw so many beautiful plants, and for the first time I saw Mistletoe as plant and not just a decoration on a cake or wrapping paper. It is such a beautiful plant and I wonder if it will grow here in South Africa.

St Bernards Well is a Greco-Roman structure that houses a well that the people believed have healing powers. It looks a lot like a temple with its Doric columns and on the top of the dome is a golden pineapple. In the middle of the building is a statue of Hygieia, the Greek and Roman goddess of health.

I could not get enough of how green the surrounding on the path was. It was truly breathtaking and I would have liked to spend a little more time exploring. Next stop St Georges Well also known as Inky Well. This well-house was build in 1810 over a spring and was named after George III to mark the Jubilee or 50th anniversary of his reign.

The Dean Bridge was our next stop. The Dean Bridge spans over the Water of Leith and was designed by Thomas Telford a bridge designer and civil engineer. The bridge was completed in 1831 when Thomas Telford turned 73.

I spotted these Millstones next to the Water of Leith. They were situated on the site of the former Lindsay’s mill. These stones are made from a very hard stone that was specially imported from France. The mill was one of seventeen in the vicinity in the 17th Century.

Next on our itinerary Miller Row in Dean Village….

We took a steep uphill walk to get to the top of the Dean Bridge. The buildings and views from Dean Bridge and Queensferry Road was so majestic. I love the detail on the buildings.

From here we headed back to the chaos of the busy city…. If I look at the photo’s on the internet and Instagram I get jealous because 95% of the buildings that I wanted to photograph I could not get a good angle because of the thousands of tourists, busses, taxi’s and cars.

Thank you for joining us on our walk…

“If you can dream it you can do it” Walt Disney

Grand Tour of Scotland 26 & 27 August 2019: Day 16 and 17 – Isle of Mull to Edinburgh

Good day,

Sorry I have not been posting the past few days.

When we got to Edinburgh on the 27th my phone got stolen along with my credit card and drivers license. I lost over 800 photo’s and memories taken with my phone.

Everything is replaceble except my memories. All the selfies of dad and myself… Gone due to one or other person with long fingers.

On the positive side I got a new phone, new card and new photo on my driver’s license… And I still have 17000+ photos to edit taken with my camera.

Please be patient over the course of the the next few months I will bombard you with all the beautiful sights of Scotland.

Thank you for taking the time to discover Scotland with us.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney