Xander’s 7th Birthday Party

On 16 June 2012 Xander had his Ninja Themed  seventh birthday Party. It was held at  Kids Grand Prix at the Glen Garry Shopping Center in Brackenfell.

Ninja figurines
Party box
Ninja Stars



The party was kicked off with a puppet show at the “Royal Puppet Theater and then a magic show. My first thoughts was that the kids will get bored with the puppet show but to my surprise they really enjoyed it. Some of the kids did enjoy the magic show and some “clever” kids could not be fooled…

Puppet Show

Magic Show

Then it was time to sing to the birthday boy and enjoy the treats in their party boxes.

Blowing out my candles.


After everyone had build up enough energy they went on to fun part of the party.

There were these following activities:


Indoor Go-Karts

Making sure the helmet is on right. Safety first
Go-Karts are for boys and girls…

Wiggle Waggle Cars:

Wiggle Waggle cars with mini ramp.
Wheeee down I go…
Oooh it’s fun….

Jumping Castle:

Jumping Castle
Jumping Castle
Always fun
After all it is a Ninja party…
Up Up and away…



Zippy Pets:

Zippy Pets
Mommy looks like she is enjoying it much more…

Cash Cage:

Cash Cage

Mommy was a bit nervous in the beginning.

And Mommy is also playing along

My Favorite game of the day.

The Cash Cage was by far the most popular game of the day. The children really enjoyed catching that fake money….