Exploring South Africa town by town: Franschhoek Part 3


We visited Huguenot Fine Chocolates a little Belgian chocolate shop in Franschhoek one Sunday morning. I enjoyed it allot and I learned that I have very very expensive taste in chocolates. But the best of all is that dark chocolate are actually good for you… So from now on for health reasons alone I am only eating pure dark Belgian chocolate.

Here are some photo’s taken on our visit.

Franschoek_6848Franschoek_6874 Franschoek_6877 Franschoek_6878 Franschoek_6879 Franschoek_6880 Franschoek_6881 Franschoek_6882 Franschoek_6884 Franschoek_6885 Franschoek_6888 Franschoek_6890 Franschoek_6892 Franschoek_6893 Franschoek_6894 Franschoek_6895 Franschoek_6896