Caturday: 9 January 2021

A while back I was taking photos in my garden when Ogies decided it would be a good idea to climb on my back to see what I am doing. I did not have my cellphone with me so I tried taking a photo with my camera instead. It was not easy. Soooo many blurry photos…. But these two are the best. Love the bottom one. Ogies is a very curios cat and this photo suits her personality 100%.

What are you doing?

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Have a wonderful Caturday.


Caturday: 2 January 2021

Yesterday morning while I was busy doing my Daily Bible Study Shadow came and sat next to me.


Yesterday afternoon when I went outside to water the garden Shadow ran outside and jumped onto my chair waiting patiently for me to come and sit down.

Shadow Waiting

Photos taken with my Huawei P30 lite. I used StoryStar’s Pet templates.

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