Aran always the willing model….

By now you should all know Aran. Aran is my brothers little boy and he is the face of my business. I started photographing him when he was still inside Kathleen’s tummy. He is so use to the camera that when I take it out he already start to pull faces and laughing.

But this time he was not so willing to smile at me and I think the reason is the big flash on top of the camera. At one stage he came walking up to the camera and looked into the lens he then turned around and walked away. Only when he faced the camera again and pulled a face and gave me a sly smile.

I needed to figure out what the correct settings for flash photography with my 7D and new flash. I still need allot of practice to get the sweet spots on my new camera and flash. My aim is by the end of my 365 photo a day project I will have the camera all figured out.

Here are some of the photo’s I took of Aran while he was helping grandpa to clean the driveway.

World Cup Tour 2010: Intro

Let’s go back in time again… Not to far just to June/July 2010. Can you remember what happened during that time?  If your answer was World Cup 2010 then you are 100% correct.

The planning started in 2008 after my husband suggested that the boys and I go on a little tour for the period of the World Cup Soccer. Why ? Because hubby was working most of the time and we would hardly see him.  So I started speaking to friends in different cities and worked out a round about route to visit them and to show the boys a bit of  our lovely country.

I could see that my parents was not very comfortable with the fact that the boys and I  will be traveling such long distances on our own. I  then asked my parents if they would like to join us on the tour. They accepted my offer and then the real planning and research began.

I wanted to write a blog on the tour about what happened every day and the different towns we visited, but at night I was so tired I never got to write my blog. To be honest I am still editing my photo’s of the trip… My Father started writing our tour description.  Shame he took the map and tried to get some information on each town we would go through. It kept him busy for a few weeks.  But like the wind and weather nothing always stays as planned. Due to bad roads and road works we adjusted our route as we went from town to town. So together with dad’s summery, Google and my photo’s  I would like to share our memories of our World Cup Tour with you all. Bring back some of the memories and revisiting the different towns…

I hope you will enjoy travelling back in time with me.

Let me introduce the family.

Back: Dot my Mother, Coreen that’s Me and Ivan my Dad.In front the boys Lian with his reading material and Armand.

Before we went on holiday Lian and I made Ronald a peppermint crisp tart to help him through the long days….  I did not think that it will last the whole 5 weeks we were going to be gone but it was the idea that counted.

Lian busy grating the peppermint chocolate
Lian whipping the cream
Let’s throw in the grated chocolate and mix it together.
The best part of making anything sweet….
Lian, Ronald and Armand and the peppermint tart.