Leigh & Rupert’s engagement shoot featuring on Website

Finally it happened. We did it. We had Leigh and Rupert’s engagement shoot…..

Originally they wanted a shoot  at Blaauwberg with Table Mountain in the background. Every time we had an available time set up Gail force Winds ruined it for us. So we settled for another setting. We visited Paarl Mountain Nature reserve for their shoot. We made sure that we were there when the gates open.

I fell in love with the Nature Reserve and I am definitely going back for some more shoots….

For more on this beautiful couple’s shoot please visit Leigh and Rupert: E shoot @ Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

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Anke’s 3 month shoot featuring on Website

The first time I met Anke she was not herself. We then decided we will have a separate shoot for her. She was full of smiles but only had eyes for her mommy….

To view Anke’s photo shoot please visit Anke: 3 Months on my website


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Milani’s first photo’s featuring on Website

Little Milani was born on 16 January 2014 and I had the pleasure to do a onsite  newborn shoot with her. Normally I do newborn shoots in my studio were I can control the temperature and light. I prefer to capture newborns in natural light.    She was sound asleep and just now and again opened her one eye to see what all the fuss is about.

The little hat she is wearing in this photo my friend Jeanine Crochet for me…

Milani Cover

Please go and have a look at Milani: 9 days  on my website.

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Louis-Thomas 5 month shoot featuring on Website

Normally we take Louis-Thomas’s photo’s on or around the 15th of each month. In January we totally lost track of time and only did the shoot more than a week later.  

This little blue eyed heart breaker had a mind of his own with his shoot. When we put him in his little chair  he just wanted to get out. When we put him on his tummy then he’ll roll on his back and chew his fingers. When we put him on his back he rolled onto his tummy…. I had a good workout.

In the past our sessions was up to 90 minutes. From this one it will become less  and I’ll have to know my story to capture him.

To view Louis-Thomas’s photo shoot please visit Louis-Thomas: My first year.

Louis thomas

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Conrad’s first photo’s featuring on Website

Isn’t little Conrad just to beautiful for words.  I am so blessed to have this opportunity to capture his first year for you. So for the next 12 months you will see allot of him and how he is growing.

During this period I am going to try and use different props for each shoot.  The little crochet hat’s I used in the Newborn shoot was made by my dear friend Jeanine. 

Please go and have a look at Conrad: My first year  on my website. 

BabyBook-Cover Conrad


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Loühn’s Growing Baby Bump

I can’t believe Loühn is 6 months pregnant already. Time sure flies when you are having fun trying out new techniques….

web 5

For more photo’s of Loühns Growing Baby Bump  Visit  Coreen Kuhn Photography

Ruby Tuesday: 22/23 Weeks

Ruby_6687 Ruby_6691 Ruby_6692 Ruby_6713 Ruby_6714Today it’s to cold outside and I don’t want to be in the wind to long. Just got over the flu and are looking forward to my holiday in two weeks time.  Today I took photo’s of Ruby on her “playpen”  (our bed). As you can see the covers I put over keeps getting darker…

The coat hanger she’s busy chewing she got the first day that she came to us. It was lying in the sun-room and I wanted to throw it away but when she started playing with it I let it be. She is still playing with it but now it is in two pieces inside the cover. The Crocks I gave her also the day when she came to us this was to prevent her from chewing our shoe’s. It is working very good so far only one incident when she took my husbands shoe to her bed but she did not chew on it, she chewed her Crock…

Ruby is still barking at everything and the latest is chasing the poor birds when they come to feed….