Travel Theme: White

Another few photo’s for the Travel Theme: White

I took these photo’s of White Lions at the Lion Park in Johannesburg in 2010. The one lioness just loved the cars side mirror and I had ample time to take some nice close ups of her.

White Lion Cub

White Lion chewing on side mirror



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/130

Still busy editing.  At this stage I am busy working on two shoots at the same time.

This photo is from Reyvan’s birthday party.  LOL I took over 1200 photo’s on Reyvan’s party in Johannesburg. I still have around 300 to work through…

I just love this photo.  This little boy looked straight into the lens. Wonder what he was thinking….


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/124

For the next few day’s I will be posting photo’s that I edited. Due to allot of work I don’t really get time to play with my camera.  But all the photo’s that I will be posting will be taken with my Canon 7D.

My Photo of the day for 2 August 2012 is this little boy enjoying a cupcake at Reyvan’s Party. I was on holiday in Johannesburg and decided why not  do what I love most and capture Reyvan’s 2nd birthday party.

Hmmmm cup cake…..