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Yellow Canola fields

Since I started photography in 2009 I wanted to capture the Canola Fields on the road to Hope Field. I’ve drove by them many times but never stopped I was always in a hurry to get to my destination. 

Last year I decided that I am taking my student on a photography outing and our main goal was to capture the Canola fields in full bloom… I was in seventh heaven and took over 100 photo’s of the Canola fields from different angles and spots.

This year I hope to do it again that is if our Heavenly Father has that in His plans for me…

Here are just a few of the photo’s I took. Some you would recognize from my daily inspirational photo’s.

Canola Fields_7120 Canola Fields_7121 Canola Fields_7126 Canola Fields_7131 Canola Fields_7134 Canola Fields_7142 Canola Fields_7152 Canola Fields_7155 Canola Fields_7175 Canola Fields_7180 Canola Fields_7187 Canola Fields_7221 Canola Fields_7224 Canola Fields_7225 Canola Fields_7227 Canola Fields_7229

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Getting rid of clutter in my life and business…







About Four years ago I bought the book Crystals, Colour and Chakra to help me to get to know the different types of Crystals and their healing powers. I started reading it but never came very far.  A few weeks back I was a bit bored when I were suppose to sit and relax so that my hernia could settle soI grabbed the book and started flipping through the pages. Then I got to a part were it explained clutter and a few pages further on about the different rooms in your house.

I started with my kitchen cupboards and after I have rearranged nearly all the cupboards and got rid of all the stuff we never use and all the goodies with expiry dates long past.I suddenly felt like spending more time in my kitchen. I love that everything is together and my kitchen tops are clutter free…. In the past I did not feel like cooking at all, now I could not wait to get cooking and baking again… The old me is back. I used to love cooking and baking and over the years the clutter consumed my eagerness…

While lying in my bed one evening I came to the conclusion that I need to do the same with every room in our house. I read the book the secret and in there they also talked about making space for the things you would like to have. Well I want much more business so the next room on my list was a office space… So the past weekend was spend on this task…

My dressing room also doubled as a office space and before it did not have any room for creativity. It was cluttered and my desk had heaps of bills, papers, magazines. The shelves was full of clothes some I never even wear and I have a cupboard that was also full of stuff that I never use and frankly I really don’t know why I kept it all.

When I decided to make and huge career change from a Tax Practitioner to Photographer I was still studying Law also. I would never go in that direction again so  I got rid of all my notes and textbooks and in the process freed up two shelves….

I went through my clothes and shoes and decided to donate it to the charity shop around the corner of our house. Now my clothes are all in the cupboard.

I had a dressing table in front of the window and it was  full of old books, boxes and stuff I can’t even remember we bought. I got rid of all the books and boxes and moved the dressing table to our room. It now doubles as a bedside table… I also had a cream curtain and it did not do anything for my new look so I brought in some color.  My mother gave me a lovely orange curtain and a Peace Lilly. I brought in a round table with a sand colour tablecloth and I put the Lilly on it the room transformed instantly.

I am still not finish with this room I still want to bring in some more yellow and Orange and also want to buy myself a small water feature.

I also incorporated my crystals throughout the space….

I am also still busy  getting rid of old files on my computer  and two external hard drives because this is also clutter that can prevent more work coming my way… I must say I enjoy going through my old files and deleting all the photo’s of  bad quality. I can also see the progress I made over the past four years and I must say I am very proud of myself.

Now this may seem to good to be true but now with my new office space I feel much more confident and also feel like writing more posts and start posting some of my work that I did when I just started with photography….

Hmmm I must admit all this getting rid of clutter is giving me more energy….

I chose the following colours for my Office space:

Orange:  Abundance, Fertility, Health, Joy, Attraction, Luck, Marks the boundary between the self and others; associated with the sun, Projective  energy

Yellow:  Communication, the Intellect, Learning, Concentration, also movement, Travel and change, associated with Mercury, The element of Air, the east, projective energy.

Green:  The heart and emotions, Love, also nature, gardens and growth, money and prosperity, employment, associated wit the Earth element.

I also would like to bring in blue and pink. Still thinking on how to incorporate this. Maybe I must use these colours in my studio together with green. But when I get there I’ll write another post on the studio and before and after photo’s this time…


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/149

Handsome in green and black

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/146



Another photo of Arno in his green shirt against the Black background.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/145

Arno Studio Shoot

Today I started with Arno’s photo shoot.  Arno took a while to warm up to the camera but I just love this one.

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/60

Today’s photo of the day was my husbands idea.

Last night a friend came by with some Buchu stems. Now for those who don’t know what Buchu is here are a simple explination that I  copied from Wikipedia.

“Buchu  is a word of Khoikhoi origin, which may refer to a number of South African plants, fungi or a mineral, that were used in traditional preparations. Most Boegoe plants are typified by a strong aromatic odour due to volatile oils released by glands in the leaves. The name primarily denotes those plant species of which the stems, powdered leaves or volatile oils are employed in herbalism.”

What I can tell you is that it do have a very strong aromatic odour.  If you walk into my kitchen that as all you smell..

Now hubby have some Witblits  and  him and his friend thought it would be cool to make some Buchu Witblits. For now the bottled Buchu still look beautiful but I think a few months from now it will not be so green anymore.  I will make a note in my diary that I take another photo of the Buchu Witblits in three months time just to see if and how the colour changed.

Buchu Witblits in Black & White

Buchu Witblits

Project 365 Photo a day 365/17

On today’s photography menu…. Macro photography.

In the past I tried taking Macro photo’s with my Macro filters but wind, flowers and macro photography don’t go hand in hand.  I got so frustrated and in the end I packed away my macro filters. This morning however I had a change of heart and took out my Takara tripod attached my MASSA close up +1,+2 and +4 filters to my Canon 18-200mm lens and head outside to my dad’s garden.

After I got one of his pot plants out of his garden I put it on a table positioned my tripod and camera and guess what happened? Yes you guessed right the wind came up and just as I pressed down my shutter button… The result a nice blur photo. I tried again and again. Later my mom came out to see what I was up to. I told her I am trying to capture my photo of the day but the wind is not making it easy. Then I realized that were mom was standing she was a human shield against the wind and I took my chance and got my photo’s…. Thank you Mom you are and angel.

Macro Photography: Flower of a succulent

Macro Photography: Flower of Succulent

Black & White Macro Photography: Flower of succulent