Signal Hill and Lion Head outing

A few months back I took my student on a hiking outing. We walked from Signal Hill to Lion Head. Unfortunately we did not go to the top of Lion head. The path got very slippery due to the rain the previous day. So to be safe we decided to rather turn around. I tried to capture the scenery from different angles and spots on our hike…. LH_0267 LH_0270 LH_0274 LH_0275 Table Mountain from the bottom of the Lion Head hiking path.LH_0280 Lion Head from the beginning of the hiking path.LH_0282 LH_0285 LH_0287 LH_0290 LH_0293 LH_0296 LH_0298 LH_0301 LH_0306 LH_0309 LH_0313 LH_0315 LH_0319 LH_0322 LH_0323 LH_0330 LH_0331 LH_0334 LH_0335 LH_0338 LH_0346 LH_0348 LH_0349 LH_0353 LH_0357 LH_0358 LH_0361 LH_0365 LH_0371 LH_0374 LH_0375 LH_0376 LH_0390 LH_0391 LH_0392 LH_0393 LH_0394 LH_0397 LH_0401 LH_0404 LH_0408 LH_0409 LH_0412 LH_0414 LH_0415 LH_0416 LH_0418 LH_0420 LH_0427 LH_0428 LH_0429 LH_0440 LH_0441 LH_0442 LH_0444 LH_0445 LH_0447 LH_0450 LH_0475 Rock Kestrel LH_0478 Rock Kestrel LH_0490 Rock Kestrel After a tiring walk I just had to take a seat…LH_0501 Lizette still full of energy…LH_0506 LH_0511 The Biodiversity Garden in Green Point from Signal Hill. LH_0512 LH_0516