Travel theme: Texture

Lamppost rusting away
Lamppost rusting away

On Monday hubby took me to Blaauwberg on the Bike so that I could capture some everyday life photo’s and of course some landscape photo’s. When I walked past this one lamppost and saw the rust on it my first thought was texture the Travel theme….


A unplanned Sunday afternoon drive…

Today hubby suggested that we take our car for a drive to charge the battery.  The first thing that  I grabbed was my camera.  I got my photo of the day that I already shared with you.

All the photo’s was taken at one spot. Hubby stopped at the Antique Tractor on the R304 a spot well known to us.  We were practicing for the Argus Cycle tour one year when our tandem got a flat just there….

So I decided to take some photo’s of the tractor that from the outside looked like it was standing on the wall. I took photo’s from different angles and then I saw the gate was open I walked inside and took a photo of the tractor on pillars…

Antique Tractor
Antique Tractor in Sepia
Antique tractor
Antique tractor on pillars

Outside the gate of the Antique Tractor a mother and her little daughter were sitting.  She laughed at hubby sitting in the car, but she would not even give me a little smile.  I took some photo’s of her but she just looked at me emotionless. I wonder what went through that little head.  Mental note to self. Always keep some sweets in the car maybe I’ll be lucky and get a smile next time…

What are you looking at?
Black & White portrait of a little girl
Hiding behind mommy…

Here are some landscape photo’s.

Stellenbosch  Wine farm with Mountains in Background
Stellenbosh farm with Snow topped Ceres Mountains in Background

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/7

Good day everyone,

This morning I went for a walk and Ronald, Lian and my friend Louhn went for a jog. While they were jogging I took some lovely landscape photo’s and spotted the beginning of the rainbow coming out of the ocean.  We just got home and then it started raining.

I just love the smell of rain and wet grass and ground. Some of the cultures believe that God is cleansing the earth and if it is raining on a funeral then God is washing away that person’s footsteps because his or her work here on earth are done.

The beginning of the rainbow...
My view from the bench

Raining in Sandbaai...