Project 365 Photo a day: 365/177 – Sunset on Hopefield Road

Sunset on the Hopefield Road


I took this photo the day my Mercedes decided to break down on me.  Somewhere in the West Coast National Park the fan belt decided it’s going to disappear into thin air. The Mercedes started overheating and luckily for me the engine cut out on the West Coast Road and not in the park. There are not  really reception for cellphones in the park.

I phoned hubby and told him the car broke down.  He phoned around and told me a mechanic is on his way.The mechanics put in a new fan belt and insisted to follow me home. I am so grateful they did. We had to stop every 10km so that new  cold water can be put in the car. While waiting for the mechanics to come back with water at one of the dozens of stops I decided that I might as well use this opportunity to capture this beautiful sunset.

Well it’s been nearly four weeks now and I am still without a car. At least the car waited till we got out of the park to break down. We had a lovely day in the park and the flowers were spectacular. As soon as I  am finished working through all my photo’s I’ll write about the day and post lot’s of photo’s.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/156

Sneak Peak at Potsdam and it’s lovely flowers and game

WOW what a eventful day.  My parents and I went to the West Coast National Park and Potsberg to go look at the spring flowers blooming.  But more about the flowers and the day in the park at a later stage….

Something weird happened at one stage I lost the car’s fan belt. Now people I have no idea how or when.

But all the sports started after I had to do a emergency breaking because the man in front of me with his 4×4  just stopped put the bakkie in another gear and cruised on. From there my trouble started. I started struggling to turn the car even the slightest turn I had to put in all my muscle power. At one stage I got out of the car to see if I maybe have a flat tire or something and nothing was wrong.  I send hubby a message telling him I think the there is something wrong with the car’s power steering.

On our way out of the park we had to decide if we are going back the way we came or are we taking a new route. I am soooo glad we chose new route. A few kilometers outside the park the car started overheating and then the battery light came on. I went of the road and parked so that I could see why the car is overheating we did check the water and oil when I filled up the car this morning with diesel at the Langebaan service station. After I stopped and waited for the car to cool down so that I can check the water the car just did not want to start again it was dead nothing happened. So I send hubby a message to say the car broke down. If we had chosen the same route as this morning all of this would have happened in the park and cellphone reception in the park is very poor. Only here and there you will get a signal for a few seconds then it’s gone again.

Well hubby phoned uncle Leon Rall for help and he send two of his mechanics to come and have a look at the car. Petrus and Elvis really took very good care of us. Petrus phoned a man to ask him to find us a fanbelt. Then he went and buy it and came back and tried to fix the car. After they put in the new fan belt and jump started us, they said to play it safe they will follow us home to make sure we got there safe and sound. Ha Ha then the fun began. We drove a few kilometers and the car started boiling. Petrus and Elvis had a look to see what the problem could be. So it went on for the next 48km. It started getting dark and then all of the sudden all of the light in the car started to go on and off and then the Speedo, Ref counter, Clock and temperature just hit 0. I stopped and then poor Petrus who had to home long ago came to our aid again. Now the battery don’t charge…. What next. It was getting dark soon and my nerves were shot because I could not see a thing in the road. I phoned hubby again and told him that the car is dead…

He then told us to go to Malmesbury Police station. At that stage we were about 8km from Malmesbury. So Petrus and Elvis did their magic again and got us safe and sound at Malmesbury Police station.

I never thought that my flower outing would end up to be an 13 and half hour outing….

Even with the car that broke down I still had allot of fun and can not wait to share my flower and landscape photo’s with you all.

Just look here fan belt just missing…. Maybe it loved the scenery so much it decided to elope…

This is where the fan belt is suppose to be…