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The past few months I have been thinking a lot about my love for photography and trying to make a living from doing what I love. I started doubting myself why don’t I get any business? Is there something wrong with my work? Why can’t I approach people and tell them I am a photographer and that I would love to do a shoot with them. Why if people ask me what I charge I feel guilty about my pricing and always end up giving them discounts without them knowing it and still don’t get the business? Yes I am a self taught photographer and I don’t have any formal training but I love what I do. I work hard and keep learning new skills. I have changed my logo for a cleaner look. I branded the back window of my car. I also got myself a T- shirt with my logo on and on the back it says photographer and my cellphone number. I am a my own walking advertisement.

Window copy

Sunday night I started watching a workshop I downloaded last year; Confronting your challenges. Sue Bryce said something that’s hitting a nerve. She said if you are not doing it you don’t want to do it. My first reaction was but I love doing it. Why did this upset me so much? Then later she talked about if you are a genuine photographer you will do anything to just take photo’s and to make a success of your business. I felt relieved that’s me. I will even shoot for free just to take photo’s. Two days before a shoot I do my planning. What props I am going to use what backdrops, what poses and I memorise it. I treat all my clients with respect and I give them my best if they paid for a shoot or got a voucher I sponsored. I get sick very easy and I did many shoots with a fever and aching body. I did a wedding last year while sick with food poisoning. This did not stop me. I can not disappoint my clients I made them a promise that I will give them beautiful photo’s/memories. I do love photography, I do want to be a photographer with all my heart and soul. When I walk in shopping malls and I see the windows I imagine how I would incorporate the items in a shoot. I don’t see a basket I see a baby in it. I don’t see a hat I see beautiful face wearing it…. When I drive around I would say wow this would make a beautiful photo…

Business have been very slow since the beginning of the year. Because of all the time I have on my hands I started editing vacation photo’s and I realized something very shocking… Isn’t vacation photo’s suppose to be all about the people that is with you, the activities that you do as a family? When I go through my photo’s 95 % of what I captured was birds, animals, flowers and landscapes… When I had my student what did I teach her to photograph 95% birds, animals, flowers and landscapes…. Now I am sitting with another question how do I make a living of photographing nature in all it’s beauty. How can I incorporate it in my business? Everybody that follows my blog will know that I use my nature photo’s and put quotes on them. Yes I have thought about selling them but how to market them? When I walk into stores and see the postcards I think by myself wow I have beautiful landscapes for postcards….

When I look back I started out photography with landscape photography and flower photography. When I got my Canon EOS 500D I started with bird photography. It was only when I had my website that I started focusing on portrait photography. Since then I have tried macro photography, Low light photography and I am not finished yet. I will not give up until I do it perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong I do love capturing weddings, babies, children, families, events and portraits. I get excited when I look at the back of my camera and see that I nailed a shot. When I edit I relive the shoot and when I get to the special moments I feel so happy that I got the chance to photograph them. I have a very important job! I capture moments and freeze them for eternity.

Okay now I am totally confused can one person love what they do so much that they can’t identify what she loves doing the most?

When I am in nature I am relaxed, I can sit on a rock for hours to get the shot that I want. I think it’s a lot like hunting and fishing… Nothing bothers me and I even catch myself talking to myself telling myself that this is the life. This I can do full time and it would be great if I can get paid for it too.

I love traveling and my long term plan was to go overseas in 2016. Well things did not work out like I wished and this plan will have to be moved on a few years. I asked for a map of South Africa for my birthday. I want to visit and photograph all the different towns, cities and parks in South Africa. This is a great project for me but lets face it without an income from my photography I am not able to do this. So to do what I think I really wanted to do from the very beginning I need funds.Travel photography is an expensive genre and for now I will only do this occasionally. My car don’t run on air, I don’t run on air and I need a place to lie down my head at night. South Africa is not the country it was many years ago where you can stop go lie on your back seat and sleep for an hour or two. It’s not safe. When I go on trips I always take the boys with or my mom and dad. LOL and by luck I will take a photo or two of them also (this is embarrassing to say and I feel ashamed).




When I am busy with a family/portrait shoot you are working against the clock. You have to produce a certain amount of photo’s. People are much more complex and one have to be very careful what you say. You deal with different identities the whole time and have to keep that in mind. Not everybody are extroverts not everybody like a camera pointing at them. 99% of women don’t like their bodies. When I look at a photo I just see the beauty shining through. They only see their ears, crooked teeth and nose… We can’t all be perfect, God made us and to Him we are perfect. Working with newborns and babies is my favourite. Why? Because I capture the innocence, beauty and the greatest gift of God. Yes it is stressful I may come across confident when working with the babies but inside I am praying that I don’t let them fall, bump their head or make them feel insecure. Also the new mommies are like a Lioness just waiting to pounce and take her precious bundle. When setting up you feel their eyes on you watching your every move. But when you show them the photo’s and see how their faces light up that is precious and then I know why I do it. Unfortunately I don’t do it enough anymore. There was a time where I did one a month and then it just stopped.I still get emails asking for my packages but that is where it stops. When I look at facebook I see they did their shoot at either a more expensive photographer or a cheaper photographer. This is when I start doubting myself and ask questions like what is wrong with my work?

In February started a glamour photography course that I bought last year . I have my models lined up for test shoots I just need to get through this course first. To be honest I started with a bang and then I got so depressed because I don’t earn any money and I stopped. I was not concentrating and frankly I did not feel like picking up my camera and practice and I am the one preaching to everyone that photography is 95% practice and 5% teorie.

My husband, boys and friends was suppose to go hunting the beginning of April 2015. Due to my depressed state I told them I am not going with I’ll rather stay at home and edit the event I did that weekend. God decided that He needed to help me out of this depressed state. My husband got a call a week before the hunting trip that they can’t go anymore. So our friends organized a house at Montagu Springs for the week. They asked me if I am coming with. I thought about it and decided why not. This breakaway did much more for me than anybody would realize. While sitting on the rock taking photo’s of the ducks I felt at ease. The next morning I woke up early took my camera and started walking and ended up in the dried up river taking photo’s. Once again God and nature came to my rescue…

MS_6099 Falvous duck

Back home I was feeling much better and I was feeling more positive. I decided that in order to get more work I need to clean up my computer hard drive and also my external drives. First I needed to finish all my paid and free shoots. I finished the Sunshine festivals photo’s within 3 days. It normally takes me 2 weeks. I did a talent search but did not get paid for it. The contestants have to buy their photo’s… Not doing it this way ever again. I finished that in one day. Posted it online and are now waiting for the orders. I had a matric ball I finished this in 2 days and this normally takes me 4 days. While editing I realized that my I don’t need to do that much anymore. I only do the very basic tweaks on contrast, sharpening and cropping. The rest I already did in camera.

I am currently editing all my personal photo’s. Making space for all the work that is going to come in when I am finished with my course. Yes I have started my course again. Had to start at the beginning again and make sure that I nail every aspect of this course. The marketing part of it is a bit scary. I have trouble introducing myself and selling my services…. But I have to be positive that I will overcome this hurdle. If all goes according to plan I will in the near future get to Travel more and very soon my map will be one colorful pinboard…. Then I can start getting maps of other countries…

While writing this very long post I came to the conclusion that I love to capture everything and freeze special moments for eternity.

Photographing what I love……. EVERYTHING…

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One very proud mom…

Armand my eldest son gave us one big surprise this year. He started shooting at the school’s air rifle club. From the beginning he did very good and I was very proud of him.

To get provincial clothes he had to shoot 2 x 705. In August they had two competitions one on the Friday and the second on the Saturday. The Friday he shot a 699 and the Saturday he surprised everybody and shot a 756. After the competition they cleaned up the hall and then the Grade 12’s who’s last competition it was invited all the shots to go and join them and they entertained and danced for us. They really wanted to end their years of shooting on a high note. I am gonna miss some of them at next years competitions.

1 2 3

Although Armand did not qualify for full provincial clothes he made the under 14 b sporter team and represented his province in Gauteng in October 2014. When they called out his name and said he was chosen for the team I could not help myself, this mom cried of pure happiness and was so proud of him. He could not believe it and he smiled from ear to ear. After the team was called out we had to fill out forms and as we sat there his coach came and she told me that Armand shot himself into the team with his scores the past two days. And then we cried of joy again….


Armand also qualified for a gold medal when his team came first in one of the competitions earlier in the year. At the Gala evening they handed over all the medals and trophies for the different competitions. Just look how proud my boy is. Smiles from one ear to the other….


Then the big moment arrived the one we were all waiting for. They called out all the teams who were going to represent our province at the SA’s in Gauteng. Although we already knew Armand was going this was just finalizing everything. I had to really work hard not to cry again….


Now the hard work started. Armand wanted to qualify for his full provincial clothes while at the SA’s in Gauteng. He practiced at school and at home. He started playing with the little dumbbells to help strengthen his arms so that he could be more steady when standing and kneeling.

Here are some photo’s of Armand showing off his Western Province Kit he got at the Gala evening…

Armand_1857 Armand_1863 Armand_1864 Armand_1866 Armand_1872 Armand_1874 Armand_1875 Armand_1880 Armand_1883 Armand_1885 Armand_1886 Armand_1888

I must admit even now that I am writing about it I still get so emotional.

Hein Smit Design Featuring on my Partners page.

Hein and I started talking via Facebook after I took photo’s of Mrs Cape Town 2013 in one of the dresses he designed for her out of old and unused ties. I personally met him for the first time at one of the  Save the Tie, Save a Child meetings. Hein is a very talented and passionate designer and I love his work.  CW_364510441271_709329359113756_2403644597468235616_n

Hein is launching his own clothing line Blue Chameleon and I have the pleasure to capture it for him. If you would like to order any items of this clothing line please contact Hein via Email: or phone him on his Cell: 073 816 4884 for an appointment. The best of all is you can pick and choose what colors you want it in and also mix and match allot of the items.

For more on his Blue Chameleon clothing line please visit my partners page or click here.

15 18 1 7

Save the Tie Save a Child Meeting Featuring on Website

A few weeks back we had our first meeting for this awesome project by Mrs Cape Town 2013 Chantal Whitthuhn.

We are collecting ties old, new, unused, unwanted any shape and size for three designers who will then design 12 outfits each made out of these ties. I am looking forward to seeing what they came up with. These 36 outfits will then be auctioned off on the Gala evening to raise funds for the Children of Cape Town. More on the event at a later stage.

Meet Our three designers are Hein Smit, Saskia Wicomb and Marshal Enyloma.


Photographers that are going to be involved with this project is. Martin van Niekerk  and myself of course.


The Event is going to be held at the All Star Theatre and will stretch over two days. 27 and 28 June 2014.

Here are some of the behind the scenes photo’s I took.

3 4 5 6

For more photo’s please visit First Save the Tie Save a Child Meeting on my website.


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Ruby Tuesday: 34/35 Weeks


For the time being I will only be posting my Ruby Tuesday photo’s over the weekend. I have so much work that I’ll have to  prioritize.

I took this photo of Ruby on Tuesday morning when I took her outside.



Ruby Tuesday: 33/34 Weeks

Ruby_4926 Ruby_4927

Oh my word people I was suppose to post on Tuesday already but it completely slipped my mind. I think I have to much going on at once….

Ruby is a my Guard dog where ever I go in the house she is only a few steps behind.  I was busy getting all my props together and making sure my cards are clean and batteries charged  for my Photo Shoot at Bekkies and Boudjies Daycare the following day.  Ruby slipped into my studio and was lying very quietly waiting for me.  I promised her we would go play ball as soon as I am finished. When I walked towards my studio door Ruby dashed passed me wagging tail and all… We played a bit and then I got back to editing…

Studio getting a face lift: October 2013

After watching a few training DVD’s I decided that it’s time that my studio get a face lift. The only problem was I could not afford a contractor so I did most of the work myself.  I made a checklist that what I wanted done in the studio and then I had to decide what is priority right now.

  • Paint studio Brilliant White
  • Windows on opposite sides of studio need to be closed up/ covered
  • Put in shelving for props
  • Showcase more of my own work
  • Flooring for the shooting area

It was a hard decision but Rome was not build in one day so the rest I’ll get done as soon as I have funds for it. I looked for alternative solutions to solve my problems for now.

Here are what the studio looked like during it’s face lift…. I took these photo’s with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet so please excuse the quality of the photo’s.

20131012_140203 20131012_140216 20131012_140231 20131012_14024220131012_140251 20131012_140312 20131012_140317The photo above is the area were I keep all my props. I want to put in some shelving so that I can see all my props. I also want to put some hanging space for my fabrics so that it’s in sight. When it is in a cupboard you tend to forget about it. Out of sight out of mind….  

20131013_112912 20131013_11294320131013_182436 20131013_182451 20131015_120114 20131019_104515

Above is one of the windows I wanted to close up. I bought some hardboard and asked  hubby if he would please help me to close up the window. I wanted to take out the window and close it up with bricks but that was a messy option and if we want to extend the room to the one next door I would have to brake down the wall. So I went for the next best option. Just close it up with hardboard.
20131019_104534 20131019_171326

Above Hubby is busy with the window covering…. This is how things should be done…. Very casual…..

Thank goodness for friends.  Japie and Tanya came to visit and Japie helped hubby with the wall.20131019_195625 20131019_195630 20131019_222339

I was very happy when the wall was in place. Now for the final touches….

20131024_103029 20131024_103154 20131024_103426


While painting I had an idea. If I cleared out the TV Cabinet I can use it to display my props that’s hidden away. So I cleared out the cabinet and filled it with my props. Now I can see most of my props and can’t forget about it. I moved my camera equipment  out of my office and into the cabinet. Now all my photography equipment is in one place. I am still going to put some shelving up in the corner where the rest of my props are. One can never have too much shelving.
20131024_103255 20131024_103233

I also replaced my puzzles with my work.  As time goes by these photo’s will be update with more of my recent work.


Well I am very happy with my new wall. I had some extra flooring so I made an second floor that I can move around the studio as needed. When I have the funds I will replace this flooring but for now it must do.

I am very happy with the outcome of the studio. Although I could not do everything I wanted in one go I am happy with what I accomplished. I did most of the work myself and my love and passion went into every drop of paint. 

I would like to thank Ronald, Armand, Lian, Louhn , Renate, Japie and Tanya for helping me. Armand and Lian made sure mom has enough to drink when dad was not around to make the tea. Ronald for building the wall and always supporting me 200% in my photography business.  Louhn and Renate always encouraging me. Japie and Tanya for your help with the final touches in the studio.

Photography Lesson 10: Low light Manual Photography

In this lesson I started introducing Low Light and Manual Photography to Lizette. I want to prepare her for every situation that she will have to face some time in her photography career. Manual Mode is very useful when you need to take photo’s in very low light and are not allowed to use a flash.

I did not have someone to help me so I had to learn the hard way and by practicing and still practicing to perfect  my own photography.  Once you get the hang of Manual mode you will see a big difference in your photography. I used to shoot in AV but now a days I only shoot in Manual mode.

Here are some practice shots of my trusted studio “models”.

Lesson10_6738 Lesson10_6740 Lesson10_6756 Lesson10_6758 Lesson10_6769 Lesson10_6771Photog

Lesson 4: Being Creative…

Our Fourth Photography Lesson was on 26 June 2013. It was raining outside and I thought while we are working with Depth of field we might as well be creative.

I went through my props and try to get all the objects that one can use while photographing a wedding. Sometimes one have to make do with very little.  The whole idea was to let Lizette be creative and I wanted to see what layouts she would come up with. I gave her some ideas and then she had to do her own layout.

Here are some of my photo’s I took that morning.
Lesson4_2768 Lesson4_2779 Lesson4_2783 Lesson4_2786 Lesson4_2788 Lesson4_2806 Lesson4_2821 Lesson4_2833 Lesson4_2854 Lesson4_2857 Lesson4_2894 Lesson4_2906 Lesson4_2912 Lesson4_2914 Lesson4_2918

My photo’s someones Quote: Day 105

“Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live.”

Jacqueline Winspear


New Printer, New Designs….

The past view weeks I’ve been having problems with my printer and it’s been very frustrating. I print my own CD’s and DVD’s and the past few times I had to throw away quite a lot of DVD’s . The printer just stop printing in the middle of the DVD and then keep telling me that the printer cover is closed.

I started looking around for another printer that can print direct to CD/DVD. I spoke to one of the store owners and he had a look Canon is the only manufacturer that has a printers with the function I want.Not one store had any in stock so I thought okay it’s not meant to be.   Today however I went to the shops to go and look for boxes to put my client’s photo’s in because there are to many photo’s for the envelopes I have. Guess what I came across in the shop a Canon printer that can do Direct disc printing. I was so happy and when I saw the price I was even happier. Now I am the owner of a brand new Canon Pixma iP7240.


I had to print two DVD’s for clients tonight and it took me more than 4 hours to figure out first of all where to go to print direct to disk and then how to get the photo on the disk. I started playing around and found some cool designs. Then when I wanted to print it kept giving me an error. I tried to print like I did with my old printer and it kept telling me to close the cover… I was confused. Then I went to trouble shooting and there it told me that the program will prompt me to open the cover….

I love the new designs for my DVD’s and I just know I’ll enjoy being more creative.



Note to self. To save time go straight to the online manual before trying to operate new equipment….

Playing with Depth of field




A few weeks back I started playing with Depth of Field in my home studio. I had no problem with this outdoors, but in the studio I struggled to get the desired effect. So one evening I decided I’ll go practice a bit on my always willing prop Lenie and my frogs that never made it to their destination in my garden but rather stayed in my bathroom and studio as props. I moved her around on the studio floor further and further from the background till I ran out of laminated flooring. Ooops that’s going to be a bit of a problem. I am not a great fan of editing to much and to clone floor the whole time will not do it for me…  I moved the floor towards me to see what the effect will be in the background.

I then asked my eldest if he would mind being my live subject so that I can practice some more. I told him to move forward and backwards to the side and so on. My first photo of Armand came out all wrong. Armand was all out of focus and the background was in focus. Not what I had in mind. I practiced some more and after moving around allot I got it right. Armand in focus and background was out of focus….

Oeps wrong way around….
That’s better…

Then my husband came to the studio and decided that he had to change the setting a bit. My frogs got moved next to Armand. I took some photo’s and then I told him what I am trying to achieve…. Oooooh okay was his reply and he moved the frogs back to their original positions. I still had the problem of the gap at the back. You can see the tiles and this I wanted to prevent.  When I am the same level as the subject it’s fine, but as soon as I sit up then I see the tiles. Luckily I still had 2 extra pieces of laminated flooring so I put that in at the back in the mean while.


Armand just being silly….
Ogies, Armand’s cat joined the shoot, and so did frog1



I made little crosses on the flooring so that I can show my clients were to stand  so that I can get  desired effect I want. I just love experimenting but my boys on the other hand are not so keen on mommy using them as her subjects.  So for the next experiment Lenie and the frogs will have to do…

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/325 – Testing testing…

Wrong way round_3196 Wrong way round_3196bwA while back I was playing with my camera trying to figure out how to blur out the background in my home studio.  Well something went wrong…. Armand was a blur and the frogs eyes in focus.  I was frustrated but after a while I got  a liking in this photo…. In the mean while I practiced some more and realized that I need more space if I want to achieve what I had in mind. Someday I’ll buy a house and convert it into a photographic studio. Till then I thank our Heavenly Father for what I have…


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/317 – Diane’s Model Shoot 3

Diane_3357pj317 Diane_3357pj317bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/316 – Diane’s Model Shoot 2

Diane_3303pj316bw Diane_3303pj316

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/315 – Diane’s Model Shoot

Diane_3323pj315 Diane_3323pj315bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/309 – Amy-Lee



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/308 – Amy-Lee

AMY_2580pj308 AMY_2580pj308bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/307 – Amy-Lee



Project 365 Photo a day: 365/302 – Amy-Lee




This morning I decided to edit a few of Amy-Lee’s newborn shoot. I just love this photo. More on Amy- Lee’s shoot at a later stage… Looking forward to share the rest of  her photo’s with you.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/299 – Tea cup with a difference

AMY_2503pj299 AMY_2503pj299bwToday I had the privilege to photograph little Miss Amy- Lee. She is 2 weeks old and was born on 34 weeks.  More about her shoot on a later date.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/293 – Siblings

Fourie_1614pj293 Fourie_1614pj293bw


Still busy with the Fourie family photo shoot. This is the only photo of the three siblings together. Thomas decided I only have one chance to get them and I did…..

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/290 – Time for tea with a difference

pj290_2091bw pj290_2091I got this cup and saucer for my birthday. I am super excited about my newborn shoot tomorrow morning…..


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/277 – Find the subject

Fourie_1570pj 277
Spot the little boy….
Fourie_1570pj 277bw
Spot the little boy


Today my friends came for their long overdue family shoot. Thomas told us he was finished with photo’s and like always the best way to get any child to participate and laughing naturally is while playing…. My photo of the day though is the one where little Thomas disappeared behind the ball. That also happens from time to time….

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/271 – Pine Christmas Tree

This year I asked for a real Christmas tree.  I just love the smell of pine tree in my home studio…

Xmas tree_1257 Xmas tree_1257bw

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/264 – The Law of Attraction…..

My New Canon EFS 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
My New Canon EFS 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens

Studio 22_0949bw

By now I should know exactly how the Law of Attraction work. Ha ha ha…. Let me explain.

For a while I was dreaming of upgrading from my Canon 500D to a Canon 7D. Then one day while I was taking photo’s of my friends kids my 500D started giving problems it did not want to focus and if press the shutter button nothing happened. I switched off the camera and then it worked again for a few photo’s then the same story. At that stage I was broke and could not afford a new camera. So I kept quiet and prayed very hard before each photo shoot that my camera would not break on me. I missed a few shots but luckily I take hundreds of photo’s with each shoot. I started looking at camera prices and made a plan to upgrade.  I believe that my equipment must be trusted because I am capturing other peoples memories and can not afford to miss a photo due to a camera not wanting to focus.

Then I started looking at other lenses but I am full of ….. (how can I put it in a polite way) Oh just say I want what I want and nothing else will be good enough. I love my 18-200mm lens and I looked at the pricing every now and then hoping for a bargain. After my lens went in for a service in February 2011 it was not the same. It still gave me awesome shots, but it was very grainy and not sharp at all. Thank goodness for good editing software I could fix that problem.  A few weeks back I did a bridal shoot and my lens started making weird noises and I prayed that the lens would just hold till my last wedding for the season is finished. I did my three weddings and sometimes I had to put the lens on manual focus to get it to focus and then took the photo. My lens never let me down only gave me a tad more work and little stress but I still captured some awesome photo’s.

On Saturday my last wedding for 2012 my lens decided it wanted to retire and my 18-200mm lens became a 35-200mm lens and did not work on auto focus at all….  I told hubby the sad news and started thinking of ways to get a new lens or get this one fixed…

Today I went to Studio 22 to buy my new lens.  The salesman at Studio 22 told me that if I tweeted a photo of my product and my invoice number for this purchase I stand a chance to win an Canon 6D….

I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I learned that if you dream, visualize and think of something you really want you can have it. In my case it did not fall in my lap I had to buy it, but in both instances the money to buy my equipment were made available.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/255 – Cake smash Take 4

Mellisa's cake smash
Mellisa’s cake smash


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/248 – Happy Birthday


Sunette, Mellisa & Chris
Sunette, Mellisa & Chris


I just edited this photo and I LOVE it.

Flowers by Rika – Bridal Shoot Rhodes Memorial

Rika from Flowers by Rika sponsored three lovely bouquet’s for a bridal shoot we had at Rhodes Memorial on 18 November 2012. I had to  pick up the bouquet’s the day before the shoot and decided to take the some photo’s in the studio.

Thank you Rika for the lovely Bouquet’s it looked absolutely beautiful in our Bridal Shoot.

White Roses Bridal Bouquet
White Roses Bridal Bouquet
White Roses Bridal Bouquet
White Roses Bridal Bouquet
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
Pink Roses
Pink Roses
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
King Protea and Pink Roses Bridal Bouquet
Red Roses Bridal Bouquet
Red Roses Bridal Bouquet
Red Roses Bridal Bouquet
Red Roses Bridal Bouquet
Red Roses Bridal Bouquet
Red Roses Bridal Bouquet

If you are in the Cape Town Area feel free to contact Rika Senekal for a quotation.


Cell phone: 079 497 5873 or 074 029 5842

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/244 – Cake Smash: Take 1


Mellisa turned 1 today so we had her cake smash
Mellisa turned 1 today so we had her cake smash

I photographed Mellisa the first time 27 December 2011 she was 4 weeks old. Today she turned 1 and I had the honor to capture her Cake Smashing…..

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/242 – Just being silly



A year ago I met Helen, Paul and Jaennine for a family shoot. Paul is not a big lover of photo’s but little sis Jaennine just love the camera.  One year later  everyone  had fun.Just love this one…

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/239 – Protea and Roses



This bouquet was made for our Bridal Shoot at Rhodes Memorial. Rika Senekal of Flowers by Rika sponsored us with three lovely bouquet’s.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/236 – Big Brother



I am busy editing the Kottnitz Family shoot. When I saw this one  I decided on the spot this is my photo of the day. Mom just finished changing baby and big brother observed… Just look at that little eyes…..

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/230 – Motherly love

On 9 November I had the pleasure to capture the Kottnitz family. Little Ewald was only two weeks old on the day of the shoot. I started editing their shoot today and came across this photo and it spoke to me. I took it with my Canon EOS 500D and my Canon  EF 50mm 1: 1.8 lens. This is the first time that I use this lens in a studio shoot. Got a few out of focus photo’s but I was to close.  I would love to get to know my 50mm lens better. I’ve heard that it is an awesome lens for portrait.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/223

This afternoon I had a  photo shoot with a two week little boy and his family. His little three year old brother got a bit bored because his little brother is getting all the attention. I caught this one of him while mommy was giving little brother milk.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/221 – Your mine…


The more I edit Riaan and Madelein’s photo shoot the more fun shots I get. Just love that naughty look in his eyes.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/152

Okay today I finished Arno’s Photo Shoot. This photo had me in stitches….



I asked Arno he must not laugh or smile he must be very very serious. Well look at that serious face….

For the next few weeks I will post photo’s of the SAPS Cycle Tour, photo’s taken on holiday, some of the functions and charities I visited with Sunette Nieuwoudt and of course some freshly taken photo’s….

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/150


Only a few photo’s left then I am finished with Arno’s Photo Shoot.

I must be honest I am looking forward playing with my “boyfriend” again. But till I am not up to date with my Photo Shoot’s I am not going to… My clients have been waiting far to long…

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/146



Another photo of Arno in his green shirt against the Black background.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/145

Arno Studio Shoot

Today I started with Arno’s photo shoot.  Arno took a while to warm up to the camera but I just love this one.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/125

My photo of the day for 3 August 2012 is of the Kruger family. More photo’s of this precious family to follow within the next few weeks….

Playtime at Aunt Coreen’s home studio

Every now and then Aran will come and visit me for a hour or two.  I totally forgot to post these photo’s of his visit in December 2011.

As you will see he really enjoyed his visit playing with the props and posing for the camera… I can’t believe that next month he’ll be turning two years old. Time really don’t wait for nobody.



Look everyone I also fit in the pot….

Playing with the props


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/104

Today I had the privilege to capture a lovely little girl and her mother and father. She had on a cute little purple dress and a heart melting smile…

More photo’s of their shoot will follow within the next few weeks.

My photo of the day was the first photo that I took of her. She even posed for me. Glad I got these ones.

Posing for the camera…
Smile for the camera in Black & White