Project 365 Photo a day: 365/158

Today I edited some of the photo’s of  a breakfast held by Sunette Nieuwoudt our Mrs South Africa finalist. As soon as I am finished with all the photo’s I’ll post them and tell you more about the morning.

Daniel De Kock was one of the speakers and as the photo’s will tell he had everyone in stitches. I would love to see him in action again. Daniel has a way with words and if he wants to say something he does just that. He is one incredible motivational speaker.

Daniel de Kock

Guest laughing.Daniel De Kock has a way with words…
Another guest laughing



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/152

Okay today I finished Arno’s Photo Shoot. This photo had me in stitches….



I asked Arno he must not laugh or smile he must be very very serious. Well look at that serious face….

For the next few weeks I will post photo’s of the SAPS Cycle Tour, photo’s taken on holiday, some of the functions and charities I visited with Sunette Nieuwoudt and of course some freshly taken photo’s….