Montagu Springs: Part 11

Muscovy Duck taking a bath…MS_6673 MS_6674 MS_6676 MS_6678 MS_6681 MS_6682 MS_6683 MS_6684 MS_6685 MS_6686 MS_6687 MS_6688 MS_6693 MS_6694 MS_6695 MS_6696 MS_6697 MS_6699

Montagu Springs: Part 10

Hottentot Teal

MS_6442 MS_6443 MS_6447 MS_6450 MS_6451 MS_6455 MS_6456

Speckled PigeonMS_6425 MS_6426 MS_6427

Montagu Springs: Part 9

Lesser Whistling DuckMS_6417 MS_6419 MS_6421 MS_6422 MS_6428 MS_6431 MS_6432 MS_6433

Montagu Springs: Part 8

White faced duck

MS_6384 MS_6402 MS_6403 MS_6405 MS_6407 MS_6408 MS_6409 MS_6411 MS_6413

Montagu Springs: Part 7

Muscovy duck

MS_6383 MS_6387 MS_6391 MS_6392 MS_6393 MS_6394 MS_6395 MS_6458 MS_6459 MS_6460 MS_6462 MS_6466 MS_6473 MS_6475 MS_6477 MS_6478 MS_6479 MS_6480

Montagu Springs: Part 6

MS_6322 MS_6329 MS_6330 MS_6339 MS_6344 MS_6345 MS_6347 MS_6348 MS_6353 MS_6368 MS_6370

Montagu Springs: Part 5

Playing with my macro filters….

MS_6287 MS_6291 MS_6292 MS_6297 MS_6300 MS_6302 MS_6309 MS_6310 MS_6315

Montagu Springs: Part 4

Early morning by the river stream…

MS_6230 MS_6231 MS_6235 MS_6239 MS_6240 MS_6241 MS_6242 MS_6243 MS_6244

Montagu Springs: Part 3

Early morning by the river stream…

MS_6163 MS_6164 MS_6185 MS_6187 MS_6192 MS_6193 MS_6196 MS_6198 MS_6200 MS_6203 MS_6207 MS_6210 MS_6214 MS_6223

Montagu Springs: Part 2

Whistling duckMS_6140Fulvous duck  Whistling duck Indian RunnerMS_6141 Indian Runner Muscovy duckMS_6142 Muscovy MS_6149 Hottentot TealMS_6152 Hottentot Teal MS_6153 Hottentot Teal MS_6156 MS_6158 Hottentot Teal MS_6159 Hottentot Teal MS_6161 Hottentot Teal