Project 365 Photo a day: 365/223

This afternoon I had a  photo shoot with a two week little boy and his family. His little three year old brother got a bit bored because his little brother is getting all the attention. I caught this one of him while mommy was giving little brother milk.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/172 – Armand and Ogies

Tonight we were watching a movie and when I walked pass Armand on the chair I saw this cute photo. I ran to get my camera and in the process I nearly dislocated my little toe against our bed…. Ouch Ouch but I got my photo.

Armand and Ogies. Oh how these two love each other.



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/72

How much is that doggy in the window the one with the waggling tail….. Tra-la-la….

Here’s the second doggy ornament the boys bought me for my birthday. Tonight I decided that I want to use the fire as a background. I still need allot of practice with my Canon  7D. Every time I take photo’s it’s a learning experience. But I do enjoy it.

Fire as a background is so vibrant. I just love the way the yellows, whites and oranges come together.

Dog ornament with fireplace as background
Head shot of my dog ornament on Black & White

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/69

It’s a cold and wet Friday afternoon here in Kraaifontein. The boys had a very hard week behind them. Homework and studying for the exams.

Well all the hard work has caught  up with Armand. He fell asleep on my bed while watching his brother organizing his soccer cards….

Tired after a hard week
Tired Black & White

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/68

Because my studio don’t get any direct sunlight it is freezing cold in the winter. In summertime it is lovely and the coolest room in our house.

Last year I was to lazy to do my migration to the warmest room in the house that would be our bedroom.  To edit with layers of clothing was not fun and  the Oil Heater drove the electricity bill through the roof.  So this year I decided that I’ll rather migrate to my bedroom were we have a fireplace. I just had to wait for the perfect day to do it…

This morning my husband helped me to move my desk and computer to my new office space. Not that I take up allot.  The fireplace was going since around 11h30 this morning so  the room is nice and cozy. Spyker ,my African Grey, is really enjoying the company and has not stopped talking since I came to sit and edit. Now at least he has a real person that talks back to him and not just the radio playing in the background.

This year I am doing more for the environment.  First of all we will use less electricity and the heater will not work this year.Normally Hubby and I will be working in the studio and living room, the kids would play in their rooms or play games in our bedroom. Now we will all be in the warmest room in the house… For the fire we use off-cuts that hubby get’s at one of the woodwork businesses they are just to glad to get rid of it and we are just as happy to take it off their hands so that we can stay nice and warm during the winter.

I wonder if you could guess what my photo of the day are?  The room? Nope.  Well have a look for yourself.

Nice and Cozy fire
Fire place Black & White


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/63

This morning while preparing for my photo shoot I needed to test my lighting so I asked Lian to help me.

He were busy playing a game on his PSP and walked playing to the studio.  I told him were to sit and while I was testing to make sure that my settings are correct he just played on. When I asked him to sit on the high chair he at least looked up at me and gave me smile…

I test my settings before every shoot.  My boys are so use to posing for mom. The best of all the client phoned and told me the little one fell asleep. On the one hand it was a good thing.

The little one has a cold and I have some experience in doing photo shoots with children that are sick it is not fun for 1. The little one. 2. The Parents and 3. For the photographer.  Runny noses and crying is not on my list at all. I always tell the parents if your little one is sick please call and we move the shoot. I am not going to charge you a cancellation fee like some photographers do.

I am busy mom…
One smile mom… Black & White
One smile…

Project 365 Photo a day 365/19

Today I am introducing Arnie my mom’s long legged Fox terrier and Buddie’s brother.

As a child my mom had a long legged Fox terrier (his name slipped my mind) she talked about him allot so my hubby and I decided to get her one for Mothers day one year.  My mom and dad went to Arniston  for the Mothers day weekend and when she got back we gave her puppy to her.  Arnie got his name from Arniston.  Arnie is my mom’s dog but he loves my father to bits.

When Arnie had to start sleeping outside because he was old enough he barked allot some nights it went on for hours and then when everyone is up and getting ready for work he would go and sleep. I think he barked at his own shadow to.

Every time my parents car drove off  Arnie would start howling and it will go on for a few minutes. In the beginning we thought he was howling because it’s my parents, but one day I borrowed their car and my mom said he did the same.  I don’t know why he started doing it it’s not like he is alone.  Then when the car returns the howling begins again.  My parents are bribing him now with treats.  Every time when they go out they give him a treat and then when they drive off he is still busy eating…. Clever dog….

Arnie taking over the chair.