New Photography Project!!!!!

Good morning friends,

I have very exciting news. Well for me it is anyway. I decided to start exploring and photographing the nature reserves and parks within a 100km radius of my home. This project will keep me busy for a few years I think.

I got this idea while watching all the YouTube videos of the different photographers I follow. While watching their videos, I got jealous because they have such beautiful landscapes, seascapes and woodlands to photograph. They go out early mornings while it is still dark, hike to the desired location and take the most beautiful photos at sunrise.

Here in South Africa we also have very beautiful locations and hidden gems. Most of our nature reserves only opens from 7:00am and close at 7:00pm. As a result I won’t be able to do a sunrise or sunset shoot in these reserves. The reserves that is open 24 hours a day are not always very safe. I will not be able to go hike and take photos on my own before sunrise or after sunset. Even during the day it is not safe.

But I am not going to let this unfortunate situation stop me from exploring. I have Willow, and I will take her with me to the reserves and parks that do allow dogs when I do my recce visits. At first I am only going to explore the free and safe ones within a radius of 10km from home. I won’t be taking Willow with me every time I go out to take photos though. She is still not fully trained and I won’t be able to concentrate on my compositions and photography if I have to keep an close eye on her the whole time.

I will leave the bigger and unsafe parks and reserves for the weekends when Morné or one of the boys can accompany me.

I am currently using Google maps, the All trails App and different hiking sites to help me compile my Recce list of Nature reserves and parks. According to All Trails there are 198 curated hiking trails to choose from. They are categorized from easy to hard. I will first start with the easy ones and work my way up to the hard ones as my fitness improves.

I am well aware that there are also a lot of small nature reserves and parks that are not on Google Maps or the different sites. As I am driving around I will keep an eye out for these gems and add them to my recce list.

My Recce list so far only includes Nature Reserves less than 10km radius from home.

  • Botterblom Nature Reserve (8 km) Free
  • Uitkamp Wetland Nature Reserve (8.9 km) Free
  • Bracken Nature Reserve (5.9 km) Free
  • Durbanville Nature Reserve (7.8 km) Free

This morning Willow and I went to the first one on my list.

Botterblom Nature Reserve

It is only 8 km from my home. It is not a very big reserve and the route Willow and I walked was only 0.88km.

Even though it is not a big reserve, it is packed with photo opportunities. If I go down low and take the photos at the right angles, you will never even know that it is in the middle of a populated area. I took some photos on my cellphone this morning on our recce visit. I spotted a lot of birdlife, wildflowers and landscapes to photograph. Over the next year I will visit the reserve once a month to capture the changes.

I am very excited, and can’t wait to get started. I want to photograph this location at sunrise and sunset. I will keep a close eye on the weather forecast for next week. I need a cloudy day for some of the photos I have in mind. For the flower and plant life photography I need enough light for the flowers to open and no wind if that is at all possible. My aim is to go before sunrise if I am lucky there won’t be any wind and I can take some awesome reflection photos.

Here are just a few of my favorite photographers on YouTube.

What I learned over the past few weeks watching all these photography videos is that if you don’t go out and look for that perfect photo you will never find it. The only way that you are going to get to know an area is to go out and visit it often. Don’t take all your photos at eye level. If you don’t get a photo it is not the end of the world, enjoy the time outside in nature and take in your surroundings. With the right light conditions a boring photo can be transformed into a fantastic photo.

What is my plan of action for this Parks and Nature Reserve Photography Project?

  1. As soon as I identified a Park or Nature Reserve, I will take Willow, if they allow dogs, and we will recce the location.
  2. I will take photos of interesting areas with my cellphone.
  3. If I am happy with the location and see potential photos I will add it to my Parks and Nature Reserve Photography Project list.
  4. If possible I would like to visit the locations on my Parks and Nature Reserve Photography Project list at least once every 3 months.
  5. Those less than 20km away from home I would like to visit at least once a month.
  6. I will be focusing on documenting the Fauna and Flora in the park or Nature Reserve.
  7. Do some Landscape photography as well as some Abstract Landscape photography.
  8. Edit and share photos and experience.

Well that is it for now friends.

Thank you for your ongoing support and looking forward to share the progress my Parks and Nature Reserve Photography Project with you.

Till next time. Stay safe.


The day after Christmas:26 December 2020

Good day friends,

This morning I was drinking my coffee and, doing some light reading when a thought popped into my head to go to the beach today. Not long after Mornè asked me what are we going to do today. I told him maybe we must go to Yzerfontein for the day.

He then said the beaches are closed. I googled and saw the beaches was open here in the Western Cape. So we headed to Tableview and walked all the way to Blaauwberg.

We walked 8.12 km this morning. After our walk we went to lunch and ended our day with a nice ice-cream.

Today I left my camera at home. So I took a few photos with my Huawei P30 lite.

Thank you for your support and taking the time to look at my post.



Wordless Wednesday: 12 August 2020

Friendly Friday Weekly Challenge – The Colour Pink

This will be my first challenge I do since…….. Oh my word I can’t even remember when last I took part in challenges. In the beginning of June I decided that something needs to change so I made myself a Bullet Journal and have give myself some daily goals to complete. I think this way I will get my creative side also working again.

I love pink and purple, but not on myself. In my garden I would love different shades of pink and purple. I have noticed that most of my flower photography though is of purple flowers…. So maybe I lean more towards purple…. Not that I really care. Both colours are so beautiful in nature and who can go against Mother nature….

I love Hydrangeas and when dad and I visited Scotland I just could not get enough photo’s of these beauties.

Pink Hydrangea
Pink and White Hydrangea
Deep Pink Hydrangea

The next photo I took while my sister in law and I went for a one night break away. This vase with shades of pink Cosmos flowers was on a table opposite my bed.

Shades of Pink Cosmos

This one is for those of us who just love both Pink and Purple….. Mother Nature surely knows what colours go perfectly together…. I don’t know the name of these beautiful flowers, but one of my Instagram followers told me they look like dancing ladies….. So that is what I will call them in the mean time.

Dancing Ladies

Please visit our hosts page more information on this weeks Friendly Friday Weekly Challenge

Thank you Something to Ponder About for this awesome challenge. Looking forward to many more to come.

Till next time, stay safe….


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019…Part 2

Good day everyone,

I am not going to say much. The photos can do the talking…. Hope you enjoy The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo with us….

To be continued…….


“If you can dream it you can do it” Walt Disney

Grand Tour of Scotland 24 August 2019: Day 14 – Travel from Skye to Fort William

We left Skye over the long and beautiful Skye bridge to get on the Mainland as they call it. We did some exploring on our way to to Fort William.

Tonight we are spending the night at The Moorings Hotel.

All photos taken with my Huawei P10 cellphone.

Thank you for taking the time to discover Scotland with us.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Scotland are you ready for us?

In two days and a few hours we will be on our way with British airways from Cape Town International to Heathrow London where we have a 5 hour layover before we depart for Edinburgh.

My suitcase have been packed since Monday and in the meantime I have added and taken out clothes. Just to put them back again…. I probably have to much clothes but rather to much than too little…. I am on a very tight budget and can’t afford to have to buy something I already have at home… Dad already dreamed he had to buy some warm jackets and shoes….

I am not going to lie to you I am a bit nervous this will be my first trip overseas and I have no idea what to expect. But that is the cool thing of going to explore other countries of even provinces in your own country. I had a few nightmares about this trip… One was I lost my father he wandered off into a antique shop while I was taking photos of the old buildings in Edinburgh…. Another one was I dreamed I forgot my camera battery charger at home and I could not find a charger anywhere…. At 3 in the morning I woke up and took my spare charger and put it in my camera bag…. The same happened when I dreamed that dad and I walked and it started coming down on us. My camera bag was soaking wet and everything inside too. I woke up went to the drawer where I put all my camera accessories took out the raincover and put it in my camera bag…. I spoke to my sister in law who travels alot for her work and she said I have travel anxiety….

Since we have booked this holiday I have been travelling through Scotland through other people’s eyes and camera lenses. I like to be prepared as you all know and have a detailed travel itinerary with total driving hours we will spend on the road and how much time I have to explore and take photos. This is something I got from my dad. When we went on road trips he also planned everything to the T. Most of the time things change and we had to take a different road, but that is what makes road trips so much fun. You must be open to unexpected changes….

This is why we decided on a self drive tour of Scotland. So that we can explore as much as we can and also get in some views that the tour busses do not cover. I don’t like to be told I have to spend half and hour on a place and then I am finished capturing it after 10 minutes…. The other 20 minutes can be put to much better use traveling to my next destination. Where they would only give me 10 minutes and I will need at least 30 minutes…. Do you get the point I am trying to make?

Our days will start at 6 o’Clock in the morning and we will leave at the latest at 9 o’Clock for our next destination. I have worked out that we are going to be travelling around  5 hours a day from place to place.  Yes I know Scotland has traffic jams in the form of four legged creatures, but I assure you I would not change it. This will give me a chance to capture my surroundings while we wait.  On our schedule I have also allowed 5 to 6 hours exploring time a day.

We have jam packed days but we have to fit in as much as we can. In my original plan I left the town where we are spending the night for the next morning. But if dad and I are up for it we will be exploring the towns after we have checked in. We have to go for dinner anyway so why not explore. This way we will have more time the next day for some extra exploring.

I have a list as long as my arms plus legs of all the places I would like to visit. But I will also be happy just to stand outside and take photos of the buildings, Castles and it’s surroundings. My aim is to at least visit 3 Castles and 3 Cathedrals and go inside and also take some photos.  I have at least 6 cathedrals and churches on my list every day and to go inside of them all will unfortunately take up to much of  our time. So I will have to settle for  a few photos of the outside and surroundings only….

Luckily for me the sun rises early in the morning and sets late at night so we can fit in some extra time if we are up to it.. I know for sure I will be up by 5 in the mornings. I have been conditioning my body since January and every morning I wake up between 4:45 and 5:05 without my alarm going off. But if I do sleep till 6 it won’t be a train smash. We have more than enough hours in the day.

You are probably saying to yourself right now I am out of my mind to be trying to plan everything to the hour… Don’t worry it is just a guideline and if we only see half of the places on our list that will be fine too. Just know that whatever we see you will see. I have ample memory cards and I will take thousands of photos…. The most important part of this trip is spending time with my dad.

davThank you for taking the time to read my post. Hope you stick around and explore Scotland with us.



“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Views from Yzerfontein Harbour

Travelling back in time today…

Since I started going through the folders on my computer and external harddrives I came across a lot of photo’s  that I havent edited  yet dating back to 2015.

Today I am sharing a few photo’s form our visit to Yzerfontein Harbour on the West Coast.

It was a cloudy Saturday morning in November 2016 when we decided to go to Yzerfontein for the day.  We went to the harbour were I took some photo’s. When we took a strole on the beach I had to put away my camera. The wind was not that friendly and I did not want to harm my camera and lens.

On our way back home we stop at a pub and restaurant for a bite to eat and a cold beverage…


Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Feel free to leave some comments.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Exploring Cape Town: Bo Kaap

It took me a few years of promising myself that I am going to explore the Bo Kaap in Cape Town. At long last I was able to do it in May 2019.

We spend about an hour walking around and I took some photo’s. I must say it was very busy and you had to keep a eye on the traffic too.

We visited Atlas the spice shop on Waal Street.

I would like to go to the Bo Kaap again early morning when it is not so busy so that I can take some more photos of the colorful historical buildings. I also think we missed a few streets and hidden gems…

So photographing the Bo Kaap is back on my Photography Bucket List….

Here is some interesting facts of the Bo Kaap that I got from the internet…. For more information please visit Cape Town Travel

The earliest development in the Bo Kaap area was undertaken in the 1760s by Jan de Waal. Subsequently, the area became known as Waalendorp. It has also been known as the Malay Quarter, the Slamse Buurt, and Scotcheskloof. Translated from Afrikaans, Bo Kaap means ‘Above the Cape’.
Part of the Bo Kaap’s charm is the mix of Cape Dutch and Cape Georgian architectural styles. You can actually visit one of the oldest buildings in the Bo Kaap because it has been turned into a museum. The Bo Kaap Museum, which showcases local Islamic culture and heritage, was built by Jan de Waal in 1768, and is the oldest house in the area still in its original form.

Random photos of a March Lily

Hi everyone,

Just some photo’s I took of the March Lilies in our garden when it bloomed in March 2019. I took it over a period of two weeks.

This year it was beautiful and kept blooming for a while. Looking forward to see them again in 2020….

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney


I am not going to say much today. Here are some random photos of seagulls taken at Table View during our visit there in March 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Meet Yaima and Yodel

A while back I took some photo’s of my friends cats.

She has two Maine coons Yodel the youngest and Yaima a few years older.

Here is some photo’s of Yodel.

Some photo’s of Yaima.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney


I just love capturing our pets….

Shadow is the newest member of our household and turned 1 in June. He is very skittish and if you talk to loud or move to fast he runs like his life depends on it.

He is supposed to be the childrens cat but he is a mommy’s boy. I am the only one who can cuddle with him and pick him up and hold him for a few seconds…

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Round and Round it goes to nowhere…

While walking I spotted this piece of seabamboo on the beach. I saw a great photo in my mindseye but when the waves came it looked 100 better than I imagined.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. Hope you aren’t too dizzy…

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Things we found on the beach…

While walking on the beach we came across a few things that caught my attention. I love stones and there was a few beautiful ones to be found.

We also found some strange stuff that don’t belong on the beach….

We also came across a few Bluebottles and jellyfish

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. Hope you enjoyed discovering beautiful and strange things with me on the beach.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

A Misty Table View in March….

Even when it is misty the beach is still a beautiful place to spend some time.

When we got to Table View one could hardly see the Mountain, but that changed after a while and we had clear blue skies…

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Counting down the days…. Scotland are you ready?

Hi everyone,

Well now it is getting real…. Last week we got our visas, yesterday I finished our detailed itinerary and today it’s 26 days before we depart for Scotland.

You are going to think I am crazy, but I have packed my suitcase and weighed it. Unpacked it and put everything together. I have plenty of kilograms left for gifts and information leavelets….

I have made my checklists for what to buy for trip and what to pack. Tomorrow I am buying the last few things then I am ready to start packing and go and explore beautiful Scotland and the Outer Hebrides.

I worked on our detailed itinerary in the early mornings before I start working, during my lunch hour, at night after we had supper and over the weekends. Did research, draw up a list of places I would like to capture and visit. Over a period of nearly 6 month’s of adding and removing places. Changing our routes to cover as much as possible I am finally finished…

Now I am busy drafting my travel blog so that I can just add photos and some details of what happend on the day. Our days are going to be packed and I will only post late at night or very early the next morning. So to save time do drafts to make it a bit easier for me.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Berghoff Fynbos Farm Part 10 of 10

Well it has been an absolute pleasure sharing our weekend at Berghoff Fynbos Farm with you all here on my blog.

Here’s a few more photo’s I took before heading back home…

We had a awesome time although on our way back home Mornè’s car broke. I would not recommend that you go to visit in a normal sedan. Normal cars are not made to withstand that bumpy road. Don’t get me wrong if the roads were in better condition even though it is a dirtroad I would surely visit more often. Unfortunately I do not have a 4×4 or a vehicle that can take the punch.

So to sum up the only reason at this stage that is keeping me from going back is the road. I am not afraid of dirt roads and I love driving on them but the damage and costs involved to fix your car is just too much.

The views on your way back are absolutely stunning….

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and I look forward to sharing more of my travels with you.

“If you can dream it you can do.” Walt Disney

Berghoff Fynbos Farm Part 9 of 10

After our walk it was time to cool down. The kids spend the most of the day on the water in the canoe and the little boat.

Lian my youngest love to try out new things and it was no surprise when he took out the canoe and boat for a spin on the water.

It was nice and cool down by the pond.

Armand my oldest is not really physical guy. He will be found in front of his computer either playing games, watching movies or series. I was very surprised when I saw him in the boat with his brother from the house. I grabbed my camera and took some photos. Then Desiree and I walked down to the pond to have a closer look.

Desiree is not really one who likes to try new things. Armand has this power of pursuasion and after a while she was in the boat and enjoying herself. Later Lian took the rope of the boat tied it to his canoe and started pulling her to the center of the pond. Untied her and left her there so that she have to paddle back to land.