Ruby Tuesday: 23/24 Weeks

Hi there, I know I am a day late but I was very busy yesterday and did not have time to post.  I did take some photo’s of her yesterday morning before I began working.

I think Ruby has stop growing for now. She is busy getting new teeth and eat allot but she is standing still. Well so it seems.

Ruby has enough energy for 4 dogs and she is really giving me allot of exercise. She has this new habit she comes and sit by me and then she starts moaning. Normally when she moans she wants to go outside to use her bathroom… Nowadays she moans and as soon as she gets outside she runs straight to the wooden box were we keep her ball.  She wants to play fetch the whole time…

The boys are studying for their exams so on their break they would go play fetch with Ruby. This works for me because now the boys also get some fresh air and some exercise.

Here are some of the photo’s of Ruby and I also throw in some of Tammy and Tekkies.


Ruby_6976 Ruby_6983 Ruby_6985Ruby_6999



I will not be posting next week Tuesday. I will if I have time post photo’s of Ruby on Sunday. I am going away on holiday from 9 September to 16 September 🙂


Ruby Tuesday: 9/10 Weeks

A week ago I introduced Ruby our German Shepard puppy. Yesterday afternoon I took some photo’s of her while playing outside with Tammy and Tekkies  her older sisters. She is growing up so fast and I must say she is very good. She let’s me know when she wants to go out. The only problem is when I am busy with something and can’t drop it immediately I get a  “present” in the house. But otherwise my floors stay clean and dry if I take her outside approximately every hour.

When I am at my desk in my office she lies on the little carpet. She’s my little shadow for now when she’s older she’ll be my big shadow…

I took these photo’s with my Canon 7D and my Canon EF 18-200mm IS lens. I am still struggling to get my action photo’s right. Most of them blur and I need to get it right before I go to the Kruger National Park in December. Birds in flight is going to be a problem if I do not get my settings right. I never had this problem with my Canon 500D. So if someone is also using an 7D could you please help me in the right direction.  I shot these photo’s in Aperture Priority (AV) ISO 800, F 5.6. Manual select :Single point AF, Center- weighted average.

Ruby_1394 Ruby_1395 Ruby_1398 Ruby_1399 Ruby_1400 Ruby_1404 Ruby_1409 Ruby_1411 Ruby_1413 Ruby_1417 Tammy_1396 Tammy_1402 Tekkies_1397

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/4

Hi there,

Today I am a bit late with my posting. Had to visit the printers and deliver some photo’s.

Let me introduce Lian my 10 year old boy and his dog Tekkies.  Lian is an extrovert and for him making friends are so natural. Lian is always telling me that he is also going to become a photographer and work that we are going to work side by side one day.He just  love being outdoors and even in winter I struggle to keep him indoors.  He’s at his happiest outside and is a animal magnet.  Lian loves his dog Tekkies to bits and hate it when I say she must stay outside.

Tekkies is a miniature Border Collie and my husband rescued her and brought her home so that we can find her a decent home…. Well after 8 years she is still part of the Kuhn household and Lian’s best friend. A while back Lian had a nasty fever and we could not get it down. She did not budge she stayed by his side the whole time. I took her outside once and when I got back to his room guess who was waiting on the bed for me. She ran straight to the studio window and jumped in to be with her master…. The love that animals have for us are unconditional…. Oh and don’t even think of opening the bottom window of the studio as soon as she realizes it is open she jumps in and go and look for Lian.

Lian and his dog Tekkies
Lian and Tekkies


We are going away for a few days, but I will still be posting up my photo’s every day. When we get back I will introduce  Tammy and Buddy.