Project 365 Photo a day: 365/68

Because my studio don’t get any direct sunlight it is freezing cold in the winter. In summertime it is lovely and the coolest room in our house.

Last year I was to lazy to do my migration to the warmest room in the house that would be our bedroom.  To edit with layers of clothing was not fun and  the Oil Heater drove the electricity bill through the roof.  So this year I decided that I’ll rather migrate to my bedroom were we have a fireplace. I just had to wait for the perfect day to do it…

This morning my husband helped me to move my desk and computer to my new office space. Not that I take up allot.  The fireplace was going since around 11h30 this morning so  the room is nice and cozy. Spyker ,my African Grey, is really enjoying the company and has not stopped talking since I came to sit and edit. Now at least he has a real person that talks back to him and not just the radio playing in the background.

This year I am doing more for the environment.  First of all we will use less electricity and the heater will not work this year.Normally Hubby and I will be working in the studio and living room, the kids would play in their rooms or play games in our bedroom. Now we will all be in the warmest room in the house… For the fire we use off-cuts that hubby get’s at one of the woodwork businesses they are just to glad to get rid of it and we are just as happy to take it off their hands so that we can stay nice and warm during the winter.

I wonder if you could guess what my photo of the day are?  The room? Nope.  Well have a look for yourself.

Nice and Cozy fire
Fire place Black & White