Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

I took these photo’s on our 2010 Soccer World Cup Tour. I still have hundreds of sign photo’s from other vacations and outings, but decided to use my tour photo’s instead.

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World Cup Tour_0855 WorldCup Tour_0370 WorldCup Tour_9905 WorldCup Tour_9897 WorldCup Tour_0369 WorldCup Tour_0358 WorldCup Tour_0350 WorldCup Tour_0232 WorldCup Tour_0013 World Cup Tour_9304 WorldCup Tour_0390 WorldCup Tour_0569 WorldCup Tour_9608 WorldCup Tour_9886 WorldCup Tour_9891 WorldCup Tour_9894 WorldCup Tour_0117 World Cup Tour_9185


This week Cee’s fun Photo Challenge is Roads. For more information on this challenge feel free to visit Cee’s Blog

I took these photo’s on our 2010 World Cup Tour. I love taking photo’s of the road still to travel ahead and also already traveled….

World Cup Tour_0825 World Cup Tour_1022 World Cup Tour_9115 World Cup Tour_9290 World Cup Tour_9403 Worldcup Toer_9783 WorldCup Tour_0011 WorldCup Tour_0015 WorldCup Tour_0113 WorldCup Tour_0229