Project 365 Photo a day: 365/158

Today I edited some of the photo’s of  a breakfast held by Sunette Nieuwoudt our Mrs South Africa finalist. As soon as I am finished with all the photo’s I’ll post them and tell you more about the morning.

Daniel De Kock was one of the speakers and as the photo’s will tell he had everyone in stitches. I would love to see him in action again. Daniel has a way with words and if he wants to say something he does just that. He is one incredible motivational speaker.

Daniel de Kock

Guest laughing.Daniel De Kock has a way with words…
Another guest laughing



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/109

This afternoon I went to The Salvation Army Carehaven for abused women and children with Sunette Nieuwoudt our own Mrs SA finalist.

Today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday and to celebrate it we gave 67 minutes of our time to this charity. More about our visit at a later stage…

This little man just loved his blue balloon and wanted to eat it. Like all little children always do.

Little boy at wanting to eat his blue balloon
Little boy and his balloon in Black & White

Busy last day in Benoni

Today’s post is without any photo’s. I had a very busy day and downloading all the photo’s is taking forever.

I filled up my Laptops extra hard drive so now I have to start moving files to my external Hard drive.

Reyvan’s Birthday party was at Spaanyard a party farm and I got some stunning photo’s of him and his little friends who joined him. Hubby joined me so together we took 1200 photo’s.

After the party we went to Rosebank Mall to go and surprise Sunette Nieuwoudt one of the Mrs South Africa finalist for 2012. I am very glad we could go and give her some support. I took some photo’s of her and the other finalists and also with the current Mrs South Africa.

When we got back to our friends house I started downloading the days photo’s. Then we left for a family shoot at the Bunny park. When we got there it was closing so we went to a dam with some slides, swings and other cool stuff to play on. I took some lovely family photo’s of them and also some individual photo’s of the kids.

As soon as I have time I’ll post the photo’s. I still have allot of editing and posting to do.

Tomorrow we are leaving for the Drakensberg and according to my dad there are snow on the mountains. Hope it is still there by tomorrow.