Looking back at 2021 with a Grateful Heart

If I look back at 2021, I must say it was a very interesting year with more ups than downs.


I Graduated and received a Diploma in Photography. I then took it one step further and received a certificate in Landscape and Travel Photography. I also started with Gaelic lessons but I did stop that after I had Covid and had to work on my Landscape and Travel Photography Assignment. I will however start with my lessons in 2022 again.

Woodland Photography at Majik Forrest

My Health

Well as you all know my health did get a knock this year and I had to take it slow. I tried to anyway. With my blood pressure going through the roof, Kidneys failing, Covid 19, Burnout and last but not the least Pneumonia. I have not given up on myself. I will work hard to get better at controlling my blood pressure and build up my immune system again.


Dad and I went on a Roadtrip to Van Rhynsdorp, Nieuwoudville and Loeriesfontein in August 2021. Dad accompanied me on a few photography outings as well. Our last roadtrip to Beaufort West did not work out that great though. We will have to do that one again.

En Route to Clanwilliam

My Blog and Website

My blog is my second biggest achievement this year. I made a few changes and a few more will be coming in the new year. I want to give my website a facelift and add a shop to sell my photos. My views have increased from 47 552 in 2020 to 279 173 and counting in 2021. I am very proud of this and I can’t thank everyone enough for your support.

Saying goodbye to a member of our household

On 11 May 2021 we said goodbye to Buddy. He gave me so much love and companionship, but he was getting very old and blind.

Buddy April 2005 – May 2021

New Member to our household

On 13 May 2021 Willow joined our household. Willow has made life very interesting and keeping me on my toes. Looking forward to spending many hours with her walking and exploring new photography locations.


Started A New Project

I started my Parks and Nature Reserves Project in October 2021. Over the next 3 years I am going to visit new and old Parks and Nature Reserves documenting the birdlife, flowers and landscapes.

Botterblom Nature Reserve

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who viewed, liked, followed and commented on my blog. Thank you for your support in 2021, thank you for caring about my health and the health of of Dad. Thank you for encouraging me and all the good advice.

It is with a Grateful Heart that I say goodbye to 2021 and Hello to 2022.

🤗 Big Virtual Hug🤗