De Hollandsche Molen: 06-01-2013

My memories of  De Hollandsche Molen goes back many years. We usually visited De Hollandsche Molen with friends and family over the December Holidays. We would wake up early that morning pack the car for our day’s camping and hit the road. We made breakfast and lunch there and of course eat Watermelon and go buy ice cream at the shop. As kids we swam in the pools and walked upstream. We build little dams with river stones and eat our Watermelon while sitting in the river. As I grew up my husband and I still  visited De Hollandsche Molen with friends and family. Now my boys are always asking us when are we going to De Hollandsche Molen again. My mom and I went camping with the boys one year. It was so much fun…. Here are some more information on this lovely holiday destination. I got this information from their website… “De Hollandsche Molen is a home away from home for all our visitors who spends their summer holidays here to relax and escape the busy city life. The rich history of De Hollandsche Molen started in the early 1900’s with the Diepering family from Holland. He created a resort which consisted of a swimming pool, camping ground and the renowned Mill. Later in the 1950’s some more permanent structures where built to accommodate the laborers of the Wemmershoek Dam. Lodging was provided for them and the Mill was used as a tea room for visitors to enjoy. The du Plooy family bought De Hollandsche Molen in 1988 and has been involved in resort’s transformation ever since. In 1991 De Hollandsche Molen was changed to a Share block company, which allowed the public to purchase shares in the form of housing and plots. In 1994 the infamous Mill was restored to its original glory and with the turn of millennium the function venue was introduced. Through hard work and dedication the resort has been shaped into an international recognized holiday destination which caters for the entire family…” In January 2013 we introduced De Hollandsche Molen to our friends and we had a lovely day. Hope to spend many more lovely visits to De Hollandsche Molen. Here are some photo’s of our visit…. HM_1626 HM_1633 HM_1641 HM_1650 HM_1651 HM_1657 HM_1658 HM_1662 HM_1670 HM_1672

HM_1666 HM_1678 HM_1679 HM_1681 HM_1684 HM_1686 HM_1691 HM_1692 HM_1693 HM_1700 HM_1704 HM_1718 HM_1731 HM_1738 HM_1749 HM_1746 HM_1761 HM_1753 HM_1788 HM_1779 HM_1790

HM_1800 HM_1805