Bird life at Sonstraal dam

Picknick_1483 Picknick_1486 Picknick_1487

Blacksmith Lapwing

Blacksmith Lapwing_1277 Blacksmith lapwing_1286 Blacksmith Lapwing_1287 Blacksmith Lapwing_1289 Blacksmith Lapwing_1290 Blacksmith Lapwing_1330 Blacksmith Lapwing_1345 Blacksmith Lapwing_1346 Blacksmith Lapwing_1347

Common MoorhenCommon Moorhen _1331 Common Moorhen _1334 Common Moorhen _1335 Common Moorhen_1336 Common Moorhen_1337 Common Moorhen_1339 Common Moorhen_1340 Common Moorhen_1400 Common Moorhen_1401 Common Moorhen_1402 Common Moorhen_1403

Reed Cormorant

Cormorant_1326 Cormorant_1343 Cormorant_1351 Cormorant_1352 Cormorant_1360 Cormorant_1361 Cormorant_1362 Cormorant_1363

Different color Ducks and their ducklings.

Duck_1272 Duck_1273 Duck_1280 Duck_1281 Duck_1282 Duck_1283 Duck_1284 Duck_1285 Duck_1315 Duck_1316 Duck_1318 Duck_1320 Duck_1321 Duck_1322 Duck_1323 Duck_1381 Duck_1384 Duck_1385 Ducks_1274 Ducks_1275

Little Egret

Little Egret_1372 Little Egret_1374 Little Egret_1376 Little Egret_1377 Little Egret_1379 Little Egret_1380 Little Egret_1390 Little Egret_1392 Little Egret_1393 Little Egret_1421 Little Egret_1422 Little Egret_1423 Little Egret_1429 Little Egret_1430 Little Egret_1432

Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose_1266 Egyptian Goose_1268 Egyptian Goose_1271 Egyptian Goose_1278 Egyptian Goose_1279

Helmeted Guinea fowl

Helmeted Guineafowl _1433 Helmeted Guineafowl _1435



Swallow_1417 Swallow_1416 Swallow_1410 Swallow_1408 Swallow_1411 Swallow_1412 Swallow_1413 Swallow_1415 Swallow_1418

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/86

What a lazy day we had today. Watched some movies and this afternoon we went to the conservation area about 5 minutes walk from our friends house.

The wind was ice cold but we went anyway. One can’t just sit and do nothing the whole time even if you are on holiday.  At the lake we saw Coot’s, Ducks, Geese, Gulls and allot of LBJ’s.

I want to go down to the lake again tomorrow. There are little  Coot chicks  and want to see if I can get closer  and get a better shot of them.