Project 365 Photo a day: 365/226– The Udder of a milk cow

Please note that the following collage can be disturbing for some.

On Sunday we visited a Dairy farm as you know. One of the cows had complications during the birth of her calf and her hind legs got paralyzed. So the farmer had to put her down.  While we were learning all about the production of milk and the udder I found it very fascinating.  The Farmer asked me if I would like to some photo’s of the udder after the cow was slaughtered. I just could not let an opportunity like this past me by so yesterday the farmer phoned and told my the udder is waiting for me.

I always thought that it was an big sack of milk until Sunday. Call me stupid but I think I am not the only one who thought that. It is made up of blood veins and  glands. And the best of all the milk is in the blood of the cow. WOW that blew my mind completely. I still want to learn more about this interesting organ.

On top the udder with two pairs of mammary glands. Just below this is the other side of the udder. Beside this is the udder cut open with some milk. Note there are no blood in the milk.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/225– Fries cow on her way to get milked


Fries Cow on her way to get milked


Yesterday afternoon we visited a Dairy farm not far from where we live. I learned allot and took a few nice photo’s.  I want to go back for another tour and with a list of questions. WOW never thought that cows and the process of milking can be so interesting.  The best of all there is much to learn and yesterday I could only make mental notes. So I will write down what I could remember and just make double sure of the facts before I post the article.