Was it just coincidence?

If you go back a few posts I talked about visiting The Two Oceans Aquarium in the Victoria Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town.

Well I am busy editing the photos, yes I know it’s been a while back but life is very busy on this end…

I came across these photos of the octopus and remembered how it moved along with my boyfriend. When he stood closer to the glass the Octopus also moved towards the glass. He then started moving his finger around against the glass the Octopus followed his finger with his one tentacle. It was very entertaining. When we moved on to the next exhibit we were talking about it and I am still wondering if it was a coincidence….

Oostenberg Business Women Launch: 16 days of activism

I was invited to the launch of the Oostenberg Business Women. I always wanted to be part of an organization for business women but never knew how and what to do to be part of one.  Our first meeting was at Dione Lifestyle in Brackenfell.

Sunel Beeselaar one of our local  attorneys talked about different types of abuse. I never knew there was so many and that the worst kind of abuse is emotional abuse. The reason for this is you can’t show any scars and the emotional scars that you get takes a very long time to heal…

Erica Crous of the SAP talked about how to go about to get started and get out of an abusive relationship/marriage.  She also talked about women who just don’t want to get out even if all the resources are in place. Most of the time the women are afraid and due to their financial situation they stay in the abusive relationship. The most common reasons given are. ” I don’t have any money.” “I have nowhere to go.” “I don’t want to loose my children.”  All of these reasons sound legit when you say it to yourself, but there are people and places that are willing to help….

Adri Klindt of Huis Jabes talked to us about what they do and how they help victims of abuse.  She talked about some of the women who came to stay with them and who got out of the abusive relationship/marriage. Then she also told us that some of the ladies went back to their partners and the abusive relationship.

“We provide a temporary sanctuary for unlikely abuse victims

Huis Jabes, situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, provides a temporary home and rehabilitation centre to victims of family abuse who come from middle to high income communities. This includes physical, financial and emotional abuse. We provide meals, shelter, medical care, counselling and career guidance to empower these women to create a better future for themselves and their children.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have helped more than 400 women and children start the process of recovery and rehabilitation.” From the Huis Jabes Website

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Aquinnah’s Frozen Birthday Party featuring on Website


Aquinnah’s 4th birthday party was held at Weltevreden Wine Estate. The theme of the party was Frozen. Little Aquinnah looked like a real princess in the dress her grandmother made for her. If you asked Aquinnah if she is a princess she would just roll her big brown eyes, put her arms in her side and say. ” Oh no! I am Queen Anna!” She was not really into taking photo’s and she would not pose with anyone so I had to run around and make good use of my zoom lens.Aquin1 Aquin2 Aquin17

For more photo’s on Aquinnah’s party Click here.

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Sunel turned 40 Featuring on Website


I met Sunel a few years back when my husband introduced us at the Varingfees.   When I got my camera in 2009 I was given the opportunity to take photo’s back stage at the Varingfees. If it were not for Sunel believing in me I would not have had the opportunity to capture allot of Artists and also be part of the team of the Varingfees and also the Sunshine Festival.

It was a great honor to capture her 40th birthday. Sunel has a heart of gold and she deserved to be treated like a queen.

The Decor was breathtaking the atmosphere were romantic and the food was outstanding. Sunel’s closets friends each gave her a broach and they pinned it on a material flower bouquet.  Something very special I think. After Sunel made her speech she sang a song for her husband and he stood up and went and sit on the floor in front of her with the kids and they listened to her. Afterwards she came and hug her family. It was such a special and tear jerking moment… Well this softy cried…

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