Project 365 Photo a day: 365/171



I took these photo’s on the Cycle Tour in May 2012. We were on our way to Hermon and I spotted it next to the road. I shifted my attention away from the cyclist for a few seconds and capture this scene. I just love it.

SAPS Cycle Tour 2012 in aid of SAPS Educational Trust fund : Day Three

Thanks to Buddy from Club Mykonos  all of us had a lovely nights rest and a warm bath or shower.  I could not wait to get clicking and capturing all those special moments along the road. Day three was a long day. It was a hard 111km with rolling hills.

Everyone gathered in the parking area around 7 o’Clock so that we could  pack the trailers, discuss the days route and to collect the keys to the units.

After the trailers were pack and everybody was ready we head to the Bouzouki restaurant at the yacht club for a lovely breakfast and a nice warm cup of coffee.

We all had a lovely breakfast and coffee or tea. Our Master of Ceremonies Boesman and his wife Christelle also joined us for breakfast. Boesman of course had everyone in stitches and made sure that those who were in pain  forgot about it for a few minutes.

After breakfast we all headed to the parking lot where we were going to depart. Bicycles were checked, water bottles filled and thank you speeches were made.

We left Club Mykonos for Hopefield via Langebaanweg at approximately 8:45.  Well we were suppose do go Langebaanweg way but instead of going straight over the West Coast Road we turned left. After about 2,5km we stopped and we realized we were on the wrong road. Haha the riders did not think it was funny.  Day Three in the saddle of a bicycle is the toughest. You must keep in mind the riders are not professional riders they are policemen who most of the time sit in a vehicle or at a desk.  Well we turned around and headed back to the road that  we were suppose to take.

Going the wrong way….

Realizing we made the wrong turn…
Heading back to the right road

We just came from there haha
The right way….

The Langebaanweg road was very narrow and the surface of the road was not helping either. It however got better when we got to the road heading for Hopefield.

When we stopped for a break we had a small accident. One of the riders stopped dead and Karien crashed into him. Luckily there was no fatal injuries only a few scratches from the fall.

After the medics made sure Karien’s wounds are disinfected and everything is in order we headed  towards Hopefield. I started getting bored just sitting in the combie so I got courage from somewhere and started hanging out the window to get some action shots. I was so impressed with the photo’s I took hanging out of the window I was angry at myself for always taking my time and over thinking my every move. Why do I always do things so late in life…

Fixing flat tires in the bus

It’s not only at the Tour de France where beverages are handed to cyclist from moving vehicle.

After we went through Hopefield the cyclist took a break just outside the little town. We were under the impression that we would have stopped at Hopefield Police station but they made other arrangements. The riders then decided that time was running out and we did not have time to go to school that was out of our way.

After our pit stop we hit the road to Morreesburg. Sun getting very hot on the road now. Along the road we took a few quick pit stops just to fill up water bottles and have a drink and rest the legs.

Slow down I want a lift…

We left Morreesburg with full tummies  and the legs were rested. Next destination Piketberg.  Rolling hills is not funny. Up hill, downhill the men and ladies did not have it easy I was so glad I was sitting in the combi when I saw the road ahead…

Just outside Piketberg Boesman came to encourage the cyclist for the last few kilometers. The last stretch was uphill…. Our destination on top of the hill….

The police station is next to the Church and Church hall. We put away all the bicycle and was allocated to our different places to sleep. This was the first town where we were split up some slept at the hotel, Guesthouses and at the local community. It was very nice and the community of Piketberg really went all out to make our stay comfortable.

That evening after a nice warm shower we all headed to the Church hall for dinner and we attended the concert for a few minutes then we all headed back for a good nights rest.

Le-Lue Roode
Boesman as Gammad Fortuin

Jomari Greyling

Project 365 Photo a day: 365/164

I love to photograph Churches and old buildings. This is  one of the Churches in Piketberg. What a lovely building. When I edited it this morning there was no doubt in my  mind that this would be my photo of the day. Tomorrow I am going to grab my camera and go to the nearest field  and see what I can capture.




Project 365 Photo a day: 365/163

I took this photo of hubby on the SAPS Cycle Tour.  Finally getting time to start editing the tour again.

He had his eye on the top of the hill or was he looking at me? Does not matter I just love this photo.


Sunday Post: Morning

Here are a few  photo’s I took early morning on day three of the SAPS Cycle Tour in May 2012.

Just look how peaceful.
Yachts in the harbor
Nothing beat the cold in the early morning than a cup of coffee and good company.
This dassie came out looking for the morning sun but all it got was my flash…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Well at long last I started editing the SAPS Cycle Tour of May again. I got so busy with my photo shoots and events that I had to push the cycle tour aside.  These photo’s was taken on day 3 of the cycle tour on route to Piketberg.

Riders in the front are Near those at the back are far.
Road is near and the horizon is far…
Taken from inside the bus. Window is near and horizon is far…




SAPS Cycle Tour 2012 in aid of SAPS Educational Trust fund : Day two

After only getting to bed after 12 o’clock  I was not very happy when my alarm went off and we had to get up to start Day two of the Cycle tour. It was freezing cold outside and I really felt sorry for the cyclist.

After a cup of coffee and a yogurt everybody started getting ready to hit the road. We packed the trailers and the men checked the bicycles to make sure that everything is still in order.

Then we all got together in a big circle to start the day the correct way and we asked the Lord to keep us all safe and without harm. There was a bib made for the “twak maker” of the day and this was given to the cyclist or person on the support team who did something ” wrong” and he or she had to wear the bib the whole tour. When the “Twak Maker” was announced everyone had a  laugh. Then  we got serious again and Ronald discussed the days route and what  they can expect along the road. He also told the cyclist that they must stick to the rules of the road and on roads without shoulders they must please keep it single file.

We all left Darling golf estate around  8:30 for Yzerfontein.  The SAPS photographers joined us for the day somewhere between Darling and Yzerfontein.  I must say I got some lovely action shots on this route.  The scenery was just stunning and I thanked our Heavenly Father for giving us all the opportunity to spend the time outside and that we could all admire His work of art.  The cyclist did good and we arrived earlier than scheduled at Yzerfontein even with the rolling hills.  The group of cyclist that went on the tour stuck together and the stronger riders helped those who needed help. Some of these riders don’t even own a bicycle and they borrowed bicycles to go with on the tour to help raise funds for the SAPS Educational Trust fund.  When I saw the rolling hills I wondered what went through some of these cyclists minds when they looked in front of them and saw the hills going up and down up and down….

At Yzerfontein we all enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the Padstal. After breakfast it was photo time before we were on our way again to Langebaan.

Off we went to Langebaan. We had one or two pit stops along the route.  The road on the West Coast is tuff and sometimes it feels like you’re not getting any where… But even when times were difficult there was time for some jokes. Anton one of our most experienced riders really enjoyed playing tricks on the other riders. He was also one of the riders that went back and forth to and help the weaker riders. I wondered how many kilometers a day he did extra to help the other riders.

When we got to Langebaan we had to wait for the communication officer to show us were we where suppose to go.  Little did we know that she would take us through the town to the Yacht Club up a another hill… But the food made up for that extra few kilometers. We had a whole spread of food and we could all  fill up those empty tanks… Thank you Langebaan for the lovely food and the even lovelier view.

Enjoying the Autumn sun…

By the time we left for our next stop Saldanha the fog was coming inland fast and it became very cold all of the sudden. The road to Saldanha was also very busy and one of our cyclist had to get on the support vehicle due to his knee and we had to go back to fetch him. I could not really take allot of photo’s on the route. I  took some photo’s  through the front window of the bus. When we arrived at Saldanha we were welcomed by sirens and were escorted through the town to the Saldanha Police Station. I got goosebumps and I think the cyclist also got a boost for that last few kilometers. It was awesome. Saldanha went through allot of trouble to make the cyclist and their support team comfortable and they even made up some goody bags filled with sweets and fruit for the road ahead. The Station commander and a  retired police officer thanked the cyclist for their effort to raise money for their fellow police officers children’s future.  They handed us a cheque for R3620.  The medics had some massage work and bandaging work to do before we hit the road again to our last stop for the day Vredenburg.

After resting the tired legs we hit the road for the last few kilometers to Vredenburg. At Vredenburg all the cyclist except for the two strongest riders got in the different support vehicles and we headed back to Club Mykonos where we spend the night.

When we got to Club Mykonos we all went to our apartments to take a nice warm shower or bath. I had a mega migraine and wished I could get into bed and close my eyes for the night. But we had to go back to Vredenburg High School   for the concert and then we had to go to Boesmanland for dinner. At Boesmanland  we had some live entertainment  and lovely food and desert.  We then headed back to our rooms to turn in for the night.

SAPS Cycle Tour 2012 in aid of SAPS Educational Trust fund : Day one

On 7 May 2012 the following people were on the road for a fund raising Cycle tour in aid of the SAPS Educational Trust fund.

The riders were:  Ronald Kuhn, Bernie de Kock, Jaco van der Merwe, Henry Waterson, Riaan Potgieter, Zelda Smuts, Wherner Smuts, Fanie Lombard, Rudie Swart, Karlien Kruger, Lester Shortels, Leon De Roubaix, Lau Schoonwinkel, Bauwer Schoonwinkel, Juan Pretorius and Anton Botes.

The support team and other role players that went on the tour were:

Support Vehicles: Gerhard Steyls, De Koker and then 2 of the riders took turns on the third vehicle.

Medical Team: Pierre van Zyl and Marietjie Snyman

Puppet shows: Erica Crous and Hester Bussio

Artist performing at schools on Route:  Hugo Nieuwoudt

Sound man  and driver of extra vehicle: Etienne Jonas

Sound and Lighting at concerts at schools: Ian Bossert and Yolanda Lottering

Rapairs and maintenance of  bicycles: Japie Scholtz

Photographer: Coreen Kuhn

We left Cape Gate Shopping  Centre at Brackenfell at 08:30 for our first stop on the Vissershok road. Here a few members of Durbanville SAPS made sure the riders got something to eat and drink.

Our next stop was Melkbosstrand were we had a light lunch and some tea and coffee to drink. The ladies who prepared the sandwiches really went through allot of trouble and it was divine.  A local creche came to sing for the us and were cheering and clapping when we got there.  After the Melkbosstrand SAPS wished us luck on our journey further the group assigned Karlien Kruger from Bok Radio to say something on behalf of the group.

Ronald helping Karlien

We left Melkbos strand for Atlantis, I did not go with the riders I went to take some photo’s of the concert and puppet show held at Atlantis. We caught up with the riders just after the concert. We then headed for Darling were we stayed at Darling Golf Estate for the night. The road between Atlantis and Darling was rolling hills and the road surface were not exactly very cycling friendly…  Haha I am so glad I decided just to be the photographer on the  tour. Maybe on the next one I’ll be a rider too. Who knows what the future hold in store for us.

At Darling Golf Estate the riders hit the showers and we had some Lasagne and Salad for supper. After 96 km the riders where tired and some crashed on their mattresses while the rest went and chilled at the club house. They had a hard day and some of the riders are not cyclist they came along and put their bodies through the unknown. They all deserved a cold one…

Pierre and Marietjie of  Advanced Tactical Solutions our two Medics on the tour had their job cut out for them. The whole day they were watching over the cyclist and assisting them when needed. The made sure that everybody is as comfortable as possible. After the showers they started massaging those sore legs. Fight pain with pain I’ll say if you looked at some of the faces.

I hope you enjoyed day one with us. Keep watching day two will follow soon.




SAPS Cycle Tour 2012: Opening Ceremony 7 May 2012

Three weeks ago this time we were busy packing and getting ready for the SAPS cycle tour in aid of the SAPS Educational fund…. Time surely don’t stand still and waits for nobody.

Let me rewind back in time for a little while and tell you more about the Opening ceremony held on 7 May 2012 at Cape Gate Shopping Center’s parking lot.

It was a very cold and cloudy morning. The riders were all pumped up for the tour to start, but like any big event it had to be started in the right way. There were some important people present to wish the men and women well on the tour.  They were  Major General Sharon Jephta, Brigadier Adonis, Brigadier Mamela, Brigadier van Niekerk, Lieutenant  Colonel Traut, Lieutenant Colonel Mngcokola, Colonel Joseph, Captain Petersen and Leon Brynard.

At the back: Lieutenant Colonel Traut.
In Front: Lieutenant Colonel Mngcokola, Colonel Joseph, Brigadier Adonis, Major General Sharon Jephta, Brigadier Mamela, Brigadier Van Niekerk and Leon Brynard

The proceedings started with our Master of Ceremony Boesman van Zyl he had everyone in stitches with his acting.  I  was quite skeptical about how the top people will react to him but must say what I observed was that  Major General Sharon Jephta and Brigadier van Niekerk really enjoyed his acting and that was a relieve. It took the others a while to warm up to him but in the end everybody was laughing and even joking with.

Master of Ceremonies: Boesman van Zyl

Captain Petersen read from the Bible and said a prayer. I must admit the prayer was very uplifting and it touched my heart. I believe that you do not start anything without asking our Heavenly Farther to bless it and if you go on a trip you ask Him to put His hand of  protection over each and everyone on that trip.  Captain Petersen did just that. He even asked that the family members staying home be blessed and kept safe till we return. Amen to that.

Captain Petersen

Our Master of Ceremonies then told another few jokes.

Telling another joke…
Enjoying the Master of Ceremonies jokes.
Laughing themselves teary eyed


After laughing themselves teary eyed  the Master of Ceremonies  gave the podium to Colonel Joseph. Colonel Joseph are the Station Commander at Brackenfell SAPS.  He thanked the men and ladies for their eagerness and  bigheartedness to cycle 496 km for the children of colleagues who lost their lives in the line of duty. Colonel Joseph also invited Major General Sharon Jephta to join the cyclist for the last 8 km of the tour.

Colonel Willie Joseph

Now I must brag, I know my husband won’t but I am very proud of him. For nearly two years now he was saying he wanted to do another cycle tour to raise funds for something but what?  In the past Brackenfell SAPS  had 4 cycle tours all in aid of a school or children in need of medical equipment. Then last year the SAPS started the Educational trust fund and he saw the opportunity.  They got the Blessings of all the necessary people and the planning began.

14 of the 16 cyclist

Okay back to the ceremony.  Colonel Josephs gave the podium to Major General Sharon Jephta. She also thanked the men and women in advanced for what they are doing and told them that she was proud to be associated with members who are willing to cycle 496 km and put their bodies at risk for their colleagues.  She also thanked the Master of Ceremonies for his entertainment and said that she enjoyed his acting. She then accepted the invitation to cycle the last 8 km with the cyclist and members of the public on Friday 11 May 2012.

Major General Sharon Jephta

Brigadier Mamela also said a few words and also thanked everyone for going this extra mile for their colleagues.

Brigadier Mamela

The photographers from the SAPS took a few photo’s of the group and then the cyclist was on their way to their first stop on the Vissershok road.


Project 365 Photo a day: 365/49

Yesterday was Armand’s 12th birthday. Sjoe time surely flies when you have children.

My mother ordered Armand a cake from Charmaine Smoothey . Aunt Charmaine is like family and her cakes are divine and so gorgeous. The detail in the figurines are just to die for. I could recommend her services to each and everyone.

Armand wanted a Star Wars cake with Yoda.  When he saw his cake is first remark was Yoda is mine… It looked to good to eat and in the end Armand just could not eat the little figurine…

Yesterday was a very busy day and there was not allot of time to spare. I had to go to a Cheese and Wine function with the sponsors of the SAPS Cycle tour and afterwards the Gala Concert was held in aid of the SAPS Educational Trust Fund. What other 12 year old can say that there was a concert organized “for his birthday”.  We only got home 00:04 so he spend most of his birthday at school.  I’ll post more on his birthday a bit later…

This morning I decided that I just have to make Yoda and Armand my photo of the day so I grabbed my “boyfriend EOS” and took some photo’s of Armand and his cake.


Yoda in Black & White
Armand and his Cake…
Just look at the detail…

Shaun Tait sings in aid of the SAPS Education Trust Fund

On Friday morning 4 May 2012  Shaun Tait a young local artist kicked off the concerts for the cycle tour in aid of the SAPS Education Trust Fund.

The children really enjoyed his show and one of the boys danced the whole time. The girls could not wait to get a photo with him and of course his autograph… Oh yes and don’t forget the boys some of them sneaked in to get an autograph.